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    Mikhail Faustin

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    Mikhail Faustin is the leader of the Russian Syndicate in Liberty City and is "brothers for life" with Dimitri Rascalov.

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    "Good Lord, what are you doing?"
    Mikhail Faustin is a character Niko Bellic meets very early on into the game and is a major factor to the beginning of Niko's future criminal endeavors. Mikhail is the leader of the Russian Syndicate in Liberty City, making him a very wealthy man, primarily through cocaine distribution, money-laundering, and pornography.

    Mikhail and his crime partner Dimitri Rascalov were originally part of the former U.S.S.R., where they served in a conflict (presumably the Kosovo War or some type of "Eastern Bloc" conflict). The two spent time in a prison camp in the harsh, snowy environment of Siberia. At one point while conversing with Niko, Mikhail claimed that without his help, Dimitri would have been "the prison bitch of some gym monkey". Eventually however, the two men made it to Liberty City. Mikhail also brought his wife Ilyena and daughter Anna to the city in hopes that they might find a better life there.

    His short tempered nature may derive from his frequent alcohol and cocaine abuse. Though Dimitri is his second-in-command and long time best friend, Mikhail listens to none of his advice and can be very angry and controlling. Unfortunately for Mikhail, his short tempered nature lands him in hot water multiple times throughout his criminal relationship with Niko, as Niko watches him execute Andrei Utraniyev because, in his words, "What? Asshole looks at me like I am a piece of shit!" Mikhail also orders the assassinations of Lenny Petrovic and Joey, a pimp in the Lost Brotherhood biker gang, for no solid reasons other than him just wanting them dead.

    Mikhail with two lovely ladies
    Mikhail with two lovely ladies
    The murder of Lenny Petrovic does not go without knowing as it violates a peace treaty between Faustin and the most powerful Russian mobster in the city, Kenny Petrovic. Petrovic puts out high value contracts on the heads of Mikhail, Dimitri, and Niko. Determined to make peace and not get himself killed, Dimitri breaks his blood bond with Faustin and orders Niko to kill Mikhail as this will satisfy the Petrovics want for revenge. Niko confronts Mikhail at the Perestroika cabaret club, and after some heated words, a shootout ensues. Mikhail flees to the rooftop but is cornered by Niko. With no where to go, Faustin warns Niko that Dimitri will betray him as well, but Niko executes him nonetheless. Niko puts a round in his kneecap and then a bullet to his chest, which is enough for Mikhail to gently fade off the rooftop and into the streets below.

    LCPD database information

    Surname: Faustin

    First Name: Mikhail

    Age: 45

    Place of Birth: Russia

    Affiliations: Linked to Russian Organized Crime Syndicates throughout Liberty City

    Criminal Record:

    • 1998 - Extortion
    • 2002 - Possession Stolen Property
    • 2005 - Possession Controlled Substance: Cocaine


    • Prior murder convictions in Russia.
    • Exploited a loophole in the immigration treaty to gain US residency in the mid 90's.
    • Believed to have taken control of Russian Organized Crime in Hove Beach area.
    • Several legitimate business interests including his cabaret club, Perestroika.
    • Resides in Beachgate with his wife and daughter.

    Memorable Quotes

    • "People forget pain so quickly."
    • "That's the way it works. I am angry, you are calm. I scare, you reason. It works..."
    • "Get out of my sight!"
    • "Good Lord, what are you doing?"
    • "You superstitious old crone. I'll see you in Hell!"
    • "She's my daughter. Ungrateful bitch. I bring her here. I spoil her rotten. Raise her well. Look. Look at this! Look what I've given her!"
    • "I tell you one thing and you ignore me! You stupid bitch!"


    • Mikhail has several tattoos, including one him and Dimitri share on their palms meaning "brothers for life".
    • Mikhail lives in a mansion in the gated community Beachgate, located in Broker.
    • Mikhail is the owner of the Perestroika cabaret club on Tulsa Street in Broker.
    • He is voiced by Karel Roden.


    • Do You Have Protection?
    • Final Destination
    • No Love Lost
    • Rigged To Blow

    Other Mission Appearances

    • Crime and Punishment
    • The Master and the Molotov

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