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    Deus Ex: Human Revolution

    Game » consists of 17 releases. Released Aug 23, 2011

    Human Revolution is the third game in the Deus Ex series, a prequel where players take control of augmented security officer Adam Jensen, and investigate attacks against Sarif Industries, a leader in augmentation technology.

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    Focus on posthumanism
    Focus on posthumanism

    Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a prequel to the critically acclaimed first-person role-playing game Deus Ex. Set in 2027, Human Revolution follows Sarif Industries security chief Adam Jensen as he attempts to unravel a global conspiracy in a world beginning to deal with the social, political and economic effects of a post-humanist renaissance.

    Human Revolution adheres to the same open-ended approach to gameplay and problem solving that the original game afforded players. Through the use of mechanical augmentations, the world can be navigated using stealth, lethal or non-lethal combat, social interaction and a variety of other approaches.

    The game was developed by Eidos Montreal and was released on August 23rd, 2011 in North America, August 25th in Australia and August 26th in Europe.

    At PAX East 2013, Square Enix revealed Deus Ex: Human Revolution (Director's Cut), an enhanced Wii U port of the game that had been rumored for many months. The Director's Cut supposedly includes improvements, new features and new content such as a "Neural Hub" displayed on the Wii U GamePad.



    In Deus Ex: Human Revolution, mankind is freely using cybernetic human augmentations, but it has yet to be determined what their effects on society will eventually be. The game deals with the idea of post-humanism, which is a cultural movement that supports the use of technology and science to improve the physical and mental capabilities of Humans.

    The visuals are unique in that they combine elements of Renaissance and cyberpunk aesthetics. In the game, those that support the idea of augmentations decorate their homes and themselves in a kind of late-medieval Italian style, while those that are against it dress like normal human beings.

    Apart from the post-humanism and cyberpunk themes, the game also focuses on human nature, mass media and conspiracy theories. During the mission in Montreal in which Adam Jensen infiltrates a major news station, he finds the way journalists view their profession. They describe themselves as people who bring the news to the general population, and this allows them to change the news any way they want, so that they may control the opinions of the majority of people.

    Conspiracy theories have been a prominent theme of Deus Ex games, in Human Revolution players can hear about several groups, most notably the Illuminati and the Bilderberg group.


    Jensen's near-death experience.
    Jensen's near-death experience.

    Human Revolution takes place in 2027 and has the player play as Adam Jensen, head of security at Sarif Industries. The game starts with Adam charged with planning a trip for Megan Reed to Washington DC where she is to present some kind of scientific breakthrough to congress. Megan, other than being a brilliant scientist, is also Adam's love interest. During the opening parts of the game, Megan explains to Adam how Sarif Industries is going to change the world with what she has discovered and how she's ashamed of the way she found said discovery. But before she can explain what dirty deed she has done, the couple is interrupted by Frank Pritchard and Adam is forced to go and talk to David Sarif about the security plan for DC while Megan gets back to work. Shortly after meeting with the head of Sarif Industries, augmented terrorists attack Sarif's labs. Adam races to find Megan but is ambushed by one of the terrorists who throws him through a wall, destroying Adam's legs, back and arms. As the terrorist is about to administer the killing blow, Megan distracts him only to be punched in the face which kills her. As the labs burn, the terrorist takes out his gun and shoots Adam in the head.

    Rebuilding Adam
    Rebuilding Adam

    The game then switches to Adam's "reconstruction". He's seen in great pain, getting new augmented legs and arms. After the painful scene, the game flashes forward 6 months where Adam, fresh out of hospital, has reprised his job as chief of security. Things rapidly heat up when a terrorist group called Purity First takes a bunch of hostages in Sarif owned factory. David Sarif explains that a top secret military weapon called the Typhoon is in the warehouse and must be secured. Adam sets out to secure the device and along the way discovers an augmented terrorist downloading top secret information. Before he can interrogate him, the young terrorist commits suicide as he pleaded for help. Adam eventually confronts the head of Purity First, Zeke Sanders who denies the augmented terrorist being his, explaining that his plan is to stop all future augmentations. Sanders escapes while Sarif asks Adam to investigate on the augmented terrorist. After sneaking into the morgue, Adam discovers that the terrorist was being controlled from afar from a mysterious third party, believed at the time to be on of Sarif Industries competitors due to a massive security leak that David Sarif was fully aware of.

    Adam heads to the abandoned FEMA warehouse where the terrorist was being controlled from. There, he discovers the same augmented terrorists that had attacked Sarif Industries 6 months prior. The plot thickens as Adam wonders if Sarif Industries isn't supplying the terrorist despite the fact that David Sarif denies this by explaining that Sarif Industries almost only does military contracts when it comes to weapons. The biggest suspect becomes FEMA one of Sarif's Competitors. Adam confronts one of the terrorist, Lawrence Barrett, whom after being defeated, explains to Adam that Belltower doesn't give a damn about a rotting company like Sarif Industries and that what this shadow group of terrorists is planning is much bigger. Right before commiting suicide, the terrorist gives Adam an adress in Hengsha, China where Adam can find the hacker who controlled the Purity First terrorist.

