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Icewind dale is a frozen tundra In the forgotten realms. There are 3 main civilizations who reside in Icewind dale The Dwarven clan ruled by Bruenor Battlehammer, The Barbarians ruled by Wulfgar, and the ten towns where Regis once lived and was once the mayor. The ten towns was attacked by the barbarian tribe at one point the civilian militia and Battlehammer clan helped ward the barbarians off. About ten years later a wizard found a crystal shard That granted him great powers and the ability to brainwash anyone around his castle, but farther away only unintelligent creatures could be brainwashed so he made a large army consisting of only low intelligent creators like orcs trolls and giants. As the evil army marched the Dwarves of Battlehammer clan, the civilian militia of the ten towns, And the weakened Barbarians lead by Wulfgar held off the attack.

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