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    The Pyro is a character in the Team Fortress franchise. His ability to move quickly and disrupt large groups of enemies with his flamethrower makes him an ideal offensive character. He wears a gas mask and is often said to have a funny voice.

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    The Pyro is a character class in the Team Fortress franchise. He wears non-flammable protective gear and his main weapon is a flamethrower. The Pyro is a little slower than most of the other classes, but can deal high damage with his flamethrower and shotgun.


    Only two things are known for sure about the mysterious Pyro: He sets things on fire and he doesn't speak. In fact, only the part about setting things on fire is undisputed. Some believe his occasional rasping wheeze may be an attempt to communicate through a mouth obstructed by a filter and attached to lungs ravaged by constant exposure to his asbestos lined suit. Either way, he's a fearsome, inscrutable on-fire Frankenstein of a man. If he even is a man.

    • Country of origin: Unknown
    • Motto: "Mmmphh mphhhh mphh "
    • Emblem: Flame

    Cameo Appearances

    Both the RED and BLU Pyros cameo in Killing Floor. They were made available by purchasing the game (and also owning TF2) through the 2010 Twisted Christmas event- and in exchange, TF2 owners received two Mr. Foster-themed items, the Foster's Facade (a white Soviet gasmask) and the Stockbroker's Scarf (a team-colored striped tie).

    Pyro also cameos as a summon in the Steam version of Dungeon Defenders.

    Meet The Pyro

    On Wednesday, June 27th, 2012, during the "Pyromania" update, the "Meet The Pyro" video was finally released. The video intersperses scenes of the RED Pyro single-handedly hunting down and murdering the BLU team with interview scenes of the RED Heavy, Scout, and Spy as they all muse over what might be under their teammate's mask. Heavy admits "it" frightens him (and he isn't easily scared), Scout is too afraid to even talk to the Director, lest Pyro be listening in (Scout flips between the male and female pronouns when referring to his teammate), and Spy ponders what acts of hellish cruelty go on in Pyro's head.

    We then cut to Pyro's perspective (without actually revealing who or what Pyro is), and see that he views the universe as an idealized, cartoony world filled with balloon unicorns and kittens, giant Sandviches, and the BLU team depicted as diaper-clad cherubs. The scenes then cut back and forth, set to Lovin' Spoonful's "Do You Believe In Magic", revealing that what Pyro sees as rainbows is actually fire, giant lollipops are fire axes, bubble blowers are flare guns, and sheds are presents. The BLU Heavy, Scout, Medic, Demoman, Engineer, Spy, Sniper, and Soldier all die in quick succession, and the camera exits "Pyroland" through a gaping hole in the BLU Soldier's chest. His heart pops out, and he falls down, dead, as Pyro strolls along, whistling along to the background music.

    The video ends with an announcement that Valve's movie-making software, Source Filmmaker, would finally be released to the public.

    Default Weapons

    Loadout SlotWeapon
    Primary Flamethrower
    Secondary Shotgun
    Melee Fire Axe

    Unlockable Weapons

    Flaregun (Replaces the Shotgun)


    The Flaregun
    The Flaregun

    The flare gun is the first unlockable weapon obtained for the Pyro, replacing the shotgun. It shoots flares long distances to set enemies on fire. It does little real damage otherwise, but it works well on Snipers and other classes as a disruption.

    The flare also has given the ability to "mini-crit" targets that are on fire, the mini crit hits for more damage and causes the after burn to tick for more damage making the flare gun a viable choice for some players. A long range shot on a burning target causes a full critical hit. This doesn't do any more burn damage but the flare itself packs a wallop.


    • While the flares travel quite quickly, they are effected by gravity so long shots will have to be aimed high to account for the drop.
    • The flares can be used in conjunction with the Axtinguisher to have targets burning before you get to them, by comparison the flamethrower instead leaves a small window of vulnerable downtime.
    • Since heavies with a spinning mini-gun move so slowly you can make easy pot-shots from cover, the damage will pile-up quickly (especially if they are long-range criticals). Either forcing him to relocate or likely down-right killing him if he has no medic.


    • Ammo (clip, reserve): 1 , 16
    • Base: 30
    • All Ranges: 27-33
    • Mini-Crit: 41 Critical Hit: 90
    • Critical hits: 2% chance of x3 damage
    • Afterburn: After burn damage: 3 damage every 0.5 seconds for 10 seconds (60 damage total), Mini-Crits cause 4 damage every 0.5 second for 10 seconds (80 damage total)

    Backburner (Replaces the Flamethrower)


    The Backburner
    The Backburner

    The Backburner is one of the Pyro’s new unlockable weapons, along with a flat 10% damage increase it guarantees critical damage if an opponent is hit from behind. Meant for the kind of pyro that hides and waits to surprise his opponent at close range. The condition for the crits is pretty strict, so make sure you are lined up directly behind who you mean to use it on, but success means downing a buffed heavy in a wink.

