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    Edgar Roni Figaro

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    Figaro's infamously flirtatious king, who is secretly a member of the Returners. He is a gifted technician, using mechanical Tools against his enemies in battle.

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    Background and Personality

         Artwork by Yoshitaka Amano
    Artwork by Yoshitaka Amano
    Son of the former king and queen of Figaro, Edgar was born as an heir to the throne of the kingdom. After their father's death, neither Edgar nor his twin brother Sabin Rene Figaro desired to become king. Edgar, wishing to honor his father's wishes, refused Sabin's suggestion that they flee the kingdom together; instead, he proposed to Sabin a coin toss, the loser of which would rise to the throne. Edgar rigged the toss, intentionally allowing Sabin to escape the bonds of royalty.

    On the surface, Edgar is a hopeless womanizer, seeming to be attracted to every woman (and girl) he sees, but never succeeding in his attempts to develop romantic relationships. This quality has made him something of a joke among the people of Figaro and the Returners. However, despite his immature and unprofessional exterior, Edgar places his duties above all else, and is sincerely concerned by the possibility that his father would not have approved of his rule. 
    Edgar, described as a "champion of the technological revolution", is also a master technician and inventor (his job is "Machinist"). Though his interest in machines is largely a hobby, it proves to be a boon in his fight against the Empire and Kefka: his high-tech weapons serve him well in battle, and his modifications to Figaro Castle allow him to escape from the Empire's forces early in the game.  


    Edgar is first encountered by the player when Locke brings Terra to Figaro Castle after their escape from Narshe. After avoiding Kefka, who has been charged with locating Terra, the group is joined by Sabin on Mt. Kolts, en route to the Returners' headquarters. When they arrive, Edgar presents Terra to Banon, the Returners' leader. After being forced to abandon the hideout, Edgar (alongside Terra, Sabin, and Banon) endures a tumultuous raft ride, eventually arriving in Narshe with Terra and Banon. Locke and Sabin later rejoin Edgar's group, bringing with them a handful of new recruits. At this point, with so many playable characters from which to choose, Edgar's importance as a character becomes diminished. He accompanies the group to Zozo, the Opera House, the Sealed Gate, and Vector in the Returners' continuing struggle against the Empire. After accepting Emperor Gestahl's truce, Edgar remains in Vector while Terra and Locke locate the missing Espers. He discovers the Emperor's treacherous true intentions, but is too late to stop Kefka from ambushing the Espers in Thamasa. 
    One year after Kefka's rise to power, Edgar has disguised himself as a thief named Gerad, recruiting a host of thieves in order to enter the underground Figaro Castle. Celes and Sabin follow him and, after he reveals himself, help him to defeat a monster residing in the castle's engine room. Edgar then joins the group as they continue to reform the Returners.  


    Edgar's weaponry consists of daggers, swords, and spears; he can equip most shields, light and heavy armor, and headgear.
    Edgar's special ability is Tools; this allows him to attack enemies with unique, high-tech weapons, which can be bought, stolen, or found in various locations. They generally deal high amounts of damage (that is often elemental), and some can inflict status conditions.


    • Auto Crossbow: Deals physical damage on all enemies
    • Bio Blaster: Deals poison damage to- and inflicts the Poison status on- all enemies
    • Noise Blaster: Inflicts the Confuse status on all enemies
    • Flash: Deals non-elemental magic damage to- and inflicts the Blind status on- all enemies
    • Drill: Deals physical damage to one enemy, ignoring its defensive stat
    • Chainsaw: Deals physical damage to one enemy, with a 25% chance of causing instant death
    • Debilitator: Adds a random elemental weakness to one enemy
    • Air Anchor: Causes one enemy to suffer instant death the next time it attacks

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