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    Anomen Delryn

    Character » appears in 2 games

    A troubled Fighter/Cleric from Baldur's Gate II, whose path can lead in two very different directions.

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     Aye...'tis good to adventure in such a place!  The blood quickens, knowing that evil is so near!

    Anomen is a recruitable character in Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn. He is a human Fighter/Cleric, dual classed from the former at level 7, and a squire in the Order of the Radiant Heart. When you first encounter him, he seeks to prove himself in order to one day pass the Test that will make him a knight in the Order.

    Anomen is voiced by Rob Paulsen.

    Shadows of Amn

    When Anomen is first recruited, he is of Lawful Neutral alignment. At this stage, he is a proud, self-righteous, arrogant glory hound, who will brag about his past deeds, complain that smaller side quests are beneath the group, and show a lack of compassion for beggars and other poor people. Gradually, especially if the protagonist is a female who matches his tastes, he will mention his abusive drunkard father, his dead mother, his beloved sister Moira, and how he lives for nothing but gaining knighthood in the Order. When Moira is murdered, he has to choose between obeying his father and exacting vengeance on the suspected murderer, or obeying the tenets of his Order and leaving the matter to the authorities (this is a rare case in a game where the 'good' decision is for the adventuring party not to take the matter in their own hands :) ). He will ask the PC's advice, which essentially lets the player dictate his future outcome: a vengeful Anomen will eventually fail his knighthood Test and become Chaotic Neutral, while a law-abiding Anomen will pass his Test, be renamed 'Sir Anomen', gain four points of wisdom and become Lawful Good. In a romance, he will obsess quite a bit about his test and whether he made the right call between the murder and his Test, and if a romanced PC suddenly changes the nature of her advice, he will lose interest in her. The decision about how to handle Moira's murder will affect his relationship with his father in any game, but only a game where Anomen is romanced will have a final resolution and answer to who actually murdered her.

    Anomen's character is markedly different depending upon the outcome of his test. A  Chaotic Neutral Anomen will be enraged about being thrown out of the Order, and will fight with both Aerie and Keldorn if they approach him about the subject. A Lawful Good Anomen will be kinder to his companions, sound friendlier in his selection dialogues, and will, of course, stop complaining about a high reputation and start praising it instead.

    Throne of Bhaal

    If Anomen is summoned in Throne of Bhaal in an unmodded game, he will be Lawful Neutral, but will for most intents and purposes behave as if Lawful Good. In the expansion, Lawful Good and Chaotic Neutral Anomen have more separate dialogue trees than they do in SoA. The Lawful Good one will care strongly about doing what is right and just, but remains a proud character who can't always take a joke. The Chaotic Neutral one will be more at peace with himself than in SoA, even joking about how good it was that he lost his place in the Order, but he will also care about the progress of the plot out of his own personal sense of responsibility. A romance started in SoA will carry through to ToB, with Anomen proposing marriage to the protagonist towards the end.


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