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Valve has used the Announcer in their Team Fortress 2-blog as well as in the game, especially when they talk about matters relevant to the core gameplay, such as when they decided to take away the weapons some people obtained by idling, or when people used a code to get all achievements. Helen does not approve of cross-faction friendship, or friendship at all. She wasn't even familiar with what friendship meant until her assistant, Miss Pauling, explained it to her. It is implied that she had some sort of a sexual relationship with Saxton Hale, because he calls her a "chain-smoking seductress".
She is voiced by Ellen McLain and she came up with the voice after the initial ideas (a robotic kind of voice for instance) from Valve wasn't good enough.
She initially had no appearance, but after seeing fanartist Makani's rendition of Helen, Valve not only adopted her artwork as Helen's official look, but hired Makani as an employee. The Administrator is now depicted wearing purple clothing, a reference to the fact that she is in contact with both the RED and BLU teams at all times. After the artist for the WAR! comic left, Makani went on to draw the next comic installment, Loose Canon.
As of Halloween 2010, a younger, seemingly topless (the image is cut off at the shoulder) painting of a woman resembling Helen can be seen in Mann Manor by choosing Spectator Mode.

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