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    Potential Love Interest

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    These are the characters who may or may not wind up in a relationship with the protagonist of the game. Sometimes the player gets to choose if this relationship will develop, while in other instances it is just left up to your imagination at the end of the game.

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    Types of PLIs

    • The "Will They Won't They" - These are the "Sam and Diane" kind of characters, the characters who throughout the entire series or game we keep getting hinted at that they are meant for each other, but no matter how close they get to hooking up and becoming a couple it never happens except for possibly at the very end of the game.
    • Choose Your Own Love Interest - Many games will have multiple characters who you could possible form a relationship with, and you are allowed to choose who you end up with. Along these same lines are games that only have one possible love interest, but whether or not the relationship forms is decided solely by your actions throughout the game.
    • The Love Triangle (Square, Pentagon, etc) - Sometimes your character may have two characters after them and you don't know who they will end up with, or your character will be after someone who is only interested in a third character, while a fourth one is chasing after your character, and so on. Such are the complexities of the Love Triangle.

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