    DXHR makes heavy use of emails and e-newspapers to expand & deliver its narrative
    DXHR makes heavy use of emails and e-newspapers to expand & deliver its narrative

    Upon arriving, Adam realizes that he's not the only one after this hacker who is on the run: Belltower Associates, a PMC contracted by the chinese government also wants the hacker's head. Adam gets to him first though and he is revealed to be Arie van Bruggen. Bruggen instantly admits to having controlled and murdered the Purity soldier, claiming that he was hired by one of Sarif Industries' biggest rivals: Tai Yong Medical. He claims that he has a recording of TYM's CEO Yun Ru talking to the terrorists who attacked Sarif Industries and he claims that TYM is doing this to eliminate its competitors (TYM is seen doing this to its Scottish competitor by tampering with their stocks). The recording is at the TYM headquarters and after pirating a badge, Adam infiltrates it. He eventually gets the recording and makes an even greater discovery: Megan and her research team aren't dead, instead the attack on Sarif Industries six months prior was a diversion to kidnap them. Wanting to know more, Adam interrogates TYM's CEO who denies having anything to do with the kidnapping, telling him to investigate Picus News (an international news channel that is featured prominently throughout the game) before locking herself in a panic room and calling security. Jensen escapes and heads for the Picus building back in Montreal.

    Picus News reports on the issues permeating Detroit in 2027
    Picus News reports on the issues permeating Detroit in 2027

    Adam infiltrates the Picus News building only to find it deserted. He speaks to a hologram of famous news host Eliza Cassan who reveals that she's the one who tampered with the GPL signals the night of the kidnapping so the scientists could not be tracked. She claims that she regrets what she did but can't tell Adam anything. Jensen follows a signal to where the real Cassan is hiding only to find out that Cassan is an AI programmed by mysterious people who wish to shape the world. Adam fights Yelena Fedorova, one of the mercenaries from the kidnapping. After defeating her, Cassan explains that she does not have the free will to reveal everything to Adam. However she reveals that Doctor Isaias Sandoval operated on the scientists following the kidnapping to remove their GPLs. The good doctor happens to be a close associate to the pro-human politician Bill Taggart. Cassan also reveals that David Sarif was aware of all these things.

    Adam heads back to Detroit as it burns due to anti-augmentation riots. He meets immediately with Sarif who begins to shed some light on the situation. The men pulling the strings call themselves Illuminati (among other monikers.) They hired and planned the attack on Sarif industries as Megan had figured out a way on how to create augmentations that were not rejected by the body, thus eliminating the need for Neuropozyne. The Illuminati, realizing that this would make humanity too powerful to control, decided to make the scientists disappear. After these revelations, Adam interrogates Taggart on the location of his associate. Taggart, after much resistance, tells Adam where to go and fears his associate, Isaias Sandoval, may have gone the same path as his brother, Zeke Sanders. Adam finds the doctor hiding in the Detroit sewers, who reveals that he failed in removing the GPL implants that the scientists had, but due to their weak signal strength, Sarif's engineers would overlook their broadcast. David Sarif pulls some strings at the Department of Defence in order to trace one of the GPLs to China. However, the fact that he pulled those strings would tip off the conspirators and allow them to prepare for Jensen's return to Heng Sha.

    Despite the obvious trap laid out in front of them, Jensen and Malik return to the island city to investigate the GPL signal they had traced. Before landing, they are contacted by the Chinese authorities who instruct them to redirect their course to a different landing site. The thought of ignoring this instruction is briefly entertained, but Malik complies so as to not provoke an incident. This fails, as a surface-to-air missile with an EMP warhead is fired at them, and they plummet to the ground below. Jensen manages to jump before impact, but the VTOL crash lands into a construction site. Belltower mercenaries start to close in. Depending on the player's actions, Malik is either able to regain control and functionality of the VTOL and escape, or is overwhelmed by the mercs and dies in an explosion. Either way, Jensen manages to escape the ambush, but Belltower is still actively looking for him in the streets of the city.

    As he makes his way to the GPL signal, Adam and several other augmented citizens experience a painful event which is promptly explained to be a glitch in one of the components of their neural interfaces. According to Tai Yong Medical and Picus News, augmented citizens are encouraged to visit their local LIMB clinics to receive an "upgrade" which will supposedly be immune to this problem. The player has the option of heeding or ignoring this advice, and Jensen can continue with his malfunctioning interface or get a new one.

    The GPL signal eventually leads Adam to an abandoned underground parking garage that now serves as a base for a local gang known as the Harvesters. Upon infiltrating the structure, he finds the source to be Tong Si Hung, who had previously assisted Jensen in tracking down Arie van Bruggen (whether or not he was aware of that fact.) Tong is in the process of grafting on a new arm, which had been given to him by Belltower to help appease him. The arm itself had once belonged to Vasili Sevchenko, one of the scientists who had been kidnapped, and his GPL had led Jensen straight to Tong's location. Though the GPL signal seems to be a dead end, Tong proposes that Jensen infiltrates the nearby dockyard to determine the destination of Belltower's human trafficking operation. Jensen agrees to set off a bomb in the offices of the dockyard's foreman, which would send a message for Tong to the authorities while simultaneously providing Jensen a distraction to allow him to stow away on one of their ships. Upon detonating the explosive, Jensen quickly realizes that the explosion was not only a distraction to help him, but also to give Tong's kidnapped son, Tracer, an opportunity to escape and flee to Hong Kong. Jensen stows himself inside a shipping container with a stasis pod inside, notifies Pritchard that he'll probably be offline for an indeterminate length of time, then freezes himself.

