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    Max is a hyperkinetic rabbit-like thing, though he prefers 'lagomorph.' Max and his partner Sam are part of the "Freelance Police," a crime solving team. Max enjoys violence and tends to prefer the aggressive way of solving problems. Max has also become the President of the United States.

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    This is Max, an individual easily described as a crazed, psychotic, hyper rabbit. Max enjoys violence and almost always wants to solve problems aggressively hence why Sam, his partner, is usually the one doing the problem solving. Max and Sam are childhood friends, and they both share enthusiasm for just about everything (especially involving violence and weapons). In fact, They're such good friends that despite Max's heartless appearance, he has grown very possessive of Sam. Max also has terrible hygiene, as he can be seen eating his own belly button lint and Sam has commented on it before.
    Do not ask him where he keeps his gun. You do not want to know. 
    Apparently likes to play Poker. Is not a "Poke Mon". Or Stitch. But he is a hat.
    Max was voiced by Nick Jameson for Hit the Road, Robert Tinkler for the TV show, Andrew Chaikin for Episode 1: Culture Shock, and is currently portrayed by William Kasten.


    • "Future people are jerks."
    • "That's it! No one quotes 'Walk Like an Egyptian' to me and lives!"
    • "Rules are for marking straight lines and lesser mortals."
    • "Hey, maybe we should go downstairs and stop the giant robot that's annihilating our building. If we have time."
    • "My religious faith is based on who gives away the best free stuff."
    • "I've got a good feeling about 'Death by Lethal Injection.'"
    • "One day I examined your left nostril with a magnifying glass while you were sleeping off a marshmallow binge. Never again."
    • "Never trust an animal named after a smell."
    • "I think we stumbled into the warehouse where Steve Wozniak makes erotic movies."
    • "Of all the explosions I've caused in my career, that's the one I'm most proud of."
    • "Gee, all of a sudden I feel like watching TV and eating orange marshmallow peanuts instead of doing anything constructive."
    • "That's such a boring way to die! Try to get cut in half instead!"
    • "Ouch. I didn't think I still had feelings, but... there they are."
    • "I can't hear you, I'm dead."
    • "Time, like sauerkraut and string cheese, is relative."
    • "Once you've seen one peaceful world destroyed in an explosive cataclysm of fire and death, you've seem 'em all."
    • "Did you know that there is a ton of square states in the middle of the country that nobody knew about?"
    • "You can never have enough nausea."
    • "We come bearing good cheer and high powered pistols!"
    • "Guess what, we no longer have the right to peaceably assemble!"
    • "Stay frosty, America!"
    • "Come for the low prices, stay for the juicy rodent family drama!"

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