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 The M920 Cain is a heavy weapon is Mass Effect 2 that can be researched after getting three heavy weapon ammo upgrades and it costs 25000 iridium. This is the strongest heavy weapon in the game and uses highly explosive 25 gram slugs that when accelerated to 5 km/s causes devastation and a mushroom cloud upon impact. Despite being called the "Nuke Launcher", this is misleading because the weapon doesn't fire nuclear rounds. The weapon will only fire when the ammo count is at least 100% and will kill almost every enemy in the game in one shot. It covers a large area and can kill everything inside so it is suggested that the player shouldn't use the weapon in a small area because it could kill you. Another problem is that the weapon takes a long time to charge and fire again so make sure that you stay in cover while using the weapon multiple times.  


The weapon can be researched from the Normandy Research Station after acquiring three heavy weapon ammo upgrades. It can be researched for 25,000 iridium.

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