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Things I never saw in Mass Effect

Of course this is to do with Mass Effect 'one', I have completed Mass Effect 2 twice so I know what I'm talking about.

List items

  • A male Quarian.

  • A butt ugly reptile-mammal cross called a Vorcha.

  • Thermal clips, they always run low when you're about to fight a boss...

  • A female Krogan... Or a young (child) Krogan for that matter.

  • A female Salarian.

  • A male Asari, impossible of course but... Meh.

  • Closest I got to a heavy weapon was the Spectre master gear and even then it wasn't a 'nade or rocket launcher.

  • Those giant ants on Mars got nothing on the Collectors.

  • LOKI, FENRIS, YMIR should have been in the first game, a heavy mech would've made a good boss.

  • Another reptile-mammal cross, unlike the Vorcha these guys look good.

  • Never really saw it do some proper combat (excluding the battle of the Citadel, even then it only fired a single disruptor missile).

  • A friendly Geth, a Geth Hunter or a Destroyer using a flame thrower.

  • Never saw this guy, but I can say with confidence Harbinger is so much more bad-ass than Sovereign.

  • ...

  • A friendly Batarian, or a Batarian squad member.

  • Simply put they don't appear at all as an enemy, or as a background/cutscene object.

  • Never saw this guy.

  • or this guy.

  • ... never saw him.

  • "What is your name?" asked Jesus.

    "Legion," replied the man, "for we are many".

  • Shotgun!

  • Never saw this, whatever it is...

  • ... might as well have a sequel to the first game, or a prequel of the third game.

  • *sigh*... the useless, squeaking space hamster that I bought for 9000 credits, but still it wasn't in the first game.

  • Unless you count pressing 'A,A,A,A,A,A,B' as hacking...

  • A pretty destructive weapon, shame the collectors never made an appearance in the first game.

  • Scions, Abominations, Praetorians...

  • Never saw the Master Chef... Chief.

  • Some dude that fought some Necrophile dudes.

  • Some dude that didn't fight Necrophiles.

  • Just found out they're Necromorphs, not Necrophiles... Same thing right?

  • Sure, I may be going through every Sci-Fi movie and game character, but at least this list isn't a 96-quest-whoring-list... Right?

  • She might as well be E.D.I.

  • She might as well be Cortana.

  • One day the omnipotent, omnipresent and omni-benevolent Demi-God's at BioWare will let us use jet packs.

  • As the great Spirit of Jazz said, 'there ain't no exit back here, it's just a toilet!'.

  • Definitely not in one or two, but he may make a surprise cameo in ME3, depending on whether or not Treyarch somehow manage to buy out BioWare.

  • I wonder how close the Heavy would come to dying if he fought Shepard one on one...

  • After fighting off waves and waves of various Combine enemies, going into a destroyed science facility and reactivating something called GLaDOS, Shepard thought he deserved some cake. But the Cake, or TEH CAKE, was destroyed by a Reaper before it could make an appearance in-game.

  • If he could chin-fist punch his way into the virtual Mass Effect universe, he would... it's a shame he's busy killing dinosaurs... I mean bad guys.

  • He's watching you...

  • Two reasons why he didn't make it in the game:

    One. He swore far too much for a 12 game.

    Two. He didn't exist.