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    Viktor Reznov

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    A life-long Communist, Victor Reznov was one of the most vicious Red Army fighters during World War II, harboring intense hatred for the Nazis. After the war, he would end up falsely imprisoned at Vorkuta by Nikita Dragovich.

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    Sergeant Reznov is the commanding officer during the events of Call of Duty: World at War, and also plays a major role in Black Ops. Reznov is a Russian soldier who has a reputation for being merciless towards the Nazis. He is voiced by Gary Oldman.

    Call of Duty: World at War

    During Call of Duty: World at War, Reznov is a sergeant in the Russian military. He was born in Russia, and joined the army sometime before the events of World War II, when the Germans turned on the Russians they previously agreed to

    Reznov, with a PPSh-41
    Reznov, with a PPSh-41

    a truce with. The first encounter with Reznov is during a massacre at a fountain in Stalingrad. Reznov and Dimitri Petrenko are the only two soldiers to survive the German orchestrated massacre. Reznov was unfortunate enough to be caught in the incident when he was hunting down a German general, one Heinrich Amsel. Heinrich is described by Reznov as the 'architect of Stalingrad's misery'. Unfortunately, during the events that unfolded a bullet struck Reznov in the hand, rendering him unable to use his Mosin Nagant sniper rifle effectively. Therefore, Reznov enlists the help of Private Petrenko, and gives him a crash course in how to snipe before the two men head off to eliminate Amsel.

    Reznov leads the way to the location that General Amsel will be present at, and during this Petrenko is engaged in a sniper battle with a German ace, who is equipped with a Kar 98k rifle. Upon eliminating this sniper, the two men push forward, and are eventually forced to hurl themselves out of a building after the German soldiers torch it in an effort to burn both men alive.

    Reznov, wielding the Mosin Nagant rifle he gives to Dimitri
    Reznov, wielding the Mosin Nagant rifle he gives to Dimitri

    The two narrowly avoid execution by more German soldiers, and agree to help the Russians who are assaulting the German command post as a method of thanks. After Amsel is sniped dead as he flees, Reznov laughs and the two men are forced to flee again, faking their deaths when they leap into a river from the building they fired from.

    The assassination of Amsel occurred in 1942, and the game cuts to 1945 afterwards, when Petrenko and Reznov are reunited together. The reunion is by pure coincidence, as Reznov attacks a building in which Petrenko was held captive. The Germans are preparing to execute Dimitri when Reznov bursts in and saves his life. This action is carried out by Reznov and Chernov, who is a new recruit to Reznov's squad. Reznov and Petrenko work together until the final battle inside the Reichstag, where the two men fight with the full force of the Russian army. When the two reach the rooftop, Dimitri is shot by a surviving member of the SS with a Walther P-38 handgun, though Reznov sprints forward and brutally stabs the German to death with his machete. After this he cuts the swastika flag down from the rooftop and tells Dimitri to place the flag of the USSR in its place. This event apes the real life events, where two Russian soldiers cut down the Nazi flag and replaced it with the Soviet hammer and sickle.

    Call of Duty: Black Ops

    A downtrodden Reznov in Vorkuta
    A downtrodden Reznov in Vorkuta

    After the events of World At War, Reznov and Petrenko men were ordered by Lev Kravchenko and Nikita Dragovich to capture a Nazi scientist named Friedrich Steiner. They are then sent to a wrecked German ship to secure a Nazi chemical weapon, the neurotoxin known as Nova 6. However, at the end of that mission, Reznov and Petrenko were forced into small rooms. He was forced to watch as Dimitri Petrenko, his best and closest friend, die of Nova 6 exposure. Only an attack on the site by British forces stopped the gassing of Reznov and the men in his room. Upon destroying the ship, he and many other WWII veterans were sent to the Vorkuta gulag, where he would later meet Alex Mason. During his time in Vorkuta, he became even more jaded, violent and unpredictable, harboring a deep-seeded hatred for the way he was used and thrown away by the Soviet leadership, to say nothing of Dimitri Petrenko's horrific death at the hands of Krevchenko and Dragovich. During the Vorkuta mission, Reznov describes the prisoners as "Betrayed. Abandoned. Forgotten," and tells Mason that Russians know better than anyone the sacrifices needed for victory.