    Jensen awakes again several days later, and rapidly re-establishes contact with Pritchard. They determine that he is currently somewhere in Singapore, and that a jamming signal is making it difficult to track his location. As he explores the facility, Jensen encounters the other missing scientists (with the exception of Megan Reed and Sevchenko, the latter of which had apparently been attempting to orchestrate an escape attempt before being killed.) Each of the scientists is working in isolation from one another, but Jensen manages to find a way to coordinate a plan. In order to reach the high-security area where Megan is being held, he instructs the scientists to coordinate a series of staged lab accidents to draw away several of the guards. He also uploads a virus to the facility's systems that was being developed by Sevchenko to disable the facility's ability to track the kidnapped scientists' GPL locators, enabling them to elude their captors. Upon gaining entry to the high-security building, Jensen finds himself in another confrontation with Zhao Yun Ru. She attempts to lock down Jensen's augmentations with a remote control. If the player opted to get the replacement neural interface at a LIMB clinic, then many of Jensen's augmentations are disabled during the following fight. If not, then the remote has no effect, and Zhao is forced to escape more rapidly before the fight occurs. Whatever the case, Jensen is then confronted by Jaron Namir, the leader of the Tyrants and the individual who nearly killed him during the attack on Sarif Industries.

    After Jaron is dealt with, Jensen proceeds to find Megan, who has seemingly grown to enjoy her position working for Hugh Darrow, who is revealed to be a member of the Illuminati. There is a bitter confrontation, but Megan eventually agrees to escape with the other scientists. If Malik survived the crash in Heng Sha, she arrives to extract the scientists from the facility's helipad.

    Jensen attempts to get Pritchard to warn David Sarif about Hugh Darrow's involvement with the attack on Sarif Industries, but the revelation comes too late. Sarif, along with Bill Taggart and several delegates of the United Nations have been invited to tour Hugh's mega-project, Panchaea, a colossal structure designed to seed the Earth's oceans with iron in order to help combat global warming. During the speech that Darrow gives on live television, he mentions that he has deliberated with David Sarif about the potential that augmented humans have, then abruptly triggers a broadcast system that takes the killswitch the Illuminati had been developing (which Zhao had attempted to use against Jensen earlier) and changes it to drive any augmented people into a berserk frenzy rather than shutting down. Considering that every worker on Panchaea was augmented, the location is quickly plunged into chaos and violence. SImilar outbursts occur at several other locations around the globe, though Jensen is effectively immune for various reasons (depending on earlier player choices.)

    It is quickly determined that Jensen needs to reach Panchaea to shut the signal down (and save Sarif, if possible.) To do this, he utilizes a specialized transport system at the facility that allows him to reach Panchaea (located somewhere in the Arctic Ocean) in a matter of minutes. Shortly after arrival, he confronts Hugh Darrow and disables the lockdown protocol, questioning him on why the inventor of the first augmentations would want to make them seem unreliable and untrustworthy. Jensen learns that Hugh sought to show the world the dangers of augmentation in order to prevent the Illuminati from using his invention to control the world's population, though a degree of jealousy may also be involved due to the fact that Hugh's body rejects augmentations entirely, regardless of Neuropozyne.

    Jensen eventually makes his way down the the base of Panchaea, situated on the ocean's floor, where the signal is being broadcast from. On his way down, he might encounter David Sarif and Bill Taggart, bunkered down with their entourages in different parts of the structure. Bill reveals that the Illuminati only wanted heavy restrictions on human augmentation rather than a full-scale ban. Knowing that Jensen is headed for the broadcast system, Taggart asks him to claim that a tainted batch of Neuropozyne was what triggered the outburst and that Versalife, not the Illuminati, should be held responsible when he reaches his destination. Sarif also asks Jenson to change the story and to claim that the outburst was triggered by a virus designed by Humanity Front in order to demonize anti-augmentation advocates and garner sympathy for biotech corporations and augmented humans.

    Before reaching the broadcast system, Jensen must first pass through the Hyron core; a computing system designed to help Panchaea deal with the tremendous amount of varying forces being exerted by ocean currents on the structure. However, rather than being a conventional mainframe, it turns out that Hyron uses living people as system resources in order to process the vast numbers of calculations required to keep the structure from imploding or being knocked off-balance from the surrounding ocean pressure. Zhao makes another appearance and attempts to merge with Hyron to take control of the structure (and the broadcast signal.) However, the task seems to be more than she can handle, and as Jensen goes about disabling the other components of Hyron, all the processing tasks are rerouted to Zhou's brain which is quickly overwhelmed. Jensen finishes her off, then makes his way to the broadcast system's control room.

    Waiting for him there is Eliza Cassan, who states that she observed the entire situation after the live speech made by Hugh devolved into violence. She presents Jensen four options: she can present the truth of the situation to the world, including Hugh Darrow's involvement in the outburst and the details about the Illuminati. Alternatively, she can cover up the Illuminati's involvement and shift the blame to a tainted batch of Neuropozyne (as per Bill Taggart's recommendation.) A third option is to pin the blame on Humanity Front and other anti-augmentation supporters (as per David Sarif's recommendation.) Finally, Eliza suggests a fourth course of action: to allow Hyron to fail, which would cause Panchaea to implode and everyone inside (including Jensen) to die, leaving no one left behind to "spin the story." The game comes to its conclusion regardless of choice.

