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    Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon

    Game » consists of 7 releases. Released Dec 13, 2007

    A roguelike set in the Final Fantasy universe and staring a Chocobo, the mascot of the series. The game was re-released on the Switch and PS4 with the title Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon EVERY BUDDY!.

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    Chocobo and Cid, FINAL FANTASY mainstays turned treasure hunters, are magically transported to a mysterious town whose people’s memories are lost with each bell toll of the clocktower. One day, a strange boy named Raffaello arrives and creates dungeons of memories to help the townspeople remember who they are. Now it’s up to Chocobo to journey through the dungeons and retrieve everyone’s memories!


    Chocobo and Cid are out on another great adventure seeking a treasure called “Timeless Power” when they get mysteriously transported to the town of Lost time. There they are then immediately greeted by the Mayor who then tells them that forgetting is the key to Happiness. Every time the bell on the clock tower rings people forget things. Luckily a young girl named Shirma comes to your rescue and helps you escape from town.You than find yourself on Aunt Stella’s ranch and Cid has lost some of his memories.Shirma than realizes that she has left her staff in town a darts back to retrieve it. Chocobo follows her. When he arrives in town a comet of some sort lands in the town square. Of course Shirma and chocobo go to investigate and find that the comet is actually an egg.The egg hatches and out emerges a baby boy. His name is Raffaello and he begins to help chocobo recover the missing memories of the villagers. And so the story continues…


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    The feathered hero. What more is there to say?

    Cid- Avid adventurer.


    A adventurer of sorts who was out with Chocobo searching for a treasure called “Timeless Power”.

    Shirma- A friendly young girl.


    The young girl who comes to your rescue when you are first brought to the town of Lost time.

    Aunt Stella- Makes some really good biscuits.


    Shirma’ aunt who runs a ranch on the far out skirts of the town. Has raised Shirma since her parents passed away.

    Raffaello- A strange boy.


    A strange boy who fell from the sky in an egg. He has the ability to enter peoples minds and retrieve their Lost memories.

    Mayor Gale- A forgetful man.

    Mayor Gale

    The first person you meet upon entering the town of Lost time. He is the Mayor and thinks that forgetting is the key to Happiness.

    Freja- A fiery girl.


    A girl with a fiery personality. She also runs the forge and can upgrade Chocobo’s talons and saddles.

    Meja- A cool and calm girl.


    A well-liked girl in the town of Lost Time. They say if Freja were fire, then Meja would be water.

    Croma- Dark Mage.


    A strange black mage whom chocobo runs into. Not much is known about her…

    Irma- Mysterious woman.


    A rival of Cid's who beats him to “Timeless Power”. Not for certain what became of her and her faithful companion Volg…

    Volg- Irma's friend.


    A black chocobo that is always by Irma's side.


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