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    Kefka's Tower

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    Final Fantasy VI's final dungeon, where the Returners fight the Warring Triad and Kefka.

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    Kefka's Tower is a massive structure in the world of Final Fantasy VI.  It is also the game's final dungeon.  Created by Kefka after he threw the world into ruin, the tower is an amalgamation of esper world terrain and imperial ruins, complete with still-active machinery.  Kefka terrorizes the world from his seat atop the tower, destroying whole towns with his Light of Judgement.

    Because Kefka's Tower is the final dungeon in the game, it  is inhabited by powerful monsters and remnants of the Gestahlian Empire.  The creatures that reside within the tower in general outmatch all other enemies in the game save those found in the GBA version's optional endgame dungeons.

    Scaling Kefka's Tower

    Kefka's Tower is a complex labyrinth.  Before infiltrating its corridors, the player must form three separate parties; each party enters the tower at a different point.  As in earlier parts of the game that require the player to advance with multiple parties, the player must switch between each group and move them so that they are all able to open the ways through for each other.
    Before reaching the dungeons end, each of the three parties must defeat one of the three goddesses of magic, or the Warring Triad.  At the dungeon's end, the three parties reconvene in order to confront Kefka, now the absolute god of magic.


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