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    Mordin Solus

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    Mordin Solus is a recruitable Salarian scientist in Mass Effect 2. He is a fast-talking scientist that speaks in very short sentences; he is also noted as a fine singer.

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    Mordin encounters his protege, Maelon on Tuchanka
    Mordin encounters his protege, Maelon on Tuchanka

    Mordin Solus is the very model of a scientist Salarian. Prior to the events of Mass Effect 2, Mordin was in the Salarian Special Tasks Group, and led the team responsible for creating a modified version of the Krogan genophage. Mordin initially shows little remorse for this action, believing it to be acceptable when logically weighing the consequences. However, though he maintains that it was the most logical course of action, Mordin is ultimately conflicted about the negative effects the genophage has on the Krogan. Though he seems Machiavellian at times, Mordin is firmly against painful experiments on live test subjects. Due to his aforementioned fast speech and the way he talks in sentence fragments, he has been compared by Kelly Chambers to a "hamster on coffee". Mordin, despite his scientific leanings, is very appreciative of art, and used to sing adaptations of Gilbert and Sullivan operettas - much to Shepard's surprise.

    Mordin, though not a romantic option for Shepard, is quick to offer helpful advice about sexual activity if Shepard is involved with anyone on the ship. For example, when Shepherd romances Garrus Vakarian, Mordin cautions Shepard, saying that she should see him later, as she may need an analgesic for the "chafing." He also forwards an informational booklet with diagrams to Shepard's quarters, regardless of who the Commander is romancing.

    Mordin has a nephew who, during the events of Mass Effect 2, was tenured at a university at the age of 16, following in the footsteps of the scientist Salarian himself.


    • Incinerate
    • Cryo Blast
    • Salarian Scientist
    • Neural Shock (Unlocked when character is loyal)


    Mordin Solus is voiced by Michael Beattie during Mass Effect 2, and William Salyers during Mass Effect 3. Mark Meer, best known as the voice of male Commander Shepard, also voiced Mordin for Mass Effect 3's demo.


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