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    Jacob Taylor

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    A Vanguard in the Alliance Navy, Jacob Taylor is one of the few survivors of the Eden Prime massacre. He is the main protagonist of the iPhone game Mass Effect: Galaxy, and is a member of Shepard's squad in Mass Effect 2.

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    Mass Effect 2

    Commander Shepard meets Taylor, who is now working for the mysterious Cerberus company, after becoming disillusioned with the Alliance, at the very start of the mission. He accompanies Shepard throughout his/her mission. Jacob Taylor says he was part of the Alliance for 5 years, he has become a rather good soldier with a solid reputation. He also says he was part of the 'Corsairs' which is very similar to a K (deniable operator) which were extensively used in South America for the war on drugs.

    A deniable operator is simple, they go into deep cover to be a part of the thing they are fighting e.g. smuggling ring, terrorist group. They gain valuable information, but if they are caught then the government they work for will cut all ties with them and deny the fact they employed the person in question.

    Taylor remains one of Shepard's most loyal and solid followers, and is a possible romance option for a female Shepard. His skills include biotic powers such as Pull and Barrier, the use of assault rifles and other heavy weapons, and tech powers. He also is very skilled and experienced in the field of bro-hugs.

    Loyalty mission

    In the side mission where you earn Taylor's loyalty, you travel to a planet called Aeia. Where the spaceship Hugo Gernsback, that Jacob's father was serving on, crashed ten years before. There, Shepard and Taylor find that the survivors have formed a bizarre society led by Jacob's father. The survivors had been consuming the planet's vegetation, causing the women to become completely docile and the men highly aggressive. Shepard then learns that Jacob's father has been withholding rations from the rest of the survivors and trying to defend himself against the other survivors who would take his supplies from him.

    During the crash of the ship the captain dies and Taylor's father becomes the acting captain. Everything starts out alright, food is plentiful. But then non-essential crew are exiled from the ship, meaning they have to eat the local vegetation. A few female crew members were kept and 'assigned' to each officer. Within a week each officer was killed, leaving Jacob's father a massive stock of food that lasted him ten years, and still it didn't run out. At the end of the loyalty mission, you are given a choice to let Jacob's father live or let Jacob hand a 'half charged pistol' in which Jacob's father shoots himself (only the sound of the gunshot is heard).

    Mass Effect 3

    Taylor makes an appearance in Mass Effect 3. He is encountered in the mission Arrae: Ex-Cerberus Scientists.


    • Pull
    • Incendiary Ammo
    • Cerberus Operative
    • Barrier (Unlocked when character is loyal)


    Jacob's voice was provided by Adam Lazarre-White.


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