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    Biggs is a recurring character in the Final Fantasy franchise, often along with Wedge to offer comic relief. He is named after Biggs Darklighter, one of Luke Skywalker's wingmen in Starwars Episode IV.

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    Wedge and Biggs in Final Fantasy VIII
    Wedge and Biggs in Final Fantasy VIII
    • Final Fantasy I - The generic name for a Thief job class character.
    • Final Fantasy VI - Appeared as "Vicks" because of poor translation. He appears at the start of the game as a playable character for a very short amount of time.
    • Final Fantasy VII - Worked for Barret in AVALANCHE. Also appearing in Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core as a manned robot near the end of the game.
    • Final Fantasy VIII - Appeared as a higher ranking Galbadian soldier. You fought Biggs and Wedge multiple times throughout the game.
    • Final Fantasy X - Appeared at the entrance to the blitzball stadium in Luca and can be recruited to your team.
    • Final Fantasy XII - Biggs and Wedge appear as "Gibbs and Deweg" for a very short amount of time as two gate guards.

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