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    Kelly Chambers

    Character » appears in 2 games

    A Cerberus Yeoman assigned to the Normandy SR2. She performs administrative duties and monitors Shepard's crew, messages, and fish.

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    Kelly Chambers is Commander Shepard's personal assistant aboard the Normandy SR-2 first introduced in Mass Effect 2. She helps Shepard keep tabs on new messages sent to his/her personal station, and offers professional input and personal input on the new squad members Shepard recruits. After some time on the ship, she will offer to feed Shepard's fish while he/she is away.

    At the beginning of the game, she is referred to as Yeoman Chambers but can quickly be addressed as Kelly if agreed upon by Shepard. Though working for Cerberus, Kelly possesses great respect and affection towards the alien races aboard the ship. She even hints of certain attraction towards them, most notably Thane and Garrus with their 'bad boy' exterior and if spoken to about Garrus and his mission, she will explain how she feels like he has a battle hardened exterior but really inside, he is a nervous and lonely Turian who needs comforting from somebody who can reach to him.

    The Suicide Mission

    Upon capture by the Collectors, Kelly and the lives of the rest of the crew lie in the hands of Shepard. He/she may choose to venture through the Omega 4 Relay immediately to find and rescue them from their processing pods, however if Shepard chooses to carry out any additional missions before embarking he/she'll reach them too late and Kelly and the crew will be dissolved before the team's eyes.

    If Kelly is rescued, once back aboard the Normandy she will share her recollection of standing in the pod in the same style that Thane does when sharing his experiences with Shepard.


    Kelly is also considered a romance interest for both the male and female versions of Shepard, although this is not revealed until after the suicide mission. The romantic interactions with Kelly do not grant the Paramour achievement nor does it seem to affect Shepard's relationship to his love interest with either current squad members or previous Mass Effect characters.
    To engage in romantic interactions with Kelly, Shepard must have dinner with her before they enter the Omega 4 Relay. When ready to engage romantically with Shepard, Kelly will make him/her aware that she can be called up to his/her cabin using the intercom on the desk. When called up Kelly will arrive in Shepard's cabin wearing a red version of the outfit worn by the dancers in Chora's Den and Afterlife. Shepard can choose to interact with her in three different ways; she can dance seductively for him/her, she can sit on his/her lap or she can lay on Shepard's bed with him/her.

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