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Favorite Female Characters

There are numerous head-turning female characters in video games these days, but a select few have made more of an impression on me than shapely pixels.

List items

  • With that perky attitude, high register voice, and geek-at-heart interest in engineering, she was much more to my liking than the other Mass Effect love interests. And while the attempt at a love scene in Mass Effect 2 is appreciated, it was ultimately rather disappointing, particularly compared to Miranda. How about Tali dancing in my quarters like Kelly? Now THAT's something to come home to! And best hips in a video game -- ever.

  • Forget that double-crossing Ophelia -- Brutal Legend is all about Lita. With her straight blond hair, liner rimmed doe eyes, and laced together cleavage, she had me from the moment she stabbed the Druid Plow's tire with her spear.

  • Bioware did a great job with the adorable awkward nerd, so much so that I chose her as a romantic interest over Isabela, despite the latter's more "attractive" qualities. She's just so cute, how could I not? So what if she wiped out her whole clan because she was possessed by a demon? Sometimes you have to make compromises.

  • Yea, I know. How cliche to put Lara Croft in a female characters list. I never had much more than a token interest in her, until I played Tomb Raider: Underworld. While the game was mediocre and the camera utterly frustrating, Lara herself was well worth the playtime. Good lord, they gave her curves to die for. I admit to falling off more than one ledge because my eyes wandered.

  • BioWare put a hell of a body on her, and a Australian accent to boot. Skin tight armor and high heeled boots will make you forget about the Collectors.

  • Sexy French accent and lips to die for, plus she knew her way around a bow. Not to mention the girl-on-girl romancing.

  • I've never even played Resident Evil 5, but I watched enough to appreciate the gun-toting thighs that are Sheva. In that leopard bikini outfit, she definitely had me appreciating the proliferation of ladders in the game.

  • My god, ol' girl can dance! Why go explore the galaxy when you have her writhing in your quarters like that?

  • While Tali was indeed my preference, blue was certainly not a poor consolation. She may have had a too babyish face, but she filled out her armor quite well. And thanks to my preference for playing female characters, once again there's the girl-on-girl romancing. Thank you, BioWare. Thank you.

  • Made to look just like the cute-as-hell Kristen Bell who voiced her, with a bit... more... strategically added, in true video game fashion. What missing finger?

  • Smart, funny, and mechanically inclined. Plus, she looks really good in those jeans.

  • While she definitely had an appealing witch-of-the-wild attitude and devilishly revealing clothing, for me it was the voice of Claudia Black that oozed sexiness.

  • Sharp of wit and skilled with both horse and gun. The perfect match for the outlaw-turned-rancher. I was really surprised she didn't end up with John Marston.

  • Big beautiful eyes and voluptuous figure -- who knew Death had such good genetics? Or that plate mail could be so form fitting? Shame she couldn't wear that torn nightgown the whole game.

  • The needle-wielding bitch may have gotten what she deserved in the end, but she sure liked showing off her assets before her own fate with Uroburos.

  • Definite eye candy, and good for an early fling, but not much more. Plus, she stole my relic and never came back. Impressive weapons, though.

  • I didn't get very far in Lost Odyssey, so thankfully she is introduced early -- and with a full body scan, if I remember correctly. Man, I do love that skirt and boots.

  • Felicia Day is so utterly adorable that her voicing a character dressed in a burlap smock makes this list.

  • Yea, what of it? She was cute and dark and gave you ammo. So she got around a bit. There's not THAT many guys in Big Town, so it really wasn't THAT many.