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    Boo is a pet of Minsc from the popular Baldur's Gate series. Boo also happens to be a miniature giant space hamster.

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    Boo, the alleged miniature giant space hamster, is Minsc's better half. Most of the ranger's good ideas are chalked up to his pet hamster, who is his moral compass, fellow hero, and wise mentor. Boo occupies a permanent spot in Minsc's quick inventory in both Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate II, and rest assured that Minsc will glare very sternly at you (and Boo will squeak) if you try to take him. Though most characters doubt that Boo is more than a normal hamster, there is one bit of evidence to support Minsc's claim. When clicked on in the inventory page, Boo will say the word "squeak" instead of actually squeaking, which seems to indicate that he might be intelligent and supports the ranger's claim that he is capable of speech, though it is just as likely that this was added simply for humorous effect.
    Jan Jansen is fascinated with Boo and often tries to steal him from Minsc, but (thankfully) invariably fails or returns him in the end.
    Minsc is very happy with his Boo, encourages the hamster to Go for the eyes! whenever they get the opportunity to heroically stride into combat, and will, if the occasion arises, encourage the protagonist to get a pet of their own - an ice weasel, perhaps.

    Other References

    In Mass Effect 2, Shepard can buy an in-game pet named "Space Hamster" - an obvious reference to Minsc's pet Boo, which also squeaks with the same traditional "Boo" squeak when "activated."

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