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    The Heavy Weapons Guy or just “Heavy” for short, is one of nine character classes in the Team Fortress franchise. He is slow but powerful and can take a lot of damage. His main weapon is a minigun.

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    Armed with a minigun he lovingly nicknames "Sasha," the Heavy can deal a ton of damage to advancing troops by coating a chokepoint or wall with bullets. He is most commonly used in conjunction with a Medic because of his copious hit point total. When being overhealed the Heavy's health reaches a whopping 450 hit points, allowing to soak swathes of damage before going down. Because of this, he is normally relegated to the role of point or bag defense. Combine him with an Ubercharge and he can easily turn his defensive strengths into an unstoppable (if slow) offensive.

    • Health: 300
    • Speed: 77% of normal, 27% while minigun is spun up
    • Character Type: Defense


    Like a hibernating bear, The Heavy appears to be a gentle giant. Also like a bear, confusing his deliberate, sleepy demeanor with gentleness will get you ripped limb from limb. Though he speaks simply and moves with an economy of energy that's often confused with napping. The Heavy isn't dumb, he's not your big friend, and he generally wishes you'd just shut up before he has to make you shut up.

    • Country of origin: Russia, Soviet Union (known as the 'USSR' during those times)
    • Motto: "Shooting good"
    • Emblem: Fist

    Heavy lives in a log cabin in the Dzhugdzhur Mountains. All promotional materials have to be dogsledded to him. He wears skull and crossbone pajamas to bed (note: the skull and crossbones were his initial symbol) and next to his bed is a smaller one for Sascha. His father was a counter-revolutionary. His death resulted in Heavy, his mother, and sisters being sent to a gulag in North Siberia. in December 1941, after only three months, the gulag was burnt down, guards tortured to death, and all the prisoners escaped. Heavy still keeps in contact with his family and provides for them, and gets very angry in the "Bombinomicon" comic when a child dressed as Saxton Hale asks for candy, telling the child he is presumptuous, lazy, and fat for wanting him to spend his hard-earned money on other people. When the child starts crying, Heavy panics, asks him to stop crying, and admits he hates being called fat too, then gives the kid $7,000 as an apology.

    He has a "Mega Baboon" heart in his chest as a result of being the test subject for the original Übercharge system, because at least initially, the charge was too strong and tended to explode patients' hearts. Medic chose him as a test subject because out of all the other teammates, his heart was the strongest.

    Heavy's Halloween 2011 costume was the Frankenstein monster.

    Dialogue in Telltale Games' Poker Night At The Inventory reveals some interesting information about The Heavy (note: as of yet these are not officially canonical):

    • He claims to have a PHD in Russian Literature from the Soviet College of Mines, Farms and Science, which he uses "More than you'd think" in his current line of work. His favorite book (which he deems "a classic") is Tsar Hunger by Leonid Andreyev.
    • Aside from cleaning and using Sasha, the heavy's hobbies also include collecting old coins - which he melts down to turn into custom bullets.
    • The Heavy resides in the Red Barracks, which also has a foosball table.
    • When he's on the battlefield, The Heavy keeps his spirits up by listening to Huey Lewis on his walkman. (This is a possible reference to the film American Psycho, where Patrick Bateman kills one of his victims to Huey Lewis' "It's Hip To Be Square".)
    • The Peach Bellini is the Heavy Weapon Guy's drink of choice. He's not much of a drinker, bubbles give him headaches.
    • Heavy's favorite movies are The Dirty Dozen and the first 20 minutes of Rocky IV (the main antagonist of Rocky IV, Ivan Drago, is also a Russian boxer).
    • Heavy gets excited upon hearing that Tycho's wife is a redhead. Apparently he has a thing for them...although he claims Sasha is his "only love".
    • As a child, he went to Assassin's Camp. Another child threw a throwing knife at a sparrow, seriously wounding it. He held it in his hands until it died, then held a funeral for it.
    • He apparently doesn't know what "Team Fortress" is, though. Tycho mentions it's been on Steam for three years, and Heavy responds with a blank look. He is also convinced the respawn system is a series of nightmares. Tycho winces upon hearing this, because he knows the truth.
    • Sometimes he will name his chips "Soldier", "Doktor", and "Demolitions Man" after his teammates.

