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    The final boss of Mass Effect 2. A Reaper created by the Collectors using a substance made from thousands of human colonists' bodies after they are abducted and processed by the Collectors.

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    Under the orders of Harbinger, the collectors began to abduct humans from the Terminus systems and took them to the collector base. They broke down and processed these humans into a metal that was used to create the Human-Reaper. It is believed that it takes on a human form because it was made from metal processed from tens of thousands of humans. As it was only in what appears to be the larval stage of Reaper development, it is possible for Shepard to defeat the Human-Reaper using small arms fire, rather than the warship class weaponry previously needed to destroy a reaper.


    Fighting the Human-Reaper will bring you into a fight similar to the boss fights seen in Arcade games. As opposed to a battle where the aim is to simply do as much damage this boss must be taken down tactically, as Shepard must hide behind cover to avoid its charged blast beam, shooting at weak points such as the ones in its eye sockets and the one in its chest. The Boss is activated to fight once you shoot out the orange glass cylinders feeding it.

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