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    Irotoridori no Sekai

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Jul 29, 2011

    Irotoridori no Sekai (いろとりどりのセカイ) is a fantasy visual novel developed by Japanese developer Favorite for the PC and PlayStation Vita. The story follows protagonist Yuuma Kanoue, an individual who holds a magical ability that can heal any wound with a single touch. Using this magical ability however comes at the cost, his memories.

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    Conversing with Shinku.
    Conversing with Shinku.

    Irotoridori no Sekai is a fantasy visual novel developed and published by Japanese developer Favorite for the PC. The game was released in Japan on July 29, 2011. A fandisc for Irotoridori no Sekai was on released on August 31, 2012, titled Irotoridori no Hikari. Developer Favorite bundled Irotoridori no Sekai and Irotoridori no Hikari together as one package and released it under the name Irotoridori no Sekai World's End Complete in Japan on July 26, 2013. A follow up to the sequel, titled Akai Hitomi ni Utsuru Sekai, was released on July 24, 2015.

    A PlayStation Vita version of the game, published by Dramatic Create, was released in Japan on March 19, 2015. This release includes both Irotoridori no Sekai and its sequel Irotoridori no Hikari, released under the name Irotoridori no Sekai World's End -Re:Birth-. This version features a revised scenario, brand new CG art not included in the PC version, PlayStation Vita touch screen controls as well as PlayStation Trophies. A demo for the game is available on the Japanese PlayStation Store.

    Composer Shinobu is responsible for the game's background music. Japanese illustrator Shida Kazuhiro, who has worked on all of Favorite's titles, along with artists GT and Natsume Eri worked on the game's character designs and artwork. Japanese pop rock group Enfonius contributed on the game's soundtrack. The game's scenario is written by Urushibara Yukito.


    Inside the dorms.
    Inside the dorms.

    When he was a child, protagonist Yuuma Kanoue had the magician Shinku Nikaidou appear before him. He was given the magical ability which can heal anyone's injury with a simple touch. This ability however is used with the cost of some of Yuuma's memories. Since he has a knack for helping people in need, without thinking about the repercussions his powers have, he uses them carelessly to help people in need. Since his memory is always shaky he often forgets minor details and is often scolded by the people around him. Shinku can only be seen by Yuuma and will often appear and engage him in conversation while he is conversing with others.

    The game takes place in Kazatsugahama, a rural port town surrounded by mountains and the ocean. The town is powered by windmills which are responsible for half the town’s power demand. Located in a basement of a dormitory, which is managed by caretaker Shigure Kirishima, is a doorway that leads to other worlds. A grandfather clock that sits in the basement is activated by positioning its clock hands in a certain way. Shigure Kirishima has a connection to the other worlds, often receiving request from people that are located there. Yuuma, being who he is, often assist Shigure in tasks he is given from these other worlds. This leads him to constantly travel back and forth between worlds.



    Yuuma Kanoue - Yuuma is the main protagonist of Irotoridori no Sekai. He lives alone in an apartment in the town of Kazatsugahama, though he spends his time in the student dormitory managed by Shigure Kirishima. Shigure is also the one that sends Yuuma on work related matters to the other world, the entrance to this other world is located in the basement of the dormitory. Since he is always traveling back and forth between the two worlds he often sleeps and slacks off in school.

    Main Characters

    Characters in Irotoridori no Sekai, left to right (Mio, Tsukasa, Kyou, Ayuma, Kana)
    Characters in Irotoridori no Sekai, left to right (Mio, Tsukasa, Kyou, Ayuma, Kana)

    Shinku Nikaidou - The main heroine of the game, Shinku is a magician who is only visible to Yumma. Her behavior and thinking is very calm and grown-up. Each time Yuuma abuses his powers she reminds him of the reproductions. She is always wearing a lab coat over her school uniform, also is very fond of pancakes. Voiced by Natsu Sawada.

    Kana Minami - Kana is a girl that Yuuma saves after she falls from a lighthouse. After she is rescued it is discovered that she has no where to live. So she begins living at the dormitory, room 101. Since she has no other clothes besides a yukata she is wearing, Suzu dresses her up in a maid outfit, since she'll be doing housework in exchange for her stay. Voiced by Eriko Nakamura.

    Mio Kisaragi – Mio is Yumma’s childhood friend, she is a second year student and a fellow classmate of Yumma. She is constantly worrying about Yuuma since he is always slacking off in school. As Yumma and Kana's relationship begins to bloom, she begins to worry, so she ends up getting permission to live in the dormitories, room 102. Voiced by Kano Milk.

