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    An intimate physical activity between two or more individuals.

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    Sex is an act between two creatures of, usually, the same species that usually requires insertion of a phallus of one creature into an orifice of another. The act can be performed for procreation or pleasure.

    Though sex has become a norm for many forms of media it still struggles to be accepted into video gaming by the mainstream world. Thanks to the common misconception that gaming is a child's toy, sexual content seen in games is often met with flak and controversy, especially in North America. On the other hand, sexual content is more common in Japanese PC games (see Eroge).

    Most games that do depict sexual content only go so far as skimpy clothing worn by female characters, or sexual remarks made by characters when the player is engaged in dialogue or is watching a cutscene. Also some games allow the player to involve themselves in intercourse with some of the game's characters (though it is usually off-screen).

    So far the only place where sexually explicit content can be seen in games are usually games that are exclusive to the PC, and even then it may not have even been added by the actual developers. Much of the explicit sexual content seen in games are created by the game's dedicated modding community since the average modder isn't held back by corporate threats.

    The exception to this is the Japanese PC gaming industry, where developers of Visual Novel and Eroge titles frequently include sex scenes even when they have no relevance to the plot, much like the 'obligatory sex scene' often included in many Hollywood movies.

    Commonly referred by parents to their children as the story of "The Birds and the Bees."


    These are ratings a game can receive for having sexual content:

    • Pornographic/Sexual gameplay = AO (North America), 18 (Europe), 18+ (Japan)
    • Pornographic Material = M - AO, 16 - 18
    • Sexual Themes = T - M, 12 - 16
    • Sexual References, partial nudity = T, 12


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