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    Faerûn is the major continent on the planet of Abeir-Toril. It is the home of many famous heroes and villains of the Forgotten Realms setting.

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    Famous Characters

    While the Forgotten Realms is home to many famous characters for books and Dungeons and Dragons campaigns, such as  Elminster and Drizzt Do'Urden,  Faerûn has a large cast of unique characters created for its games.  The Baldur's Gate series is well known for Minsc and Boo, the mighty ranger and his pet hamster, and villains Jon Irenicus and Sarevok.  Some games are based on campaigns, such as pool of radiance, others are original video game stories. In addition to many great developers, particularly Bioware, Forgotten Realm's writers, including Ed Greenwood and R. A. Salvatore, have worked on the storyline of multiple games. 



    Home to many orc and barbarian tribes, this land is eternally covered in snow and ice.
    • High Forest   
    • Frozenfar   
    • Delimbiyr Vale  
    • Icewind Dale
    • The Silver Marches   
    • The Sword Coast
    • Neverwinter
    • Waterdeep


    Sea of Fallen Stars
    Sea of Fallen Stars

    A vast expanse between the Anauroch desert in the west and the waters of the Moonsea in the east.
    • Anauroch
    • The Dalelands
    • The Moonsea
    • The Ride
    • The Vast


     Endless Wastes
     Endless Wastes
    • Damara
    • The Great Dale
    • The Hordelands
    • Impiltur
    • Narfell
    • Rashemen
    • Thesk
    • Vaasa


     West Coast
     West Coast
    • Amn
    • Calimshan
    • Evereska
    • Lantan
    • The Moonshae Isles
    • The Nelanther Isles
    • Nimbral
    • Tethyr
    • The Western Heartlands


     Inland Faerûn
     Inland Faerûn
    • Chondath
    • Cormyr
    • The Dragon Coast
    • Hlondeth
    • The Pirate Isles
    • Sembia
    • Sespech
    • Turmish
    • The Shining Plains


     Eastern Shaar
     Eastern Shaar

    • Aglarond
    • Altumbel
    • Chessenta
    • Chondalwood
    • Mulhorand
    • Murghôm
    • Thay
    • Unther


    • Chult
    • Lapaliiya
    • Samarach
    • Tashalar
    • Thindol



     The Shining Sea
     The Shining Sea
    • The Border Kingdoms
    • Dambrath
    • The Great Rift
    • Halruaa
    • The Lake of Steam
    • The Shaar



     Eastern Shaar
     Eastern Shaar
    • The Shining Lands
    • Durpar
    • Estagund
    • Luiren
    • Var the Golden
    • Veldorn


     The drow city of  Menzoberranzan
     The drow city of  Menzoberranzan
    • Menzoberranzan
    • Ched Nasad
    • Dunnspeirrin
    • Gracklstugh
    • Maerimydra

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