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    Legion is a Geth collective intelligence comprising of 1,183 formerly separate Geth intelligences. An Advanced module, his platform is capable of speech and is made to interact with organic beings as well as to be proficient in the use of more weapons than production model Geth.

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    Legion is encountered on a derelict Reaper during the 'Reaper IFF' mission and is seen trying to assist Shepard with his tasks, covering Shepard by sniper fire support.  He speaks to Shepard during the mission, which catches Shepard by surprise; Geth didn't speak in any language comprehensible by humans. He is deactivated at the end of the Reaper IFF mission, by a Husk hitting him/it, and can be reactivated aboard the Normandy if he is not sold to Cerberus.
    Leading up to this, he had been tracing the path of Shepard leading him to places such as Eden Prime, where he was shot by security guards with a high calibre rifle (hence the hole in the N7 armour) . Throughout the story he makes note that he is not just one Geth, but many Geth, and makes the point that for anything to be done such as actions in general, a consensus must be drawn upon by the Geth, something that all other societies cannot do effectively or in the efficiency of that of the Geth. Legion represents an advanced module, being able to communicate with other lifeforms and being able to think at a more complex level since it is made up of 1,183 programs, instead of the usual 100-200 that make the ordinary Geth. The complexity of Legion's thinking is sometimes shown when he is asked why he chose N7 armor to cover his wound, to which Legion will state that there is "no data available", this is after he explains that he used the armor to protect and repair himself. But the fact that there is no data available does hint that his thinking being so advanced may have evolved to a basic form of obsession for Shepard, since Legion is not yet capable of feeling emotion but he does understand it, believing things such as fear to be part of "our hardware's programming". It is revealed too at some point that the Geth which had not become corrupted, were attempting to look for Shepard in order to ask for his help.

    Legion is the first Geth that Commander Shepard encounters that is not immediately hostile. His presence reveals that the Geth are divided into two groups. The group which Legion belongs to that believes that the Geth should found its own future without help from outside sources, and the Heretics who want the Reapers, or 'Old machines', to show them their future. 
    Legion gets his name from a quote from the Bible brought up by EDI:
    " My name is Legion, for we are many."  
    The full quote is from a story where Jesus heals a man who is sick because of the presence of demons. 
    "What is your name?" asked Jesus. "Legion," replied the man, "for we are many."   

    Loyalty Mission: A House Divided

    Legion at some point will bring up to Shepard, a concern. They are aware that the heretics are affected by a calculation process which causes Geth to see the reapers as gods. Bringing Shepard to the cockpit, he will give the coordinates, and when they approach, Legion will pinpoint the route of entry, to which Joker has concerns over the visible range of the Normandy, explaining that windows mean people can see them and that the stealth systems only work to affect ship sensory technology. Legion in their usual fashion and voice, will tell Joker not to worry as the Geth do not use windows and see windows as a structural weakness.

    Entering the ship, it is possible to have a discussion with Legion or just continue, but the discussion will lead to questioning legion what they think of the mission ahead and how to deal with the mission, as Shepard will have concern that as Geth are a people of sort now, that to eradicate their memory pools it would effectively be destroying a significant amount of Geth who are unwillingly corrupted. At this point certain characters will speak their concern briefly when certain conversation lines are chosen. Legion and Shepard will press on through the ship, finding a few places within the ship where a visible stream of information is literally strewn across the floor to differently located hubs which Geth may connect into around the ship. Stepping into the streams will cause the Geth stationed at the hubs in the room to attack. However, to disable the hubs, usually by shooting them, is the only way to progress through the doors.
    Eventually you will encounter some rocket turrets, Legion is able to hack these turrets remotely and use them to protect themselves and Shepard, against the hostile Geth. After progressing through similar rooms with hubs, it is possible to talk with Legion about a room containing the memory database storage of the heretical Geth, containing a portion of their memories, when the room is passed. Legion operates remotely and scans some of the information from one of the containers storing the memory. He can explain that Geth do not have suspicion but in fact, accept each other despite what another is thinking or chooses. 

    Progressing through to the main hub control room, Legion will prompt Shepard to upload a copy of his run-time, the one which is uncorrupted by the virus, if he rewrites the Geth heretic memories, they will return to their people and their memories will be restored to them as is Geth memory function. Or Shepard may choose to destroy the entire ship with all heretical Geth residing on it.

    Legion will explain that to upload will take time, and that they must hold position until the upload is complete. Through defending the hub for a few minutes against Geth responding with force to the upload which will re-write the virus, Legion and Shepard must run to the end of the mission through small groups of Geth and a Geth prime before exiting through the airlock door.

    Abilities and Specializations 

    Legion is a Geth, robotic but their mind is an AI, as an inorganic, they are able to infiltrate electronic systems and software to their advantage much like that of an infiltrator but his abilities are more similar to that of an engineer class. It is likely Legion is a capable engineer much like a medic to his race considering he is non-organic, just as we would have a medic attempt to heal us as an organic race. Legion appears to be a multiclass character, using assault rifles and sniper rifles but fitting the role of a combat engineer at the same time. 
    Legion's abilities include:
    • AI Hacking
    • Combat Drone
    • Geth Infiltrator
    • Geth Shield Boost (Must be loyal)
    When Legion ranks up Geth Infiltrator status to Level 4 the player may choose for Legion, which specialization they would prefer Legion to permanently program to. 

    • Geth Assassin: Legion has become an expert at disassembling organics and synthetics alike, increasing its weapon damage.
      • Health: 15%
      • Weapon Damage: 25%
      • Power Recharge Time: -25%

    • Geth Trooper: Legion has created redundant systems for its critical functions, increasing its health.
      • Health: 20%
      • Weapon Damage: 18%
      • Power Recharge Time: -25%


    • Legion refers to their self as though they are many and not an individual. Legion understands the concept of individuality but cannot experience it for what they are, software and A.I programs. 
    • Leaving Legion idle for a few minutes will cause him to do the robot dance with sound effects of Geth garble sounds which are typically heard when Geth transmit information.
    • Legion has no explanation for his use of the N7 Armor on his arm and chest, though he says no data is available, there's data that he has followed Shepard to Ground Zero where he landed dead
    • Originally Legion wearing the N7 armor was a doodle on paper, a joke at Bioware, but soon evolved to become a serious and well-liked story for his role in the game Mass Effect 2.
    • Taking Legion to the Floatilla on Tali's loyalty mission and recruitment mission will have amusing and serious changes in the default dialogue given. The same may be done with taking Legion to the Citadel.
    • Legion was first shown in the teaser trailer for Mass Effect 2.
    • In an information terminal at the Shadow Broker's intel center, a personal file about Legion divulges that he frequently plays video games on the extranet with the alias  Infiltrait0rN7.

    Voice Actor

    Legion is voiced by D.C. Douglas.

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