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    Ramza Beoulve is the protagonist of Final Fantasy Tactics and its remaster, Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions. He is the youngest son of house Beoulve, one of the noble families of the Kingdom of Ivalice. Through a series of circumstances beginning with the death of his lord father, Ramza is thrust into the middle of a conflict in which the fate of all of Ivalice hangs in the balance.

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    Ramza is the youngest son of a prominent noble family in the kingdom of Ivalice. As his father was a respected general of the 50 Years' War, and both his older brothers have distinguished themselves on the battlefield, and hold important positions in the kingdom, he has something of an inferiority complex, initially.

    Although he is very much concerned with upholding his family name at the game's beginning, his confrontations with the rebel group the Corpse Birgade causes him to question his family's values and status in the kingdom, and eventually to abandon his family and live as a mercenary when he comes to find their behaviour untenable.

    While hired to protect the Princess Ovelia, Ramza is drawn into a conspiracy involving the major political factions of his homeland, the Glabados Church and an ancient evil.


    Ramza base job class is a unique version of the standard Squire, with extra unique abilities, as well as better equipment options. His skillset is updated with extra abilities to be learned whenever his sprite changes appearance.

    Ramza's advantages include

    • Being able to equip most Knight equipment
    • Additonal Squire abilities such as Shout and Cheer up/Steel, a skill which at first might be taken for a mundane support ability, but is one of the secrets of building an effective fighting force.
    • High initial Bravery & Faith.

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