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    Thane Krios

    Character » appears in 3 games

    Thane is the most feared assassin in the Mass Effect galaxy.

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    Commander Shepard (by request of the Illusive Man) seeks Thane Krios in Mass Effect 2, to enhance his/her commando group. Thane is a Drell, a species new to Mass Effect 2.  He is shown using pistols, sniper rifles, and biotic powers in various pre-release trailers.  As such, he does not fall into any of the six classes available to Commander Shepard, because the two classes with sniper rifle proficiency (Soldier and Infiltrator) do not possess biotic capability.
    Thane is an assassin, one of the best that the galaxy would have to offer too. Deeply spiritual, Thane prays to a handful of gods of an old drell diety before his missions, after his missions and for his mission's target.
    Adept in sniper rifles, biotics and sub-machine guns, he dresses lightly and is a very fast moving, fast attacking character with shockingly proficient hand to hand skills. Possibly even rivaling that of Garrus Vakarian who noted that of the entire ship he was stationed on, he was tied with position at the top for best hand to hand combat specialization .  
    Thane suffers from a fatal illness unique to the Drell called Kepral's Syndrome. Because of the dramatic shift in environment from their dry, arid homeworld to the humid water world of Kahje, the Drell's ability to absorb oxygen is slowly deteriorating. Eventually, the illness will cause Thane to suffocate, though he tells Shepard that this will take a long time.

    Loyalty: Sins of the Father

    Thane's loyalty quest has to do with his son, Kolyat Krios. Thane has learned that his son has followed in his footsteps despite his efforts to shield him from his lifestyle. Kolyat has taken a job to assassinate a high ranking Turian politician named Joram Talid.

    When Thane and Shepard arrive on the citadel they ask C-Sec member, Captain Bailey, to update them on information about Thane's son, asking Bailey will reveal that a person that C-Sec finds a general annoyance called Mouse may know as he was seen speaking with a Drell nearby. The man known as Mouse is found on level 28 of the Zakera Ward near Rodam Expeditions.
    Mouse can be bribed, intimidated, charmed or interrupted with renegade interruption. There is also an amusing conversation to be had that he was selling Shepard V.Is and it is possible to gain some of the profits though you must approach Mouse and speak about the V.Is first.

    Shepard will gain information from Mouse about a man who hired Thane's son, named Kelham who has hired Kolyat to take out the turian politician that bases his policies on anti-human motives. Speaking to Bailey will have him reveal that Kelham bribes Bailey, but he accepts and has Kelham taken in anyway. Thane and Shepard then approach Kelham in the interrogation rooms at C-Sec where they choose roles as bad cop and good cop. There are multiple times where the player may use renegade interruptions and an intimidation option where Shepard will explain that he is a Spectre. If the latter is chosen, Thane will comment how that may go down as the shortest interrogation in history.
    The mission to save the Turian and find Kolyat begins now that they have solid evidence. Shepard must use catwalks to stalk the turian which they know is Kolyat's target. Thane will follow him through the crowds and Shepard will use his advantage of the catwalks to spy out the position of the Turian. 

    After following his rounds of meeting non-humans and talks on why to vote for him, he will eventually leave for his home or place of residence. This is where Kolyat had planned to strike.

    Shepard and Thane dash to the house in a fast-transit vehicle, if the player did not update Thane within the limit they will fail to stop Kolyat from assassinating Talid the Turian politician by gunshot.

    If the player is successful there will be the same scene but they will chase Kolyat, who will fire at Talid but kill his Krogan bodyguard instead, but have Talid at gunpoint in the house.
    Here it is where Thane will make an emotionally charged conversation with his son, he explains he knows that he is angry that his absence when his mother died made it harder on him with the fact that he was never there when he was younger before she died anyway. A few interruptions appear at this point, the paragon interruption for example will have Shepard shoot the gun out of Kolyat's hand and hit him in the side of the head to get his attention on the people infront of him, not his gun which is on the floor at this point. A two more renegade options available include wounding Kolyat or killing Talid. Bailey and other C-Sec officers will enter the room the time the conversation starts and Thane will explain about his revenge on the people that killed his wife.
    After this point, the two drell will have time to speak with each other for the first time after a long absence of each other's presence, in private with no pressure on the time they need to resolve things. Talking with Bailey after, Thane will be present and Bailey will speak about a series of murders ten years ago where the suspect was a drell. Shepard tells him not to pursue it because right now, the suspect is quite obvious if the player had listened to Thane in Talid's home. The player also has the option of telling Bailey what to do with Thane's son Kolyat, the paragon one would involve telling him he should do community service, the renegade one would tell Bailey to employ him to work in the Wards for C-sec and himself. 

    Abilities and Specialization

    • Throw
    • Warp
    • Drell Assassin
    • Shredder Ammo **Unlocked when Thane is loyal**
    ** Ranking up to the last segment or rank 4, in Drell Assassin will allow you the following choices of a single permanent class upgrade for Thane:  

    • Drell Marksman: "Thane's anatomical expertise and unerring aim increases his weapon damage beyond its already extraordinary level."
      • Health: 15%
      • Weapon Damage: 50%

    • Drell Veteran: "Thane's experience surviving life-threatening wounds increases his effective health."
      • Health: 20%
      • Weapon Damage: 37.5%



    • Thane is a very spiritual assassin as opposed to one driven by greed and money.
    • He is one of the best assassins in the galaxy, trained from a very young age.
    • Most Drell were evacuated to the Hanar homeworld to avoid extinction, many Drell have their eyes genetically adapted to be able to see ultraviolet light which Hanar communicate through.
    • He has an analogy coming from his religion, that the passing of one's soul to the afterlife is like moving to live in the sea, letting go of the hold we have for living on land.
    • Thane's talk on his view of the afterlife is remarkably similar to the historical evacuation of the Drell to the hanar homeworld, much as Thane will say in the game, lines about a journey to the sea, this is precisely what happened to the Drell who now live in Bio Spheres in the Hanar ocean based world.


    Thane's voice was provided by  Keythe Farley. His son Kolyat, is voiced by Quinton Flynn, who is famous for his work on the Metal Gear Solid series voicing the character known as Raiden.

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