    The drawback is the higher cost of the air blast. This reduces the Pyro's ability to charge through open ground, but if you rarely use the air blast then don't hesitate to choose the Backburner.

    Axtinguisher (Replaces the Fire Axe)


    The Axtinguisher
    The Axtinguisher

    The Axtinguisher is the last of the Pyro's unlockable weapons, and it presents a lucrative melee option to most Pyros. The Fire Axe is of questionable usefulness because once a Pyro enter melee combat, his flamethrower becomes his greatest asset, leaving the Fire Axe to collect dust. The Axtinguisher instead complements the flamethrower by providing critical hits to opponents who are on fire.

    If you are quick on the draw, the Axtinguisher can end one-on-one conflicts very quickly. It also has application in Pyro teams where one player sets everyone on fire and then everyone starts hacking away.

    The Achilles' heel of the Axtinguisher is reduced damage against unblazing targets. This tends to be completely irrelevant in combat and renders the Fire Axe fairly useless by comparison. This may lead to the assumption that the Axtinguisher is too powerful but the real issue is that the Fire Axe is underpowered. The Axtinguisher is also the obvious choice based on aesthetics as it is easily one of the most badass-looking weapons in video gaming.


    • Ammo (total): unlimited
    • Close range: 23-43
    • Critical hit: 195 (opponent needs to be on fire)

    Postal Pummeler (Replaces the Fire Axe)

    The Postal Pummeler
    The Postal Pummeler

    A re-skin of the Axetinguisher. It's an uprooted mailbox with the numbers 606 on the side.

    Homewrecker (Replaces the Fire Axe)

    The Homewrecker
    The Homewrecker

    The Pyro's first community weapon is a sledgehammer designed for destruction. The Homewrecker deals double the damage of a normal melee weapon to engineer structures, but does 25% less to enemy players. The Homewrecker also has the added benefit of removing sappers from friendly structures and it does so in one swing.

    The Homewrecker can be crafted by combining one Equalizer with one Eyelander.

    The Maul (Replaces the Fire Axe)

    The Maul
    The Maul

    It's a re-skin of the Homewrecker. A reference to the sledgehammes in the Red Faction games.

    Degreaser (Replaces the Flamethrower)

    The Degreaser
    The Degreaser

    This flamethrower gives you a 65% faster weapon switch at the cost of it dealing 25% less afterdamage. It has compression blast capability. It can be crafted by combining 1 Backburner and 1 Reclaimed Metal.

    Powerjack (Replaces the Fire Axe)

    The Powerjack
    The Powerjack

    On kill restores 75 health which can overheal from maximum health, but you receive 20% more damage from melee sources when used.

    Back Scratcher (Replaces the Fire Axe)

    The Back Scratcher
    The Back Scratcher

    The Back Scratcher increases the melee damage by 25% and the healing from healing packs (or Sandviches) by 50%, however, there is a 75% slower healing rate from Medics, Dispensers and the Payload Cart, forcing the player to keep a constant search for healing packs around the map.

    Sharpened Volcano Fragment (Replaces the Fire Axe)

    The Sharpened Volcano Fragment
    The Sharpened Volcano Fragment

    Promotional melee weapon for Pyro, it's a obisidian axe with lava flowing from the edge. The weapon reduces damage by 20%, while setting enemies on fire when hit with it. This weapon was a gift to players that pre-ordered RIFT, along with the Sun-on-a-Stick for Scout.

    Detonator (Replaces the Shotgun)

    The Detonator
    The Detonator

    The Detonator is a modified flare gun with a extended barrel taped in place. It works just like the original Flare Gun, but now the flare has a detonating ability. Pressing the secondary fire button when the flare is in the air will cause it to explode, creating a small blast radius which ignites nearby players. It's also possible to "Flare Jump", in a manner similar to rocket or sticky-bomb jumping, however, pyros wielding the weapon will suffer an additional 20% damage from their own explosions, reducing the usage of the technique.

    Scorch Shot

    This was unveiled in the Pyromania: Day 2 event in the City on Fire pack.

    • Flare knocks back target on hit
    • also ignites enemies in a small radius
    • -50% damage penalty.