    Following the credits, there is a brief scene featuring Bob Page discussing the Morpheus initiative with Morgan Everett (referencing the rudimentary AI that preceded Daedalus, Icarus, and Helios from the original Deus Ex) before conversing with Megan Reed about the Chimera nanite virus.


    There are several characters that appear in Deus Ex: Human Revolution that also appeared in previous Deus Ex games.Most notably Tracer Tong and Joseph Manderley (mentioned).

    Character descriptions will contain heavy spoilers, proceed with caution.

    Notable Deus Ex: Human Revolution characters include:

    CharacterCharacter Description
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    Adam Jensen
    The protagonist. It is unknown who his real parents are, although it's known they were scientists in White Helix laboratories. They died during a fire outbreak there. Adam was, along with Michele Walters, the nurse who saved him, the only survivor of the fire outbreak. Prior to working as a security chief at Sarif Industries, Adam Jansen was a cop and later a SWAT member. During an incident in Mexicotown, known as the Mexicotown Massacre, Jensen was given an order to open fire on an augmented 15 year old boy who was thought to be a criminal. Jensen refused and later quit the force. Some of the blame for the incident was, unjustly, placed him. Sometime prior to the events in the game, Adam was romantically involved with Megan Reed, the head scientist of neuro-scientific research. Adam has a close relationship with his employer, David Sarif, the pilot Faridah Malik and a cyber-specialist Francis "Frank" Pritchard. Adam Jensen is well liked, both by Sarif employees but also by his ex colleagues at the police department and SWAT.
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    Megan Reed
    The head of neuro-scientific research, she is one of the scientists who were thought to have been killed during the attack on Sarif research labs. She is an idealist and believes in her work. She was romantically involved with Adam Jensen prior to the game's events. The nature of their current relationship is unknown, although it seems that they broke up, and that there are still some feelings between them.
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    David Sarif

    Adam Jensen's employer, and the founder and CEO of Sarif Industries. He believes in technology, especially augmentation as well as hard work. He has a pushy, blunt demeanor, he often shows emotion. He has been known to keep secrets and when Adam confronts him he tries to explain his motives or change the topic. He is a self made man, and his mentor and close friend, Hugh Darrow created human augmentation, which inspired David to start his own company, Sarif Industries. He choose Adam Jensen to be his security chief, due to Megan Reed's recommendation, although not before running a background check on Jensen.
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    Francis Pritchard
    Head of cyber-security at Sarif Industries, Francis "Frank" Pritchard helps Adam during his missions via infolink and tends to much of the technological aspects at Sarif headquarters in Detroit. During the course of the game Frank is portrayed as a smart mouth, he often shows contempt towards Adam, but nearing the end of the game he expresses greater care for Adam's well being. The relationship between Adam and Frank starts off with contempt, but during the course of the game they both find an appreciation for each other, which evolves into friendship.
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    Hugh Darrow
    The father of human augmentations, and a close friend and mentor to David Sarif, he is a man in his mid 60s. Hugh Darrow is recognized by many to be the father of mechanical augmentations, he himself however possess no augmentations as he's genetics are not compatible with them. Despite creating augmentations, sometime during his life he has lost all faith in his creation. Near the end of the game he activates a kill switch built into all augs making them go insane. When Adam Jensen confronts him he explains the reasons for his actions.
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    William Taggart
    The founder of Humanity Front, an anti-augmentations organization, prior to this role he was a psychologists, and he uses his medical training to "read" people when talking to them. He is hated by David Sarif as well as most of his employes. Unknown to most, Bill Taggart is actually a member of the Illuminati, and he seeks more control, both over mechanical augmentation distribution and for the Illuminati. Should Adam choose to broadcast Taggart's message in the ending, Illuminati will control the world behind the scenes, and augmentation will be heavily controlled and distributed.
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    Zhao Yun
    The founder and leader of Tai Yong Medical, Zhao Yun appears to be an intelligent and successful businesswoman. However, underneath that image, she is a ruthless person, who cares only for power. She ran many of her competitors to the ground, usually by illegal means. She seems to have a low opinion of men, as shown during Adam Jansen's first confrontation with her. Sarif seems to be her main competitor. She had knowledge of the Sarif scientist kidnappings and seems to be working for the Illuminati. She has an insatiable hunger for power and perfection, and she'll be the last boss Adam Jensen fights, during the Panachea mission as she will try to control the Hyperion AI.
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    Faridah Malik
    A pilot in the employ of Sarif Industries, she will transport Jensen to most of his mission locations. She cares about justice, as shown during the secondary missions she gives to Jensen. Judging by her name she seems to be of Middle Eastern descent. She will be killed during her second fly mission in China, unless Adam takes care of the mercenaries attacking her chopper, in which case she will return and help Adam rescue the kidnapped scientists. Should Jensen make his way to the elevator before helping Faridah, a mercenary will pull her out the chopper and execute her. Her nickname is Fly Girl, and she starts calling Adam Spy Boy.
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    Eliza Cassan
    Is a celebrity media figure, who is later revealed to be an advanced AI, that spins stories, she has a pivotal role during the end of the game, as she allows Adam to make his choice. She finds Adam intriguing and has been following him since the attack on Sarif Industries. Her advanced AI seems to have granted her the ability to feel and the ability to distinguish between right and wrong, as she helps Adam throughout the game.
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    Isaias Sandoval
    An accomplished surgeon and lobbyist, he is Bill Taggart's second in command. He helps the kidnappers who kidnapped Sarif scientists and feels deep remorse for his actions. He has low self esteem, and will attempt to kill himself unless Adam convinces him not to. He is a husband and a father of three children, this fact allows Jensen to persuade him from killing himself. He seems to be of Latin-American descent.
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    Ezekiel Sanders
    Isaias Sandoval's brother, and anti-augmentation extremist, he is the leader of Purity First, an organization that many believe is a terrorist organization. Adam Jensen will run into him early in the game, and he'll have to persuade him to let a hostage go. Ezekiel is also a veteran marine who has fought in two wars. Ironically, Zeke was augmented before becoming an anti-augmentation terrorist, by his own words he ripped out his augmentations.
    Tracer TongA scientist who is seen in both Deus Ex and Deus Ex: Invisible War, in Human Revolution Tracer is a young man and son of a local triad boss. If the players ordered the pre-order edition, they will have an extra mission in which Adam must rescue Tracer from Belltower. During the rescue Adam Jensen will tell Tong: "The more power you think you have, the more quickly it slips from your hands." A line Tong will tell J.C. Denton, the protagonist of the original game, in 2052.