    Default Weapons

    Minigun (nickname: Sasha)



    The Minigun can be used to mow down large groups of enemies advancing into a room or through a chokepoint. Newcomers find this form of area denial to be easy to learn--just hold down the trigger and aim at the bad guys--but an experienced player can still get considerably better results by prioritizing fire on certain classes or players as well as watching the periphery for Spies and Snipers (the Heavy's two worst foes).

    An important nuance in the gun's effectiveness is the distance of engagement. Sasha may be a steamroller at close range, but she becomes far less of a threat at long range. This must be accounted for or the Heavy will simply not kill anyone; the bullets will never hit frequently enough or have enough kick to take down individual targets.

    The last significant consideration for a Heavy combatant is revving. Sasha takes a second to spin up from the carrying position and during this time an aggressive player can inflict problematic and sometimes fatal injuries on the Heavy before he even gets to retaliate. Holding down the right mouse button starts revving the gun without firing it but because the Heavy moves so slowly while his gun is down, he may not get into a good position to take on incoming forces quickly enough and, resultingly, miss a golden opportunity for some easy kills.

    When using Sasha, keep an eye on you ammo counter at all times, it's extremely easy to run out of ammo without realizing it. Try to pick up the enemy's weapons as you kill them, as it will restore half of your ammo (100 bullets in this case).


    • Clip Size: 200
    • Clip Capacity: 200
    • Point Blank: 50-55 damage per bullet
    • Medium Range: 5-30
    • Long Range: 5-10
    • Critical Hits: 6% chance for 105 at point blank
    • Rate of Fire: Very Fast
    • Projectile: Spray
    • Reload: None




    The Shotgun should only be used when the Heavy is out of minigun ammo; it is simply not powerful enough to use offensively when considerations such as the Heavy's speed (slow) and size (huge) are taken into account. It can kill an injured pursuer, but should never be counted on for such things. Use it to get back to base for more minigun shells.


    • Clip Size: 6
    • Clip Capacity: 32
    • Point Blank: 80-90 damage per shell
    • Medium Range: 10-30
    • Long Range: 3-10
    • Critical Hits: 6% chance for 180 at point blank
    • Rate of Fire: Slow
    • Projectile: Spray
    • Reload: One at a time




    The Heavy's Fists can be very powerful, especially when getting a critical hit. Unfortunately, the Heavy is slow so giving foes a knuckle sandwich requires being sneaky or using corridors so you can land a punch before the enemy knows you're there. Hammering fools with the Heavy's fists is one of the most satisfying kills TF2 has to offer, so if you have the chance you should definitely take it.


    • Point Blank: 45-85
    • Critical Hits: 16% chance for 195
    • Rate of Fire: Slow

    Unlockable Weapons



    No Caption Provided

    The second woman in the Heavy's life, Natascha slows enemies on hit with a 100% chance but deals 25% less damage than Sasha. This gun reduces the Heavy's ability to be a lone gunner, instead relying on his allies to deal damage to the slowed victims of its enfilade. It is very good at taking out Scouts and Pyros who are either on their way to elsewhere or must be close to the Heavy to kill him.

    The Iron Curtain

    No Caption Provided

    The Iron Curtain is a reskin of the Heavys Minigun. It was added to the game on November 19th. It cannot be aquired through the regular methods of crafting or random items, instead it must be unlocked by winning it from the Heavy in the game Poker Night At The Inventory by Telltale games. It is identifiable by its wood paneling and the large Hammer and Sickle icon on its ammo drum. Statistically, it is identical to Sasha/Sascha, Heavy's default minigun. Heavy was originally going to offer Sasha herself for his buy-in, but this was changed. The dialogue was not, however, so he still addresses both guns in-game as Sasha.

    Brass Beast

    No Caption Provided

    An antique looking machine gun made mostly up of brass. Spin-up time is extremely slow, but once ready will do more damage than any other Minigun in the game.


    No Caption Provided

    An oversived, heavily-modified Thompson submachine gun that, despite having a slower firing speed, makes spin-up silent and faster.

