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    Terminus Systems

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    The Terminus Systems are located on the far side of the Attican Traverse, beyond the space administered by the Citadel Council or claimed by the human Systems Alliance.

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    Living in the Terminus Systems

    Residents of the Terminus Systems wish to escape the control of the Council. While the Batarians make up the majority of the system's residents, members of every race can be found living outside of the Council's control. 
    There is no official governmental body in the Terminus System: each planet must fend for itself. This has led to endless cycles of warfare and conflict between mercenary groups and aspiring leaders looking to gain power. Omega has become the unofficial "capital" of the system; it is a powerful trading center as well as the home of many powerful mercenary bosses. Thousands of outlaws call Omega home.
    It is not uncommon for a fleet of pirates from the Terminus Systems to raid colonies located inside the  Attican Traverse. The Council is powerless to launch retaliatory attacks amid fears that such a move would unite the Terminus System's scattered people. 
    The human Systems Alliance has recently began colonizing parts of the Terminus System. This has led to increased hostility between humans and Batarians as well as other species who fear that the Systems Alliance is spreading at an alarming rate.

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