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    AVALANCHE is an anti-Shinra group. They believe that the extraction of Mako energy harms the planet. That's why they target the Mako Reactors with their attacks.

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    AVALANCHE is an anti- Shinra resistance organization that exists in the Final Fantasy VII universe. Originally introduced in Final Fantasy VII, AVALANCHE has existed for years prior, and plays a major role in the story of the episodic cell phone game Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII. In Final Fantasy VII, the AVALANCHE is comprised of Barret Wallace, Tifa Lockhart, Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie. Cloud Strife is hired on by the group to assist in their missions, though he doesn't consider himself to be an actual AVALANCHE member. The group is based in Sector 7 under Midgar and meet in a secret room located under Tifa's bar, 7th Heaven. The goal of AVALANCHE is to disrupt Shinra's Mako-gathering efforts to stop them from harming the planet.

    In Before Crisis, set years before the events of Final Fantasy VII, the organization is under different leadership whose aims are antagonistic and counter to the benevolent ideals held by its later members.


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