    There are many organizations in Deus Ex: Human Revolution: companies, secret societies, mercenaries, industries. Some of which have a huge influence on the plot.

    Sarif Industries

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    A biotechnology and mechanical augmentation company, founded in 2007 by David Sarif. It is a medium sized company with it's headquarters situated in the city of Detroit. The company helped revitalize the problematic city, and it plays an important part in Detroit's renewal. Sarif Industries focuses on augmentation technology, it's development and research. The company has worked closely with the U.S. army over the years, they were given several contracts. At one time they were the leading company in prosthesis. The company employes over 1500 people in Detroit, and has it's own in-house security and medical teams. Sarif Industries headquarters was at one time, a bankrupt auto manufacturing company, before David Sarif bought the building in 2007 and adjusted it for augmentation development and research.

    Humanity Front

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    An anti-augmentation organization, it was founded by William Taggart. The exact number of supporters is unknown, but this political group has a lot of influence and it can be assumed that it has a lot of supporters as well, due to the riots in Detroit. The company had it's origins in 2021, after a high profile court case in which the plaintiff, Antoine Thisdale, demanded the right to mechanically augment himself.

    The political organization is at odds with augmentation companies, and augmented humans as well. Sarif Industries is often targeted by the group, leading to contempt between the leaders of the two organizations, William Taggart and David Sarif.

    Purity First

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    Purity first is an extremist organization dedicated to removal of augmentations. The groups is involved in several attacks on augmentation companies, their most famous and violent attack however was the attack on a Sarif processing and assembly plant in Milwaukee Junction. Before this event the group was involved in vandalism, murders and destruction of property, many view this organization as a terrorist one. The organization leader, Zeke Sanders is an American war veteran of Latino-American descent. He himself was augmented, but he ripped his augmentations out. Exact members number is unknown, but during the attack on the assembly plant there were dozens of Purity First terrorists, they were described as gang bangers, and angry idealistic youths. The groups has connection with Humanity Front, at least to some level. They both have the same goals, although Purity First is more extreme as it often utilizes acts of violence instead of non-violent protests. The group leader, Zeke Sanders is the brother of Isaias Sandoval, the trusted personal aide of William Taggart, the leader of Humanity Front.

    Belltower Associates

    No Caption Provided

    Belltower Associates (PMC - Private Military Contractor) is a security force active across the globe. They'll accept any job provided the pay is right. Except Belltower, notable PMC groups in Deus Ex: Human Revolution are: Bluewater Global, Sharp Edge, Inter-guards PLC. Belltower was founded in 1997, it was a security consultant agency, by 2027 however. it became the leading private military contractor, stepping in to fill the vacuum after the Bluewater Global scandal. Belltower's CEO and founder was Roger St. John Folkes, it's other notable member is Lawrence Barret.

    Belltower HQ is located in London, the contractor has offices in a number of states across the globe including: United States, United Kingdom, Australia, China, India, Kenya and others. Most of Belltower armed forces are augmented soldiers, Belltower created the Plan Infinity, an augmentation program which allowed it's employees to become augmented. The costs of the expensive surgeries and augmentations would remain free so long as the augments remained in Belltower. Belltower is a major enemy faction in the game, and Adam Jensen will come across their forces often.


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    LIMB (Liberty in Mind and Body International) is a pro-augmentation organization that has clinics all over the world, with the aim of helping augmented humans as well as preforming surgery and adding augmentations. LIMB was founded by Haydon Suyong in 2011, he started the organization by borrowing 50 million Euros from Hugh Darrow. LIMB has clinics all over the world, it's 50th clinic opened in 2013 in New Delhi. By 2022 the 359th clinic opened in Brazil, and despite the gathered Humanity Front protestors the clinic was opened. In the game Adam Jensen can go into LIMB clinics to buy Praxis Kits, Typhoon ammo and other miscellaneous items.

    Tai Yong Medical

    Tai Yong Medical is led by Zhao Yun Ru, a business woman who's company reflects her. She is brutal and merciless and she expends her company either by buying her opposition, or crushing it, using legal or illegal means. The quality of the products produced by Tai Yong come in second, as the companies first and foremost goal is profit. Many idealistic employees warn of the dangers of using inferior materials, but their complaints aren't heard.