    Kyou Shikishima – Kyou is a local resident of the dormitory, room 103. Since she is an otaku who is constantly holed up in her room reading manga or playing games. One day she meets Yuuma and begins to warm up to everyone else in the dorms. She also begins calling Yuuma "onii-chan". Voiced by Mai Kadowaki.

    Tsukasa Toumine – A new resident of the dormitory, room 201. Tsukasa is a positive hard working person who is always on a quest to make money, she is a poor student who lives a very frugal lifestyle. Although Yuuma and Shigure offer to help her financially, she always strongly refuses. Voiced by Yukina Fujimori.

    Secondary Characters

    Suzu's room.
    Suzu's room.

    Ayumu Ichinose - A resident of the dormitory, room 203. He is a transfer student who joins Yumma’s class on the first day of Kana’s enrollment. He is very quiet and doesn't show much emotion. Voiced by Satou Mikako.

    Shigure Kirishima - The attendant of the dormitory. Shigure has a connection to the other world, he often receives messages from the other world through a cabinet in his room. He is a kind person who likes to help people in need. Voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa.

    Suzu Natsume - A very carefree and loving person and a local resident of the dormitory, room 202. Her room is always a mess filled with piles of books as she loves to read. She is a teacher to Yuuma in the line of work they do. Voiced by Aiba Mami.

    Haku - A resident of Merchant Town, the other world which Yuuma travels to on occasion. She has a good relationship with Yumma. She is a human with fox like characteristics. Voiced by Morisawa Fumi.

    Ren - She is the daughter of Haku. Although she is very shy, she is very friendly with Yumma. Voiced by Mimoe Usami.


    Kana in front of Yuuma's apartment.
    Kana in front of Yuuma's apartment.

    The game is a standard visual novel, the common route is where you make the decisions that allows the player to enter a heroine's route. The common route is structured into chapters and is where you have interactions with the heroines and the other various characters as the background of the core story unfolds. The player will be reading for a significant amount of time. The game is quite lengthy, estimated to be around 50 hours long for 100% completion. There are a total of 4 routes and 1 true route. The 4 routes consist of Mio, Kana, Tsukasa and Kyou, each individual story varies in length with Mio and Kana’s stories being relatively long, while Tsukasa and Kyou’s being short in comparison. The four routes must be completed in order to unlock the true route, which is more tied to the core story of the game. The game's native resolution is 1024x640. It features 240 saves slots, with the ability to copy, move, and delete saves.


    Irotoridori no Sekai's soundtrack album artwork.
    Irotoridori no Sekai's soundtrack album artwork.

    Irotoridori no Sekai received an original soundtrack release, the 2 disk soundtrack features 45 original songs, with performances by Riya, Sawada Natsu (voice over for Shinku Nikaidou) and music by Japanese pop rock group Enfonius.

    Disc 1

    01Aletheia (Game ver.)2:00
    02Shallow Dreams3:18
    03The Melody of Awakening3:12
    04Step by step2:07
    05Colors of Summer2:55
    06Twilight scene2:33
    07The starry night2:58
    08Arashiyamasou 3 p.m.2:09
    09Blue Sky and Steps2:07
    10Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There?3:18
    11Colorful Days3:26
    13Time is Money3:01
    14Things Being2:35
    15Fighting Game Ready Go!1:52
    16Bishoujo Games are Great2:29
    18Meeresstille und glückliche Fahrt3:08
    19The Rake's Progress2:48
    20Into a Desolate and Dark Forest3:30
    21Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland2:27
    22Moon, Flowers and Sorrow4:30
    23Sounds of Another World4:03
    24Keep out!2:45

    Disc 2

    01A Sky Without Rain5:01
    02With Wings3:26
    03Judgement Attack2:02
    04Now, Open the Door3:43
    07A World Reflected in Red Eyes3:05
    08On the Hill of a Windmill3:17
    09Gift of the Wind3:59
    10Sunlight of August, Filtering Through Leaves2:37
    11Everlasting Promise3:41
    12Brand New World5:20
    13Prayer for the Future3:38
    14Form of Gentleness4:13
    15All Over Love3:52
    16A World Reflected in Red Eyes (Arrange ver.)2:48
    17Kimi ni Aeta kara5:18
    19Aletheia (Inst Arrange ver.)3:52
    20Kimi ni Aeta kara (Inst Arrange ver.)4:29
    21Sanctuary (Inst Arrange ver.)4:48



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