    • The Pyro is best used for ambushing enemies from the side as before they have the time to react, you may have already done some severe damage to them. Thus, learn hiding spots in each map, and where you'll be able to flank your opponents from the side. This type of attack style is what the Backburner is designed for.
    • The Flare Gun may not be a killing machine, but it works very well at disrupting certain classes. One hit on a sniper will effectively keep them from sniping as the burn damage will constantly throw off their aim, as well as cutting their health in half if they burn fully. Deployed heavies are easy targets as well if you pop out from cover to shoot.
    • As stated before, there's not much point in not using the Axtinguisher once you unlock it. Your primary weapon is already has a close range focus, so if you're going to use a melee weapon, you might as well do incredible damage with each swing. When going for the kill always airblast your target beforehand whenever possible because it will throw off their aim and if done right keep them from escaping.
    • The flamethrower's compression blast is one of the few things that can do much of anything to an ubercharged pair. You can either 1, disrupt or keep them away, making them either ineffective or forced to deal with you and lose charge time. 2, try to separate the medic from his patient, leaving the attacker to run headlong and unprotected into your defenses. Or 3, in any situation where they are attacking a sentry, launch them up in the air so that the sentry will either suspend them in mid-air or knock them far away. It always helps if there is any sort of bridge they have to cross on the way in, if you can knock them off it can turn the attack useless.
    • Reflecting a projectile (Which includes grenades, rockets, baseballs, arrows, flares, Jarate and even sentry rockets) will turn it your teams color, this means not only can you turn most of them against the owner or his team, but even if they still hit your teammates they won't do any damage (counts as yours so it will still hurt you). This does not happen with sticky bombs.
    • When reflecting you have to wait till the projectile comes very close to you, it will take a lot of practice to be consistent. If you do knock it back it will travel towards the direction you are aiming.
    • Get creative with your airblasting. If your fighting above a pit of water and you don't want to deal with someone knock them in it, or in front of a train, or into a friendly sentry, etc.
    • One of your biggest tools to help your team is disruption. Obviously most people don't like burning, but even if it's not going to kill someone they will usually make priority one putting the fire out, sending them off in search of water or a source of health. This can make a follow-up attack by your team that much more effective. Sentries without engineers and heavies without medics will go down very quickly.
    • Although medics are certainly a high value target, they can be a serious danger to you. They have a slight advantage of speed, and their self healing will somewhat cancel the burning damage. Chasing a backpedaling medic will turn you into a pincushion , which in any kind of narrow area combined with the Blutsauger can spell death for you and free health for them.
    • The flamethrower can act unexpectedly at times. To your advantage you can often attack sentries around or through corners if you edge yourself close enough, and it seems to go straight through flooring if one is set up on a catwalk above you. But as a disadvantage when going toe to toe with somone missing is surprisingly easy, and getting all of your damage in is crucial. You will hear a distinctive sizzle sound when you are making contact, so learn how to lead your crosshair ahead as the flames are not the fastest to extend out. This can help alot with flamethrower dueling.

    Pyro Update

    The Pyro was the second Team Fortress 2 class to recieve an update, you can view the update details here.


    The Pyro received a second update in the form of a 3-day Pyromania event, coinciding with the "Meet The Pyro" short. the details can be seen here.


    After the Pyro update, the 'Hadouken' taunt was made into an attack so that it would kill any enemy that it hits. Managing to kill someone in a fight with it awards the player with the "OMGWTFBBQ" achievement. It gives a 500 damage and the animation lasts 3 seconds.


    The Pyro isn't the most talkative out of the characters, however here is one thing he does say:

    "Mmmmph Mmmmmmmppph!"


    Below is a list of every hat the Pyro can equip in the head slot.

    • Pyro's Beanie - A yellow and red/blue beanie with a plastic propeller on top.
    • Brigade Helm - A red firefighter's helmet with a badge on the front with a flame on it.
    • Respectless Rubber Glove - A yellowish/brown rubber glove worn on the Pyro's head (Suspiciously similar to the Engineer's glove).
    • Triboniophorus Tyrannus - An adorable green brain-slug attached to the Pyro's head that causes him to burn everything in sight (Indiscernible from the Pyro's normal behavior).
    • Vintage Merryweather - A community made British fire brigade helm from the Victorian era.
    • Handyman's Handle - A plunger used as a hat, that "removes" all kinds of blockages.
    • Attendant - Part of the Polycount pack. It appears as a gray soft cap with a yellow band sitting on top of a black curved visor.
    • Napper's Respite - This striped Mann Conomy's headwear is for all sleepyheads, who can rest after a long day of killing.
    • Old Guadalajara - A large, team-colored, sombrero, resembling mexican culture.
    • Prancer's Pride - Community-created headgear for the Australian Christmas update, that appears to be a reindeer's antler attached to Pyro's head with a string.
    • Pyromancer's Mask - A dragon skull mask with a missing horn, with some shaman-esque style.
    • Madame Dixie - A 40s-looking feminine hat, that creates some rumors about Pyro's real gender.
    • Dead Cone
    • Hottie's Hoodie
    • Connoisseur's Cap
    • Stately Steel Toe
    • Birdcage
    • Flamboyant Flamenco
    • Little Buddy
    • Blazing Bull
    • Bubble Pipe
    • Head Warmer
    • Waxy Wayfinder
    • Triclops
    • Area 451
    • Wraith Wrap
    • DethKapp
    • Person in the Iron Mask
    • Necronomicrown
    • Bolted Birdcage
    • Electric Escorter
    • Firewall Helmet
    • Metal Slug
    • Plumber's Pipe
    • Pyro's Boron Beanie
    • Respectless Robo-Glove
    • Centurion
    • Pampered Pyro
    • Hive Minder
    • Burning Bandana

    Miscellaneous items

    Below is a list of every item the Pyro can equip in the two misc slots.


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