    No Caption Provided

    Illuminati, as a secret organization, has been present in every Deus Ex game. In Human Revolution they are mostly mentioned, until it is revealed near the end of the game that Taggart is a member of the Illuminati. They want a tightly controlled augmentation distribution, as well as control over the world.


    Human Revolution was announced on May 17, 2007 by Patrick Melchoir, director of Eidos France. It's the first game developed by Eidos' Montreal studio. A selection of cutscenes was developed by Squaresoft's Visual Works team at Tokyo, Japan in collaboration with Goldtooth Creative at Vancouver, Canada. The first product of this joint venture was the teaser trailer, revealed at GDC 2010.


    Deus Ex: Human Revolution uses a very, very, very heavily modified version of the Tomb Raider: Underworld engine. There is no lead development platform, the game was simultaneously developed for the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3.

    PC development was outsourced to Nixxes Software BV during production. Keyboard-specific controls, stereoscopic 3D modes for AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards, AMD Eyefinity support for up to three displays simultaneously, dual-core optimization, and higher framerates are all cited by Nixxes as exclusive features. The port supports DirectX 11, enabling real-time polygonal tessellation, smooth shadows, screen-space ambient occlusion (SSAO), and improved post-processing effects such as motion blur and depth-of-field.



    Augmentation menu
    Augmentation menu

    At the heart of Human Revolution's gameplay is the augmentation system, that allows players to modify Jensen to suit any playstyle. Augmentations are modifications that give the user superhuman abilities. The developers claim that, with a combination of certain skills and augmentations, it's possible to play through the game killing nothing but the bosses.

    Players earn Praxis points after certain amount of experience points or through buying/finding 'Praxis kits', which they can spend on a variety of augmentations. These are categorized based on bodily regions, with various attachments possible within each category:

    Cranium Augmentations

    • Social Enhancer: Allows Jensen to read other people's reactions and even influence them.
    • Radar System: Track enemy and friendly troops, turrets, cameras and robots.
    • Infolink: Communicate discretely on the battlefield
    • Stealth Enhancer: Provides Stealth related information and allows him to mark & track enemies.
    • Hacking - Capture: Increases the hacking skills and the ability to take over turrets and bots.
    • Hacking - Analyze: Allows Jensen to analyze a node during hacking, before committing to it.
    • Hacking - Stealth: Reduces the chance of detection with each rank.

    Torso Augmentations

    • Sentinel RX Health System: Gives Jensen regenerating health by healing his wounds on the field
    • Sarif Series 8 Energy Converter: Increases the rate of Jensen's energy recharge, while also increasing his maximum energy with each rank
    • Implanted Rebreather: Protects Jensen from harmful/poisonous gases, and increases his sprint time.
    • Typhoon Explosive System: Launches mini-explosives in a small, 360 degree radius around Jensen

    Arm Augmentations

    • Cybernetic Arm Prosthesis: Allows Jensen to lift heavier items, increases inventory space and reduces recoil.
    • Aim Stabilizer: Reduces movement-induced reticule growth.

    Eye Augmentations

    • Smart Vision: Allows Adam to see through walls.
    • Retinal Prosthesis: Primary HUD, which tracks enemy alert cooldown and protects against concussion grenades at higher ranks.

    Back Augmentations

    • Reflex Booster: Gives Jensen the ability to takedown multiple enemies simultaneously
    • Icarus Landing System: Reduces fall damage

    Skin Augmentations

    • Dermal Armor: Reduces incoming damage with increasing effectiveness with each rank. Can also protect against electricity and EMP.
    • Cloaking System: Jensen can go invisible; duration increases with rank

    Leg Augmentations

    • Cybernetic Leg Prosthesis: Gives Jensen the ability to run faster, jump higher and create less noise in stealth mode

    First & Third Person Perspectives

    Game shifts to 3rd-Person view in cover.
    Game shifts to 3rd-Person view in cover.

    While primarily a first-person perspective game, Human Revolution switches to third-person for takedowns (both lethal and non-lethal) or whenever the player is in cover mode. Enemies are designed to react to changes in the player, which can mean anything from the weapon they are using to their behavior during a fight. Enemy squads also come with a squad leader who directs their actions, and if the player can eliminate the leader the other troops will be confused and left to panic. While fighting, weapons use unique types of ammunition that can eventually be upgraded, and players can perform takedown moves up close on enemies.

    Weapon Selection

    Players have the option to choose from an assortment of weapons, highlighting the ability to combat enemies with lethal or non-lethal force:


    • Diamond Back .357 (magnum revolver)
    • P.E.P.S (Pulsed Energy Projection System)
    • Xbow XHII (compact crossbow)
    • Zenith (semi-auto pistol)
    • Buzzkill TND [Threat Negation Device] (stun gun)


    • FR-27 S.F.R. [Sanction Flechette Rifle] (combat rifle)
    • Huntsman Silverback (double-barrel shotgun)
    • Hurricane TMP-18 [Tactical Machine Pistol] (submachine gun)
    • Longsword Whisperhead SERSR [Suppressed Extreme Range Sniper Rifle] (suppressed sniper rifle)
    • Longsword 202 'ERaSeR' [Extreme Range Sniper Rifle] (sniper rifle)
    • Widowmaker TX (tactical shotgun)
    • PAX-22 (tranquilizer rifle)