    He manages to use the Soviet brainwashing tools to implant Mason with the directive to kill Kravchenko, Dragovich and Steiner, which has the side effect of countering the directives that would be implanted by his targets as part of the planned Nova 6 deployment in the United States. He himself would die helping Mason escape, but due to the brainwashing, Mason imagines Reznov with him in missions throughout Vietnam and Russia. Jason Hudson finds Mason in the lab at Rebirth Island, just as he shoots Steiner, screaming "My name is Viktor Reznov, and I will have my revenge!" It is then that Mason is taken by the CIA and interrogated in an attempt to crack his brainwashing.

    Call Of Duty: Black Ops II

    Reznov makes an appearance at the end of Mason's second mission in Afghanistan, apparently saving him from dehydration when Mason and Woods were left to die.


    Sgt. Reznov is fiercely patriotic, loyal, and brutal. He has a real pride in his nation, and truly believes in the communist regime. He feels that when the war is over he will return to the Motherland as a hero. Reznov delivers extremely powerful speeches to soldiers under his command, and he frequently berates Private Chernov for not being as brutal as Petrenko against the Germans. Despite this fact, when Chernov is killed Reznov shows that he had a deep-seated respect for the late soldier. His loyalty ties into his love for his country, and he is prepared to kill for Russia. He shows a huge amount of loyalty to Dimitri Petrenko, and frequently tells stories of the events in Stalingrad alongside Dimitri.

    Reznov is arguably one of the most brutal characters shown in any Call of Duty game. He has a loathing of the Nazis, and frequently describes them as 'mudaks', rats, and animals. His hate for the Nazis almost shows a love for death and destruction on Reznov's part. He enjoys killing German soldiers, as he feels it is retribution for the massacre at the Stalingrad fountain in 1942. When Reznov executes a German soldier he describes it as mercy killing, which could refer to the treatment of Nazi enemies in Soviet prison camps, or the fact he feels the German soldiers are truly evil and corrupt individuals. During their time in Vorkuta, Reznov tells Mason of how his father would play the violin at night, even while the Nazis were storming his hometown, and how the Nazis eventually slit his throat in his sleep, most likely leading to Reznov's inconsolable rage toward the Germans.


    After Stalingrad, I know to trust your instincts, Dimitri. Left or right?...You lead the way

    Said to Private Dimitri Petrenko during the mission "Their Land, Their Blood" after encountering a fork in the road.

    Dimitri, ready the flamethrower. Good, now take a closer look at those rats on the horizon. They will be the first to burn on this day.

    Said to Private Dimitri Petrenko during the mission "Ring of Steel" during the opening scene. The mention of people being incinerated is directed at the German soldiers who are defending the area from the Russian tanks.

    CHERNOV! I'm not hearing gunshots!

    Said to Private Chernov after bursting into the building where Petrenko is being held captive. The German soldiers are bleeding and wounded. Reznov orders their executions, and Chernov decides to note the events in his diary rather than pull the trigger.

    If you lack the stomach to kill for your country, at least show me you are willing to die for it!

    Roared at Chernov after he begins to record the events in his diary. While shouting this he thrusts the Soviet flag onto the unfortunate soldier.

    You can make it, my friend. You always survive.

    Said to Dimitri Petrenko after he is wounded by a bullet fired from a Walther P38 on the rooftop of the Reichstag, as Petrenko advances to place the Soviet flag atop the German parliament building.

    Unlockable Gamerpic

    Gamerpic of Reznov
    Gamerpic of Reznov

    Reznov appears as an unlockable Gamerpic for completing the achievement "Go Get Some Sun" in online play. This means reaching 10th Prestige online in order to receive the image.


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