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    Miranda Lawson

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    A top Lieutenant in Cerberus, Miranda oversaw the Lazarus Project, a project dedicated to bringing Commander Shepard back from the dead. She eventually joins Commander Shepard aboard the Normandy.

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    Miranda, as she appears in-game.
    Miranda, as she appears in-game.

    Miranda is an example of a "perfect" woman, a genetically engineered human. Miranda is physically fit, engineered this way, she has also been genetically modified to be beautiful in appearance. Her physical image is a combination of various traits in women which are thought attractive to others.

    Her basic genes come from her father, whereas her physical appearance is governed by "favored characteristics" from various genes taken from other women. She feels isolated and that men see her for her body, not who she is. As a child, she ran away from her father, who only saw her as a tool to begin his dynasty, she ran and took refuge in the protection of Cerberus and into the arms of the Illusive Man who was pleased to welcome a woman of such potential.

    Whether her father wanted the best for her or not, She has developed a strong will, making Miranda a capable commander and leader who can stay cool under pressure. Her body being of good fitness makes her combat capable and her image, allows for extra edge through negotiation and speech as well as any relationships such as that with crew members. Though nobody is ever perfect, she is close yet so lonely at the top.

    The Illusive Man saw her capabilities, she was promoted to a Top Lieutenant in Cerberus, head of major tasks. Miranda also has a sister, who she kidnapped from her father for her safety but when Miranda discovers her sister's life may be in danger, she comes to Shepard for help. Though she does not like to have to ask, She may not be able to save her alone. This plot point is what Miranda's loyalty quest revolves around.

    Miranda in her alternate outfit, conversing with Sherpard.
    Miranda in her alternate outfit, conversing with Sherpard.

    Miranda and Jacob Taylor, a colleague of Miranda and fellow member of Cerberus, both previously appeared in the iPhone game Mass Effect: Galaxy. The pair return in Mass Effect 2 joining Shepard's crew as they assist Cerberus in searching, and if need be, destroying; the reason why entire human colonies have lost communication with the outside before mysteriously disappearing without a trace.

    Miranda has a deep loyalty to Cerberus, watching over crew and managing operations, they were the ones who protected her. Miranda takes every task seriously and usually, she gets the job done. She has a dislike for Jack's attitude.

    Loyalty Mission: The Prodigal

    Miranda was born to a father who sought only to use her as a tool in a dynasty. Miranda disagreed with his plans for her, kidnapping her sister, both at young age they ran. Miranda's sister made her way through the world and at the time of recruitment to Shepard's team, she is presently residing on the planet Illium.

    Though Miranda went to the protection of Cerberus, she did not forget about her Sister, the only other family member she has known. Miranda is a woman who really has an ear to the ground and possibly foresaw that her Sister may be in danger one day in the future. Fearing the worst, she comes to Shepard to ask for help.

    Travelling to Illium, a mostly Asari based planet, the player arrives. Exiting the fast-transit vehicle, Shepard and Miranda find themselves with the problem of Eclipse Mercenaries having already located her sister. Shepard and Miranda must battle their way through the mercs and take an elevator to a floor above, to the surprise of Miranda she finds an old friend, she had not forgotten about him but he was the only person who knew about Miranda's sister.

    After some intense but swift decision making, Miranda analyzes her options at a speed typically which she is also known for. The friend will explain that still as of current only he knows about the sister and that their father is yet to be informed.

    Miranda still decides that executing him where he stands is the best option however, the player may have a choice of Paragon Interruption and prevent her from taking his life. After fighting more mercenaries who had been discussing a plan of action with Miranda's friend, the sister of Miranda is safe and likely oblivious to the plot against her life, Shepard has an option of leaving or telling Miranda to speak with her Sister as she is reluctant to do so without Shepard's prompt for her to do so.

    The mission ends with Miranda's mind somewhat at rest and her sister safe, for now.

    Mass Effect 3

    Assuming she survived the suicide mission at the end of Mass Effect 2, Miranda will contact Shepard several times over the course of Mass Effect 3 asking to meet on the Citadel. The first meeting is in Docking Bay D-24 before curing the Genophage on Tuchanka. The second occurs after Cerberus assaults the Citadel, with Miranda placing a holo-call through the Spectre office across from the human embassy. The third occurs some time before the mission on Horizon, in an apartment on the Presidium.

    On Horizon, Shepard will find Miranda along with her sister Oriana and father Henry. Miranda's fate is determined by whether or not the player did her loyalty mission in the previous game, along with whether or not the player met with Miranda previously, and whether or not the player allowed her access to Alliance resources.

    Abilities and Specialization

    • Overload
    • Warp
    • Cerberus Officer
    • Slam (Unlocked when character is loyal)
    • When Miranda is part of your squad all members get a weapon damage and health bonus.


    • Miranda Lawson is both voiced and modelled after actress Yvonne Strahovski, best known for her role as Sarah Walker in the television series Chuck.
    • Miranda is genetically engineered to be a woman with a perfect body.
    • Information in the Lair of the Shadow Broker reveals that Miranda is barren, most likely due to her irregular genetic makeup.
    • She has had a troubling past with her Father who also saw her as more an object than a daughter.
    • Seeking protection from Cerberus, she has obtained a very high rank, and is a very trusted lieutenant in the Illusive Man's organization. Trusted enough that she may attend his presence in person.
    • Miranda is also Biotic warfare capable.
    • Miranda is a potential love interest in Mass Effect 2.

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