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    Soreyori no Prologue

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Feb 27, 2015

    A visual novel developed and published by Minori. The story follows protagonist Miyasaka Shu, a person who has the special ability of empathy which allows him to understand and share the feelings of people around him.

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    Soreyori no Prologue is a Japanese visual novel developed and published by Minori for the PC. The game was released in Japan on February 27, 2015.


    Protagonist Miyasaka Shu has a special ability, empathy, he can read and understand a person's feelings. He gained this special ability from his lineage, his grandfather for example had a different power the power of telepathy. One day as he rides the train he is bombard with waves of feelings from the people around him, causing him pain. In the crowd of people he notices a lone girl, Himeno Towa, whom he can't seem to read. He begins wondering why he can't read her feelings. He notices she is wearing his school's uniform, as they exit the train and arrive at their school he begins following her and is led to the school rooftop where she confronts him. Shu learns that there is a wall surrounding her heart preventing Shu from reading her feelings.



    Miyasaka Shu - The main protagonist of Soreyori no Prologue. He has a secret that only his parents and his childhood friend know, the secret being he hold the special ability called empathy, this ability allows him to read people’s feelings. There are some stipulations to his ability, when touching a individual he cannot read them, another is not being able to control is power, so when in a crowd of people he is always attacked with waves of emotions, causing him pain. He generally keeps to himself and in his downtime writes in his private blog, here he write down the different emotions and feelings he feels when using his ability.

    Main Characters

    Sakurai Mayura - Sakurai Mayura is Shu's childhood friend and a fellow classmate of his. She always has a upbeat and positive attitude. As an Otaku she is constantly talking about what anime she watched. She also talks about going on her "patrols". She has known about Shu's empathy ability since she was a child.

    Himeno Towa - Himeno Towa is Shu's fellow classmate. She first met Shu on the train she rides to school. Shu noticed she was looking at her and followed her around school. When he arrives at school he heads to the rooftops and meets her there. She discovers his special ability and eventually befriends him. She uses him and his ability to observe other people. Towa is a very quiet person who keeps to herself.

    Tsuzuki Haruka - Tsuzuki Haruka is Shu's "kouhai", his junior at his school. She is a very popular and energetic girl who comes from a very wealthy family. She often comes to school dressed in a maid outfit for some reason.

    Secondary Characters

    Daiichi Souta - He is one of Shu's friend and a student at his school. He is very active in school sports.

    Hoshikawa Maki - The class president, she is always scolding Shu when he is slacking off in school.


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