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    Vorkuta is a prison camp in which Alex Mason, Viktor Reznov, and countless others are imprisoned in Call Of Duty: Black Ops

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    The Vorkuta Gulag is featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops, but it is not fictional. It was a Soviet prison camp located in Vorkuta that was used to hold P.O.W.s that the Germans captured in World War II on the Eastern Front. Soviet citizens who were deemed enemies of the state were also kept there. It was closed in 1962. 
    The prison escape in Call of Duty: Black Ops may have been partially based off the Vorkuta uprising which occurred during the summer of 1953. Up to 18,000 inmates that were working as miners in the camp went on a strike which lasted for two weeks. During that team, no blood was dropped by the guards or the prisoners. However, the strike ended when the camp chief Derevyanko ordered his troops to shoot. Dozens and dozens of inmates participating in the mob were killed, and many of the 100 that were injured were denied medical treatment and died as a result.

    The Escape Plan in Call of Duty: Black Ops

    After months of planning, Reznov and the prisoners managed to develop an elaborate escape plan. 

    Step 1: Secure The Keys! 
    • While "fighting" each other, Alex Mason and Viktor Reznov manage to eliminate a guard watching them and they secure his keys.
    Step 2: Ascend From Darkness! 
    • The prisoners escape from underground and ride an elevator to the surface.
    Step 3: Rain Fire! 
    • The prisoners use an improvised slingshot device to blow up a tower raining machine gun fire on them. This allows them to further enter the compound.
    Step 4: Unleash The Horde! 
    • The prisoners take up arms and take the fight to the guards.
    Step 5: Skewer The Winged Beast! 
    • Alex Mason uses a harpoon gun to disable an enemy helicopter.
    Step 6: Wield A Fist Of Iron! 
    • Reznov breaks into the armory that contains a Death Machine. Mason equips it.
    Step 7: Raise Hell! 
    • The prisoners, accompanied by Mason with his Death Machine, make their way to a warehouse to finish their escape while destroying everything in their path.
    Step 8: Freedom! 
    • Escape

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