    • 329-Series MPRS (rocket launcher)
    • M404 (heavy rifle)
    • Linebacker G-87 MSGL [Multiple Shot Grenade Launcher] (grenade launcher)
    • LS-66 Sabre DER [Direct Energy Rifle] (laser rifle)
    • Hi-NRG Plasma Lance (plasma rifle)


    • Pulsar Type E Electromag Grenade (EMP grenade)
    • Shok-Tac Version V (concussion grenade)
    • E.C.D.A. Type 4 Frag-k Grenade
    • M20 Smoke Grenade
    • M-28 UR-DED [Utility Remote-Detonated Explosive Device] (remote explosive)
    • Mark 87 Tactical Munition Mine Template
    • G-Tech R-Series CS Gas Discharger (Gas Grenade)


    • Typhoon Explosive Ammunition Pack

    Regenerating Health

    In contrast to previous Deus Ex games, Human Revolution does not feature health packs, instead implementing a regenerating health system. This was a controversial decision, as it was met with open hostility by fans. According to the developers, having health packs would eventually force players to stop advancing through the game, as they would need to scour through the level in search of medical supplies, and that such behavior would break the tension and natural flow of the game. The developers have stated that the regenerating health system is dissimilar to those found in modern mainstream shooter games, and that there are health items to expedite the regeneration period.

    NPC Interactions

    Dialogue can often be used to avoid casualties
    Dialogue can often be used to avoid casualties

    Players are able to interact with any NPC they encounter in the game. Social interactions can "fail" if the player essentially chooses the wrong options, resulting in the person not giving up the information they desire. Different emotional stances can be taken to better persuade key NPCs. Throughout their travels, players will visit major cities like Shanghai and Detroit, and collect information and secrets that can be stored in their own apartment.


    Hacking is a multi-node process
    Hacking is a multi-node process

    Hacking is a big part of Human Revolution's gameplay as it can helps avoid combat by opening alternate routes. Hacking is done via a short minigame where the player moves through a network of nodes to reach the main terminal which de-activates the computer's defenses. Each terminal has a number next to it representing the hack's difficulty rating and the game warns the player what the odds are to successfully hack the terminal without getting caught. To even attempt hacking a terminal over the security rating 1, players need to have one of the hacking augmentation upgraded minimum to that number of the terminal. If the player gets caught, they will have a limited amount of time before the security system tracks where they are hacking from and alerts the guards of their position. If the player is detected, he can do several things: use either an item that stops the detection-timer for a few seconds or another item called nuke that instantly hacks a node in hopes of hacking the computer/terminal before the security finds the player's location. The Nuke can be used to grab a node instantly with a 0% risk of being detected. He can also just disconnect the hack and lose a try. Despite the depth of the minigame, hacking is almost never absolutely required for story purposes, and can generally be bypassed with passwords or with the pre-order exclusive Automatic Unlocking Device.

    Difficulty Settings

    Deus Ex: Human Revolution features three selectable difficulty settings. There are named as follows: Tell Me a Story, Give Me a Challenge, and Give Me Deus Ex and they represent Easy, Normal and Hard modes, respectively. AI behavior is not affected by Difficulty changes. It behaves the same on all different difficulty levels.

    Difficulty Changes

    ModifierEasyNormal (Base Value)Hard
    Player Health150%100% (100)75%
    Player Health Regen115%100% (4 pt/sec}85%
    Player Health Regen Delay75%100% (6.5s)115%
    Energy Regen150%100% (1 pt/sec)75%
    Energy Regen Delay75%100% (10)125%
    Enemy Accuracy60%100%(Per Enemy)125%
    Enemy Health75%100% (Per Enemy)125%

    The Missing Link DLC

    The Missing Link is the name of the DLC Eidos Montreal released October 18, 2011, for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. The Missing Link takes place between two of the later chapters in the main game. Jensen is on a lead, and the only way to follow it is to get into a stasis pod which is to be shipped over seas by a Belltower carrier. While in the stasis pod, taking him to the whatever location the ship might be headed, he is discovered by Belltower guards and taken prisoner. He is placed in a EMP generated chair which strips him of all his augments. This gives the player the opportunity to re-spec all of Jensen's augments as the story in The Missing Link rages on. Jensen's main goal in this DLC is trying to make his escape of the ship and at the same time trying to shed some light to some on the mysterious operation that is being run on said ship, with Belltower Associates at the head of this operation. What Jensen learns is something that could bring the once honorable Belltower Associates to the ground if it was ever exposed.


    Human Revolution's soundtrack was composed by Michael McCann. The game's audio director, Steve Szczepkowski, suggested a few artists and sources to keep in mind while composing the score: Vangelis, Trent Reznor, John Carpenter, along with the first Deus Ex. McCann cited the game's post-humanist themes and the constant struggle between natural & technological as his primary inspiration. The duality is represented with acoustic and electronic instrumentation, with heavy use of synth to counter weight the acoustic elements.


