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    Phil Bell is a member of an Italian Mafia family and helps Niko Bellic with his search for "that special someone".

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    Phil Bell is one of the top operators for the Pegorino crime family. Despite being high ranking in the crime family, he maintains the persona that he is a legitimate businessman.  This is encapsulated in the fact that he speaks in generalities, because he believes the police have his business places bugged.  He is a very cautionary man, and often takes extra time to plan his missions so as to not get him implicated in any crimes.  Him and Ray Boccino are often at odds with one another, due to Ray's brash and unpredictable style and Phil's cautious one. 
    Don Jimmy Pegorino believes Phil to be his best associate, but this is frowned upon by the Five Families, due to the fact that Phil is 90% Irish.  Pegorino chooses to have Ray killed instead of Phil, as he believes Ray to be a snitch. If the player chooses the Revenge option at the end of the game, the Pegorino crime family is all but finished, and Phil chooses to leave the dying organization. If the player chooses the money option, Niko and Phil are forced to shoot their way through the deal because Dimitri killed the dealer at another location.


    • Truck Hustle
    • Catch the Wave
    • Trespass
    • To Live and Die in Alderney
    • If the Price is Right (Optional)

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