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    Some games feature a system where a character near death can be dazed into a 'down but not out' state; while their allies can often revive them if they reach the downed character quickly enough, their enemies can perform special, frequently gruesome, execution attacks against such characters.

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    Intro: *Any executions talked about are still in development and potentially may not be in the game.* An execution is any killing blow while an enemy is on the ground in Gears of War. The most popular of the executions in the first iteration of the series is the curb stomp which is mapped to the X button. A shot, a melee, a grenade tag (to the face), and anything else while they are on the ground is considered an execution and will go toward your execution achievement. If you get a headshot while they are on the ground (with your gun), it will only count toward your execution achievement, but not for the headshot one.

    Overview: In Gears of War 2 the developers have added a series of improvements for the execution system. Now there will be weapon specific executions meaning that for every weapon there will be a different execution. They have also announced that the executions will be different between races. For example: The shotgun execution for the cog has your character beating the locust to a pulp with his bare hands, while the shotgun execution for the locust has your character rip off a cog arm and beat him to death with his own limb. Other race variants will be more subtle than that example however.

    In Gears of War 2 the executions will be mapped to all the face buttons on the controller. The B button is still your melee/chainsaw button. If you press B with any weapon besides the lancer it will punch the enemies head off, just like in Gears 1. The chainsaw execution is based on placement of the characters and what they are doing. If two people have there chainsaws revved and clash together, they will start a chainsaw duel. Both are still susceptible to damage and death, but for a short amount of time the players will have to mash the B button as fast as they can to see who will win the battle. If one wins he will slice the opponent diagonally downwards, but if it’s a draw, both will kick back from each other and they can proceed to go again, run away, or have a shotgun battle. A chainsaw kill when approaching someone from behind activates the animation for the ‘chainsodomy’ a term coined by Cliff Bleszinski (lead game designer) himself. The attack will have a chainsaw shoved into the back of an opponent and brought upwards.

    Curb Stomp:
    This fan favorite is still mapped to the X button and even more brutal. The player will kick over the opponent, who was just on his hands and knees, so that he is lying on his back, then he stomps right on his face. Same general outcome, but an interesting twist to the original.

     Meatshield: The A button takes your opponent hostage and uses him as a meat shield. This essentially kills him, as the opponent goes back to the lobby and waits to spawn while his body can still be used. When you are done you click the A button again and your character will break his neck.   Sniper: Any execution from here on out is mapped to the Y button. The executions are sometimes long and drug out to the point where they become risky, but the payoff for the completion of one, is oh so satisfying to the eyes. The sniper execution will have a player bring down his sniper onto the opponents head like a sledgehammer. The force explodes the opponents head with a shower of blood and brain matter.

    A pistol execution has the player flip their pistol around and swing it as hard as they can at the opponents face. It’s basically a standard pistol whip.

    Torque Bow:
    The torque bow has you position the blade under the opponent’s neck. The player pulls back on the blade and at the same time kicks the enemy’s head off.

    Any executions not mentioned have either have not been shown yet or have not been confirmed.

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