    The Augmented Edition soundtrack contains the following 12 tracks:

    1. Icarus (Main Theme) 3:44
    2. Opening Credits 2:13
    3. Main Menu 1:50
    4. Barret Boss Fight 2:48
    5. Detroid City Ambient 2:02
    6. And Away We Go 1:17
    7. Lower Heng Sha Ambient 2:16
    8. Return to Heng Sha 2:26
    9. Hong Hua Brothel 1:55
    10. Everybody Lies 4:41
    11. LIMB Clinic 1:41
    12. Endings 2:10


    Final Fantasy XXVII poster in Frank Pritchard's office
    Final Fantasy XXVII poster in Frank Pritchard's office

    Human Revolution contains many pop-culture and game references

    • Final Fantasy - A Final Fantasy XXVII poster can be found in Pritchard's office/Tech Lab
    • RoboCop - Two cops can be found talking about an 80s sci-fi flick set in Detroit, where a police officer is turned into a cyborg after a horrible accident (a plot device used in both RoboCop and Human Revolution). This conversation takes place inside Det. Alex Murphy's office, and they openly acknowledge the similarities with Jensen's experiences upon his entrance to the room.
    • Blade Runner - The user named RDeckard is a reference to Blade Runner's Rick Deckard, with a referential password "unicorn."
    • Demolition Man - In an apartment in Hengsha, the bathroom has a small shelf next to the toilet with three sea shells on it.
    • Kevin Mitnick - A computer in the Tai Yong Medical security office contains an email from Van Bruggen to a "Kevin Mitnick". An excerpt from the email states "Your pene. testing skills aren't too bad." The real Kevin Mitnick's consulting firm specializes in network penetration testing. (The real Mitnick would be 64 years old in the DE:HR timeline, making the connection plausible).
    • Eliza Cassan - Once Eliza Cassan is revealed to actually be an advanced AI, the homage to the 1966 computer program ELIZA becomes evident. ELIZA was written by Joseph Weizenbaum at MIT to simulate a natural language conversation with a psychotherapist.
    • Room numbering - When searching for Eliza Cassan, Pritchard sends you to room 404. Needless to say, you do not find Eliza there. The second room is 802-11, a reference to the networking standard IEE 802.11, or WiFi.

    Release Info

    Augmented Edition

    Square Enix released a special edition for all three platforms with the following extras:

    • 40-page Artbook
    • Exclusive Bonus DVD: Making Of, Special Trailers, Animated storyboard of CGI trailer
    • Soundtrack
    • Premium Packaging
    • Motion Graphic Novel

    Pre-order Bonuses

    Augmented Edition
    Augmented Edition

    The game also came with retailer-exclusive pre-order bonuses:

    Explosive Mission Pack (GameStop Exclusive)

    • An entirely new mission with special cameo appearance by a character from the original Deus Ex.
    • Linebacker G-87 multiple shot grenade launcher
    • M-28 Utility Remote-Detonated Explosive Device (UR-DED)
    • Automatic Unlocking Device

    Tactical Enhancement Pack (Other Participating Retailers)

    • Huntsman Silverback Double-Barrel Shotgun
    • Longsword Whisperhead Extreme Range Sniper Rifle
    • Extra Credits

    Team Fortress 2 Items (Steam)

    No Caption Provided
    • The Deus Specs
    • The Diamondback
    • The Widowmaker
    • The Machina
    • The Short Circuit
    • The Purity Fist
    • The Company Man
    • The Nanobalaclava

    Gamestop Controversy

    Upon release, the retail PC version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution came with an OnLive coupon which gave players access to a free digital copy of the game. Square Enix announced that they would be putting free coupons in the PC versions of the game 2 days prior to release. This did not please GameStop who proceeded to opening new copies of the game, removing the coupon and then selling the game as if it were new & unopened. When asked why they had done this, GameStop answered:

    We pulled the coupons because, like all retailers, we prefer not to promote our competitors and their competing offerings and services in our stores. Unfortunately, the coupon was packed without our prior knowledge.

    GameStop later announced that they were pulling all PC versions of Deus Ex: Human Revolution from shelves, due to the fact that the OnLive coupon was competing with their upcoming online streaming service. Square Enix later commented on the situation:

    GameStop was not made aware of this inclusion and Square Enix respects the right of GameStop to have final say over the contents of products it sells and to adjust them where they see fit in accordance with their policies.

    GameStop later offered a letter of apology, a $50 gift card and a "Buy 2 Get 1 Free" deal on any used games to all customers who had purchased the PC version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution at GameStop.

    Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut

    Game cover for the Wii U
    Game cover for the Wii U

    Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut was released on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U and PC on October 22, 2013. The Director's Cut has the following new features:

    • Improved textures
    • The Missing Link DLC is integrated into the main game
    • New Game+
    • Overhauled Boss Battles
    • 45 Minute "Making Of" video
    • 8 hours of commentary from the developer studio, Eidos Montreal

    The Director's Cut has been co-developed by Australian developer Straight Right, previously responsible for porting Mass Effect 3: Special Edition to the Wii U, and Eidos Montreal.

    PC System Requirements


    • OS: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 with DirectX 9.0c
    • Processor: 2GHz Dual Core
    • Memory: 1 GB of RAM (XP) / 2 GB (Vista / Windows 7)
    • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8000 Series / ATI Radeon HD 2000 Series (or better)
    • Hard Disk Space: 8.5 GB


    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel Quad Core / AMD Phenom II X4 (or better)
    • Memory: 2 GB of RAM
    • Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 5850 (or better)
    • Hard Disk Space: 8.5 GB



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