    Huo-Long Heater

    No Caption Provided

    An antique looking heavy machine gun which, when deployed, will surround the user with a flashing ring of fire, igniting any enemy it touches.



    No Caption Provided

    The Sandvich is the Heavy’s first unlockable. It tastes as good as it looks and completely restores the Heavy's health. Like in real life, the decision to eat a Sandvich must not be taken lightly; The Heavy is completely vulnerable during the four second eating process, and his loud, happy sounds of vigorous chewing will draw enemies like tiny ant cowards to a picnic. OF DEATH. Once consumed, the Sandvich will not be useable for 30 seconds. The Sandvich is a great tool for a Heavy defending an area, as it gives him the ability to replenish health between enemy waves without having to abandon his post. Similarly, an offensive Heavy without a Medic can step back from the front line and grab a quick snack before resuming his rampage. Beware, however: the Heavy must set aside his shotgun to take the Sandvich, and enemy Snipers are much more dangerous for a Heavy wielding only a minigun. As of the latest patch, the Heavy may throw his Sandvich onto a plate to the ground, allowing teammates (or enemies) to pick it up and restore 50% of their health. Doing so removes the Sandvich from the Heavy's inventory until he visits a resupply locker or picks up a Health kit while already at full health.

    Dalokoh's Bar

    No Caption Provided

    The Dalokoh's Bar is a second "Lunchbox" weapon unlock for the Heavy. It was added in the March 18th, 2010 patch with the first series of community made items. When eaten at full health the Heavy's health increases by 50hp for 30 seconds otherwise the bar will only heal 60hp. Like the Sandvich, the Dalokoh's Bar does not extinguish fire and cannot be eaten underwater. The Heavy will also be immobile while eating it. Unlike the Sandvich the bar cannot be dropped to heal teammates. The Dalokoh's Bar has a 30 second cool down after being eaten unless the Heavy dies or gets another one from the Resupply Cabinet.

    Dalokoh's is "shokolad" (Russian for chocolate) backwards.


    No Caption Provided

    Functions as the Dalokoh's Bar. Craftable with items that can be earned through playing bonus challenges in SpaceChem.

    Buffalo Steak Sandvich

    No Caption Provided

    To be used with melee weapons, when consumed, the Buffalo Steak Sandvich provides increased movement speed and stronger attack power, at the cost of receiving 25% more damage and being able to use melee weapons for the duration only.

    Family Business

    No Caption Provided

    A pump-action shotgun that provides you with additional ammo per clip at the cost of a 15% decrease in damage.


    Killing Gloves of Boxing

    No Caption Provided

    The Killing Gloves of Boxing is the Heavy's first melee unlockable. Upon killing an enemy with the K.G.B the Heavy is guaranteed critical hits for the next 5 seconds afterward, however the Heavy will also swing 20% slower. This effect also stacks with kills he gets while under the timer. These gloves are a risky business, requiring you to endanger yourself by coming into close contact with an enemy and using a potentially inferior melee weapon against him. Thankfully, the reward for doing so is fantastic if anyone else happens to be around waiting to get annihilated by five seconds of crit minigun fire.

    Gloves of Running Urgently

    The Gloves of Running Urgently is the Heavy's second melee unlockable. When they are active the Heavy's running speed is increased by 30% but also do 50% less damage and drain 6 health per second. These gloves are most useful when the Heavy is accompanied by a Medic, they will allow the Heavy/Medic pair to get around the map faster as well as help the Medic build an UberCharge faster.

    Fists of Steel

    No Caption Provided

    The Fists of Steel provide you with 40% damage resistance from ranged sources while active, but will increase the damage received from melee by 100%.

    Apoco Fists

    No Caption Provided

    These work exactly as the Fists, except enemies will be gibbed if killed by a critical blow.

    Warrior's Spirit

    No Caption Provided

    Brown bear paws strapped over the heavy's fists that increase melee damage by 30% at the cost of 20 points off of max health.

    Holiday Punch

    No Caption Provided

    Dealing the same damage as the regular fists, these mitts will cause enemies to burst into laughter when crit. The Holiday Punch will always crit on an enemy that is hit from behind.

