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    EDI (Enhanced Defense Intelligence)is the on-board AI of the SSV Normandy SR2. It assists the helmsman in piloting the ship and relays information to the crew.

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    EDI is an artificial intelligence that controls functions on the SSV Normandy SR2 in the Mass Effect series, and first appeared in Mass Effect 2. Given female personality traits, she assists Joker in piloting the ship, and over the course of the game, the pair develop a relationship. In Mass Effect 3, she is given an android body, allowing her to take a more active role in missions and advance her relationship with Joker to a more intimate level. She is voiced by Tricia Helfer.

    EDI acts as the cyberwarfare defense system and has behavioral blocks to prevent complications. This is possibly a result of the UNC: Rogue VI mission from Mass Effect. Through certain dialogue choices it is implied that the events during the mission on Luna were a major factor in creating a controllable V.I. It is also revealed through certain dialogue choices that EDI was created using some of Sovereign's remains, which means that EDI is based on Reaper technology.


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