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    The Administrator

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    The always watchful and cruelly mouthed announcer for Team Fortress 2, she seems to know more than she lets on.

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    Originally appearing in Team Fortress 2 solely as the in-game announcer, the Administrator has since become a major character in the game's extended fiction, featuring heavily in the Team Fortress comics, as well as appearing on the Team Fortress 2 blog, typically to highlight and punish cheaters. She is voiced by Ellen McLain, who came up with the voice after taking issue with Valve's initial ideas. Initially the Administrator lacked a physical appearance, with her current design starting as fan-art by Heather Campbell. After noticing the design, Valve decided to make it the Administrator's official design, hiring Campbell soon after.

    The Administrator oversees the activities of both RED team and BLU team, intentionally pitting them against each other to help keep them constantly fighting one another. To this end, she does not approve of friendship, even lacking an understanding of it until her assistant, Miss Pauling, explained it. She also manipulated Redmond and Blutarch Mann, the owners of RED and BLU team respectively, ensuring both siblings received life-extending machines and roughly comparable resources, so as to keep them fighting for as long as possible.

    The Administrator also received a life-extending machine, and oversees RED and BLU to slowly gather all of the australium in the world, having kept herself alive for at least a century, hoping to "settle an old debt." Although she succeeded in securing all of Earth's australium, by Team Fortress Comic #6 - The Naked and the Dead, her supply is completely exhausted.

    Although documents from the Pyromania update imply she is unmarried, it is also implied that she had some manner of relationship with Saxton Hale, due to him affectionately calling her Helen, as well as referring to her as a "chain-smoking seductress".

    A hidden portrait of the Administrator was added to Team Fortress 2 during Scream Fortress 2010, as part of the Mann Manor map, her only in-game appearance.


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