    Item Sets

    The Hibernating Bear:

    • The Brass Beast
    • Buffalo Steak Sandvich
    • Warrior's Spirit

    Black Market Business:

    • Tomislav
    • The Family Business
    • The Eviction Notice



    Quotes used by the Heavy to taunt enemies and contact teammates.

    • "We make good team!"
    • "All of you are dead"
    • "Put dispenser here"
    • "Help me doctor!"
    • "Need a dispenser here!"
    • "Put teleporter here!"
    • *Maniacal Laughter*
    • *humming funeral music*
    • "POW! Ha Ha!"
    • "So much blood!"
    • "Ooohhhh, run, ruuuuun- I'm coming for you!"
    • "What sick man sends babies to fight me?"
    • "I feel alive!"
    • "You are going to need much bigger guns!"
    • "I think you need more men!"
    • "You! Yes, you! You are dead!"
    • "I am amused by entire itsy-bitsy teeny team!"
    • "All of you are DEAD!"
    • "You are so small, it's funny to me!"
    • "Keep crying baby!"
    • "Who touched my gun?!"
    • "I was told, we would be fighting MEN!"
    • "Entire team is baby!"
    • "CRY SOME MORE!"
    • "Kiss me."

    Heavy Update

    Shortly after the Pyro update was released, Valve announced that the Heavy will be the next class to go through a major update. Updates can be found here.

    Meet The Heavy

    Meet The Heavy was the first of several short movies released by Valve to demonstrate what each class can do. It was uploaded on May 14th 2007, a long before Team Fortress 2 was released. A Meet the Sandvich was also released as a parody of the meet the class videos on August 19 2008.

    Either the RED or BLU Heavy has appeared in every Meet The... video to date, as the class is the unofficial "face" of the game.


    • Heavy is played by Gary Schwartz, who also voices The Demoman.
    • An action figure of Heavy can be seen on Louis' desk in the digital comic companion to the Left4Dead DLC "The Passing". This is based on a real limited-edition figure that can be found in Valve's online store. Heavy is also the mascot of "Heavy Gulp", a drink appearing in the Left 4 Dead 2 campaign "Dark Carnival".
    • In Poker Night, you can win a new minigun named The Iron Curtain that was supposedly made with the mahogany from Alexander II's chair. It is adorned with a hammer and sickle, the symbol of the USSR.
    • Heavy's original weapon was a minigun called Ludmilla, which could heal him, but was supposedly axed because it would diminish the Heavy's dependency on the Medic.
    • Heavy's head makes a cameo appearance as a "bobblehead mask" in Saints Row The Third.


    Below is a list of every hat the Heavy can equip in the head slot.

    Miscellaneous items

    Below is a list of every item the Heavy can equip in the two misc slots.

    • Large Luchadore
    • Pocket Medic - A small doll in the likeness of the appropriate team's Medic that sits in Heavy's vest pocket. Like "Demoknight", "Pocket Medic" was a term used by the fanbase that eventually lapsed into the game's canon. A "Pocket Medic" is a Medic that heals one target (usually a Heavy) exclusively.
    • Big Steel Jaw of Summer Fun
    • Security Shades
    • Purity Fist - Pre-order item for Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Redeemable codes for Genuine versions were given out at San Diego Comic-Con and New York Comic-Con 2011.
    • Soviet Stitch-Up
    • Steel-Toes Stompers
    • Cold War Luchador
    • Sandvich Safe
    • All-Father
    • Toss-Proof Towel
    • Apparatchik's Apparel
    • Champ Stamp
    • Triad Trinket
    • Voodoo-Cursed Heavy Soul
    • Grand Duchess Fairy Wings
    • Grand Duchess Tutu
    • Siberian Sophisticate
    • Aqua Flops
    • Hunger Force
    • Heavy's Hockey Hair
    • Samson Skewer
    • Titanium Towel
    • Tyurtlenek
    • Heavy-Weight Champ
    • Borscht Belt
    • Bolshevik Biker
    • MAcho Mann
    • Red Army Robin
    • Gabe Glasses

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