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    Illium is an Asari colony on the border between the Asari Colonies and the Terminus Systems. Commander Shepard visits during the events of Mass Effect 2 to recruit members to his/her team.

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    Illium is a busy place
    Illium is a busy place

    Illium is one of the most recently founded Asari colonies founded in 1617, part of the 7th Expansion Wave. Due to this the first Asari born on the colony is only now just reaching their middle age. It was set up to serve as an entrepot between the Asari Republics and the Terminus Systems, as such it was not officially designated an Asari world to allow for it to stay competitive, rather than being restricted by the stringent custom laws that exist in the rest of Council space.

    Illium is luxurious and beautiful. The planet is dotted with large cities that are so bright they can be seen from space. Dozens of rows of flying vehicles travel to and from and in between the planet's enormous skyscrapers and facilities. Illium is a popular tourist destination, partly due to the heavy security and surveillance that keep the residents safe.


    • Type: Garden
    • Population: 84,900,000
    • Capital: Nos Astra
    • Orbital Distance: 1.3 AU
    • Orbital Period: 1.5 Earth Years
    • Day Length: 25 Earth Hours
    • Surface Gravity: 1.2 g

    Nos Astra

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    Nos Astra is the port Shepard touches down in Mass Effect 2. Upon arrival Shepard is greeted by a concierge named Careena. Careena informs Shepard that Liara T'Soni, an old friend from ME1, has paid his docking expenses, and wishes to speak to him. Liara directs Shepard to two of his dossier targets, The Assasin and The Justicar, and she even provides a couple of sub-quests herself. Liara is, of course, happy to see Shepherd, but can't join the party because she is after the Shadow Broker. If Shepard does the Liara side-quests and investigates Liara's interest in the Shadow Broker, Liara will tell Shepard about the events covered in the Mass Effect: Redemption comic series published by Dark Horse.

    Illium, being on the border of the Terminus Systems, enjoys certain liberties that other planets in council space don't. For instance, drugs such as Red Sand that are completely prohibited in Council Space may be sold on Illium with the proper license. Slavery, passed off as indentured servitude, is also legal.

    Dossier: The Assassin

    Liara points Shepard to Nassana's former security chief, Seryna, the Assassin's contact. Seryna informs Shepard that the Assassin has been hired to assasinate Nassana Dantius, from UNC: Asari Diplomacy in ME1, and Shepard goes to the tower to assist as a distraction force as The Assassin covertly makes it to the top of the tower. In Nassana's paranoia, she orders her Eclipse Mercs. to hunt down her own employees. On the way, Shepard has the choice of helping them or smacking them in the face and yelling at them. There are three groups salarian employees that Shepard comes across while scaling the tower. After the Assassin and Shepard meet at the top, Thane Krios agrees to join the party after a prayer for the wicked.

    Dossier: The Justicar

    Samara, the Asari Justicar
    Samara, the Asari Justicar

    The Justicar is reached by going through her tracking officer by the markets. The tracking officer is happy to point the way, and Shepard hails a cab to the district she is investigating the smuggling of an Ardat-Yakshi. Upon arrival, Shepard is greeted by a conversation between Detective Anaya and the volus Pitne For investigating the murder of his partner Dakni Kur. The same Eclipse Mercs. who killed Dakni Kur are also smuggling the Ardat-Yakshi off world. Samara, the Asari Justicar, agrees to join Shepard if he can obtain the name of the shipping vessel that smuggled the Ardat-Yakshi. In the process Shepard learns that Pitne For was selling the Eclipse Mercs Red Sand, heavily restricted though legal on Illium, in addition to other controlled substances. Shepard can either sell the incriminating data to Pitne For or hand it over to Detective Anaya.

    Assignments on Illium

    There are Eleven Assignments in total available on Illium:

    Illium: Blue Rose of Illium

    Illium: Conrad Verner (Only Available to ME1 Ports)

    Illium: Gianna Parasini (Only Available to ME1 Ports)

    Illium: Indentured Service

    Illium: Medical Scans (Only Available to ME1 Ports)

    Illium: Salarian Family Data

    Illium: Smuggling Evidence

    Illium: Stolen Goods

    Illium: The Observer

    Illium: Lost Locket

    Illium: Systems Hacking


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