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    Red XIII

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    Red XIII comes from a family of warriors who are the guardians of Cosmo Canyon. His real name is Nanaki and his species live for hundreds of years. He joins Cloud and company in their fight against Sephiroth.

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    Final Fantasy VII

    Red XIII joins with Cloud's group after being rescued from the Shinra HQ. They encounter him right as an experiment involving he and Aeris was taking place, in which Hojo was trying to coerce them to mate in order to "preserve" their species (Aeris being half-Cetra), and provide him with new people to be used in his decades-long plan to clone Ancients. During his captivity, Hojo placed a tattoo of the number 13 on his left front leg as Hojo had planned to later turn him into another Sephiroth Clone. After being freed by the group, he remarks that Red XIII was a name given to him by Hojo, and has no consequence to him. After escaping from Midgar, he also says to the party he will only stay with them until they reach Cosmo Canyon.

    Before returning to Cosmo Canyon, Red XIII tries to evade all the comments of his past. After arriving there and meeting with Bugenhagen, it is revealed that Bugenhagen is Red XIII's surrogate "grandfather", that his true name is 'Nanaki', and despite being about 50 years in age he is really only about 17 in human years. After Bugenhagen hears Nanaki's remarks towards his own father, whom he believes was a coward, Bugenhagen invites him and the party to enter a sealed cavern within Cosmo Canyon.

    As Cloud's party travels through the cavern Bugenhagen explains it is haunted by the ghosts of the Gi Tribe, a faction of tribal warriors who laid siege to Cosmo Canyon and that their anger prevents their souls from assimilating into the Lifestream. Once they reach the end of the cavern, the party encounters a very powerful spirit which had dwelled there for some time with intense hatred and fight a tough battle against it. After it is defeated, a back entrance to Cosmo Canyon is made accessible.

    After traveling out, Bugenhagen explains that the Gi Tribe greatly outnumbered the forces of Cosmo Canyon and had tried to enter through this back pathway. Here Nanaki discovers his father Seto, alone, stood ground and fought the Gi and had they managed to enter all of Cosmo Canyon would've been lost. After victory, though, the stone-enchanted spears of the Gi Tribe took their toll on Seto and turned his body to stone, which still stands there.

    Bugenhagen requests Red XIII join Cloud and the others and survey the world for him, as he is far too old to do so anymore. Red XIII agrees, and also feels he should go and live up to his father and make him proud. He howls at the moon and tears stream from Seto's stone body.

    Later in the game, Bugenhagen joins the party to visit the City of the Ancients and unveil to them the nature of Holy. After returning to Cosmo Canyon and the defeat of the Diamond Weapon, he falls into a serious illness. Nanaki runs to him, and the party stays back to leave them alone. Bugenhagen tells Nanaki that there is so more to life than that which is within Cosmo Canyon and he should survey the world its self and all it's unique facets to gain the true knowledge he mentioned in their last meeting. Bugenhagen then passes away and Nanaki takes up a resolve to protect this planet, and the things that make it up as that is what constitutes his knowledge and concept of life its self.

    After the game's credits roll, a scene is shown 500 years after the ending of Final Fantasy 7. An older Nanaki is shown with some young pups, implying he found another of his species, and they dash through a canyon and climb up to the crest of a cliff. There, all 3 stand and look down at the remains of Midgar, which is now covered heavily in moss and overgrown with trees. A flock of birds fly by and it is unknown if human life still exists. However, after the scene fades to black, the sound of distant laughter can be heard. What this laughter is is left up to the player to decide.

    Limit Breaks

    Level 1

    Sled Fang: Red XIII's starting limit break. He charges through a single enemy enemy causing a moderate amount of physical damage, it is a long range attack meaning it can hit airborne enemies.

    Lunatic High: After using Sled Fang 8 times, Red XIII gains the Lunatic High limit break. He howls and a large glowing light covers the party casting haste on the entire party.

    Level 2

    Blood Fang: After killing 70 enemies, Red XIII gains the Blood Fang limit break.The attack is very similar to Sled Fang, the main difference is that he gains a small amount of HP and MP after using this limit break.

    Stardust Ray: After using Blood Fang 7 times, Red XIII gains the Stardust Ray limit break. He howls causing several clusters of falling stars to be summoned which damages a group of enemies.

    Level 3

    Howling Moon: After killing 70 enemies, Red XIII gains the Howling Moon limit break. He jumps into the air and howls in front of a full moon which drives him into a rage casting berserk and haste on him.

    Earth Rave: After using Howling Moon 6 times, Red XIII gains the Earth Rave Limit Break. He attacks a group of enemies with a series of five elemental attacks causing heavy damage.

    Level 4

    Cosmo Memory: Red XIII's ultimate limit break, it can only be learned after defeating the boss Lost Number in the Nibelheim Mansion and after Red XIII has learned Earth Rave. He howls summoning a large ball of fire which explodes and fires a large plasma ray at a group of enemies causing massive damage.


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