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    One of the original founders of the Citadel Council, the Asari are natural biotics who are among the smartest and most diplomatic species in the galaxy.

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    Liara in Mass Effect
    Liara in Mass Effect

    The Asari are probably the most respected species in the Milky Way. They were the first to discover the Citadel and after the Protheans vanished, they were the first to use the Mass Relays. They represent diplomacy on the Citadel. The Citadel Council did not exist until the Salarians arrived at the Citadel several decades after the Asari did. It was at this time that the Asari came up with the idea of a Council.

    Asari are a one gender species, but have female characteristics. They are able to reproduce with any species of any gender. Newborn children always take the best genes from the "father", but the children are always Asari no matter what species the "father" is from. Those who's parents are both Asari are usually frowned upon because they didn't inherit any traits or culture related insights from another species.

    Life Stages

    Asari live to be 1,000 years old. Their lives are divided into three main stages:

    • The Maiden Stage - The Asari is young, restless, and has an urge to explore. Begins at birth.
    • The Matron Stage - The Asari obtains the desire to raise a family. Begins around the age of 350.
    • The Matriarch Stage - The Asari assumes the role of councilors and mentors, using their knowledge from centuries of existence to educate others. Begins around the age of 700

    Because Asari can live to be so old, they tend to outlive their partners. However, they have learned to deal with the inevitable loss by enjoying the time they spend together rather than focus on the death. In rare cases, some Asari might be born with a genetic disorder called Ardat-Yakshi, which is capable of completely destroying their partner's nervous system during melding, the process in which the Asari attunes her nervous system to her partner's.

    The Asari also have the largest economy in the galaxy.


    Asari are capable of being powerful biotics, and the best of the Asari military are Asari Commandos. These soldiers specialize in using biotics to take out enemies and they are some of the greatest warriors in the galaxy. Some of the first Spectres were Asari Commandos. They are also responsible for the construction of the largest dreadnought in the galaxy, the Destiny Ascension.

    Asari soldiers (or Huntresses) usually won't wear heavy armor. As such, they would be almost completely helpless in a war against stronger forces like the Turian army or Krogans. Their lack of prowess in conventional warfare has made them quite adept at special operations and covert missions.

    Every Asari is born with natural biotic powers. However, some Asari choose not to develop their powers. This isn't unacceptable in Asari society, but making this decision means exclusion from the military.

    Notable Asari Characters

    Matriarch Benezia
    Matriarch Benezia
    • Dr. Liara T'Soni ( Mass Effect 1 & 2) - In the first game, Liara is a scientist that studies ancient Prothean ruins to find out more about the past of the extinct species. She is taken aboard the Normandy by Commander Shepard to help stop Saren Arterius from taking over the galaxy. By the time Shepard reunites with her in the second game, she is an information broker working on Illium.
    • Matriarch Benezia (Mass Effect 1) - Benezia is a powerful Asari who joins Saren Arterius on his quest to locate the Conduit and bring the Reapers back. Shepard encounters her on Noveria where they battle it out. Shepard comes out victorious.
    • Samara (Mass Effect 2) - Samara is a Justicar and is found on Illium. Shepard recruits her for the team to help stop the Collectors. Her daughter, Morinth, is an Ardat-Yakshi who kills her partners during melding.
    • Aria T'Loak (Mass Effect 2) - The ruthless queen of Omega. Shepard's paths crosses with hers when searching for Archangel and Mordin.
    • Shiala (Mass Effect 1 & 2) - Formidable Asari commando, who is sacrificed to the Thorian on Feros by Benezia. The plant like creature has turned her green and if Shepard meets her in Mass Effect 2, it turns out that her green skin has become a permanent condition.

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