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    Dimitri Rascalov

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    Dimitri Rascalov is a Russian criminal in Grand Theft Auto 4. He is the main antagonist in the game.

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    Dimitri Rascalov is a Russian mobster working in Liberty City. Dimitri was born in Russia and served in the Cold War alongside Mikhail Faustin. Mikhail and Dimitri grew up together in Russia and were closer than brothers. They even spent time in a Siberia prison camp together. Eventually, Dimitri and Mikhail moved to Liberty City together establishing the Russian mob as a powerful group in Liberty City. The surname, Rascalov, is a reference to Rodion Romanovich Raskolnikov, the protagonist in Fyodor Dostoevsky's book Crime and Punishment.

    He is voiced by actor Moti Margolin.


    Dimitri and Mikhail Faustin kidnapped Niko and Roman Bellic after they killed one of Faustin's workers, Vlad Glebov. Faustin forced Niko to work alongside him and Dimitri in order to pay him back. Dimitri and Mikhail had always seen eye to eye until Mikhail started hiring Niko to doing various job against the Petrovic family, a fellow Russian mob family. Dimitri always thought the best idea for the Russian mob was to stay low while Mikhail thought the exact opposite. Fearing he would soon be killed, Dimitri made a deal with the Petrovic family. Dimitri would be spared and left to take over the Faustin family if he hired Niko to kill Mikhail. With the murder of Mikhail, Dimitri was the head of the Faustin family. However, Dimitri power went straight to his head.

    Dimitri had partnered with Rodislav Bulgarin, a fellow Russian gang fresh from the Mediterrean. When Dimitri informed Bulgarin that he was working with Niko Bellic, Bulgarin revealed that he and Niko had some bad history. When Niko lived in Serbia, he worked for Bulgarin's smuggling operation, smuggling people into Italy. One time, Niko was caught by the police and forced to abandon the ship where he almost drowned. The police seized the ship and Bulgarin blamed Niko for this, hoping to get his revenge one day. Bulgarin saw this as the perfect opportunity to do so. When Dimitri was to meet Niko to pay him for the murder of Mikhail, Bulgarin and his men ambushed Niko. However, Niko with the help of Little Jacob were able to fight off the men. But Dimitri's men would soon burn down Roman and Niko's house and Roman's car depot, forcing the cousins to flee to Bohan. Niko hopes to exact his revenge on Dimitri for betraying him. Dimitri pops up to be a thorn in Niko's side throughout the game.

    First, Dimitri kidnaps Roman, leading Niko to try and save him. This, once again, turns out to be an ambush to kill Niko, though this also fails. Dimitri also leads an extortion plot to expose Liberty City's deputy mayor, Bryce Dawkins and his gay lover, Bernie Crane, who is a friend of Niko's after they served in the Bosnian War together. Finally, Dimitri is also involved in the cocaine dealing ring with the Pegorino family, who Niko happens to be working for. This deal with the Pegorino's eventually leads to Dimitri's death by Niko's hand but how this comes about and who Dimitri takes with him is entirely dependent on whether Niko agrees to make the deal with Dimitri or not.

    The player is faced with a decision at the end of the game either to make the deal with Dimitri and put your revenge aside or extract your revenge on Dimitri and kill him.


    The deal goes over rather smoothly with Niko believing that this is all behind him. This is far from the case. At Roman and Mallorie's wedding, a hired gun sent by Dimitri shows up and tries to kill Niko but accidently shoots Roman, killing him. After the death of his cousin and yet another betrayal from Dimitri, Niko finally decides that it is time to extract his revenge. Niko alongside Little Jacob go to kill Dimitri to find that he has also betrayed Jimmy Pegorino, killing him. Dimitri tries to escape Niko via boat but he is able to follow him to Happiness Island and finally, kill him.


    Niko heads to the Platypus, the same ship that Niko had come to Liberty City on. Niko fights through Dimitri's associates on the ship, finally reaching Dimitri in the ship's haul. After a bloody gunfight between the two, Dimitri finally lays dead, ending it where it all began. Instead, it is Jimmy Pegorino who shows up at Roman's wedding to kill Niko. However, Pegorino accidentally shoots Kate McReary, Niko's girlfriend. Then, Niko, Little Jacob and Roman all track down Pegorino, killing him in the final mission in the same way Dimitri is killed in the Deal storyline.


    • The Master and the Molotov
    • Russian Revolution

    Other Mission Appearances

    • Crime and Punishment
    • Do You Have Protection?
    • Final Destination
    • Rigged To Explode
    • A Revenger's Tragedy (optional)
    • A Dish Served Cold (optional)

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