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My Wii Games

The games I own for the Wii.

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  • Best tennis game on the Wii, online completes the package.


    Release: 2009/06/12 | My score: <b>5/5</b>.

  • If you buy a Nintendo console, you're almost obliged to buy a Mario Party game. This one features some good and a lot of bad ideas for games to use with the Wii Remote. But soda shaking is just so damn fun. Now, where's my online enabled, 480p, 16:9 Mario Party 9 Nintendo?<br><br>

    Release: 2007/06/22 | My score: <b>2/5</b>.

  • Severely underrated game on the Wii. The great story and characters remind me of the good times I've had with good old GTA 3. And it's a ton of fun beating the crap out of students with the Wii Remote and Nunchuck.<br><br>

    Release: 2008/03/04 | My score: <b>4/5</b>.

  • An all new entry in the Trauma Center series.<br><br>

    Release: 2008/11/07 | My score: <b>-</b>

  • A light gun shooter with an awesome grindhouse atmosphere.<br><br>

    Release: 2009/02/20 | My score: <b>-</b>

  • One of the few strategy games on the Wii.<br><br>

    Release: 2008/02/15 | My score: <b>-</b>

  • EXCITE!!!<br><br>

    Release: 2007/02/16 | My score: <b>-</b>

  • Stay fit with a great peripheral. You can even eat a bag of chips while doing it! <br><br>

    Release: 2008/04/25 | My score: <b>4/5</b>.

  • I bought this game. I don't know why. I must have spent at least 5 minutes with it. Would've worked great as a WiiWare game though.<br><br>

    Release: 2008/01/18 | My score: <b>-</b>

  • Great atmosphere, terrific Wii controls and I have yet to finish it because I wasn't in the mood to do some puzzle. For shame.<br><br>

    Release: 2007/06/29 | My score: <b>5/5</b>.

  • Kinda fun, but very short and repetitive. It's certainly no Brain Training. Just a big "meh" all around.<br><br>

    Release: 2007/07/20 | My score: <b>1/5</b>.

  • A nice little RPG which I hope turned out OK.<br><br>

    Release: 2008/11/07 | My score: <b>-</b>

  • To be honest I bought Mario Kart 64 and this game out of my sky high hype for Mario Kart Wii. It may sound strange, but I just wanted a nice multiplayer, Nintendo WFC enabled Mario game and couldn't wait any longer. Turned out it was pretty fun, but not compelling enough to finish, and way, way too hard.<br><br>

    Release: 2007/05/25 | My score: <b>3/5</b>.

  • The sometimes too sensitive controls can be pretty damn frustrating, but that doesn't change the fact that I'm #1 on the leaderboard for doing the Macarena on easy. Also a fun multiplayer experience.<br><br>

    Release: 2008/09/19 | My score: <b>4/5</b>.

  • The first and last proper Wario Land game I played was Wario Land 3 on the Game Boy Color. The Sake Dimension does not disappoint, with some great levels and fun gameplay. However, some of the magic does wear off after time.<br><br>

    Release: 2008/09/26 | My score: <b>4/5</b>.

  • Kinda poor, but hey, it came with the controller so I guess it evens things out a bit.<br><br>

    Release: 2006/12/08 | My score: <b>2/5</b>.

  • Yeah, Sonic games nowadays suck, even this one does. Leveling up, lame cutscenes, frustrating gameplay and a tacky story, it's all there. There is so much room for improvement, one could only hope they'll fix all these things in the sequel.<br><br>

    Release: 2007/03/02 | My score: <b>3/5</b>.

  • This is what you get a Wii for right? Great tech demo and still contains the best versions of both tennis and boxing on the system.<br><br>

    Release: 2006/12/08 | My score: <b>4/5</b>.

  • Looks great, plays great (with the classic controller) and great fun with friends.<br><br>

    Release: 2008/06/27 | My score: <b>5/5</b>.

  • Gotta love your WarioWare! But looking back on this edition, not so much, just lacking in the fun area.<br><br>

    Release: 2007/01/12 | My score: <b>3/5</b>.

  • Tons of fun and an amusing storyline warrant the somewhat repetitive gameplay and presentation.<br><br>

    Release: 2007/08/10 | My score: <b>4/5</b>.

  • Boring overworld, visually not that hot and lots of bugs. But the writing, controls and interesting story make enduring it all worthwhile. <br><br>

    Release: 2008/03/14 | My score: <b>4/5</b>.

  • Called Mercury Meltdown Revolution on the Wii, and featuring some of the best use of the oft lamented Wii "waggle" controls. But as you progress, it ramps up the difficulty a bit too much for my liking.<br><br>

    Release: 2007/06/08 | My score: <b>3/5</b>.

  • All right, so you're shooting people on rails, driving around through natural disasters and a lot of the time, you're just running around saving people. The story is full of cheese and the game's all over the place, but still, it can be pretty damn fun at times.<br><br>

    Release: 2008/10/24 | My score: <b>4/5</b>.

  • It may very well be my favorite game on the Wii. In every aspect it's nothing short of amazing.<br><br>

    Release: 2008/04/11 | My score: <b>5/5</b>.

  • Not a bad game by all means, but I have yet to finish it. The reason why? Didn't really like the art direction and doesn't provide the rush Ocarina of Time did. Plus me having to use a walkthrough in almost every dungeon didn't help.<br><br>

    Release: 2006/12/08 | My score: <b>3/5</b>.

  • Music creation with no expectations. It's just really fun to jam a bit without having to wonder about score or something. A nice relaxing experience.<br><br>

    Release: 2008/11/14 | My score: <b>3/5</b>.

  • Just this year I found out I was into RPGs when I played Final Fantasy I, II and III on the DS. And since there aren't many RPGs on the Wii to choose from I thought I'd give this one a shot. Looking at the various trailers I got a serious Dragon Quest vibe, with the cheery music and colorful graphics. No wonder, as I found out some of the guys responsible for the Dragon Quest IV remake on the DS also made this game and they did a great job with this one. I'm currently about eleven hours into the game and I must say it sometimes feels kinda like a chore, running around the domes and searching for Job centers and such. But I do think the Bonbon battle system is original. I'll post some more thoughts on the game later on.<br><br>

    Release: 2008/09/12 | My score: <b>4/5</b>.

  • Graphically speaking not that hot, but great Wii Remote controls and a fun multiplayer mode make this game probably the best game of golf the system currently has to offer. However, sometimes the game has problems distinguishing between powerful and softer swings, which can be frustrating to no end.<br><br>

    Release: 2008/08/29 | My score: <b>3/5</b>.

  • A great looking snowboard game, with a nice control scheme on the Wii Remote and the big pull: full Balance Board support, although that can be a bit tiring on the feet if you're playing for longer periods of time. Switching between control schemes is just a matter of seconds and in between stages there are just a few seconds of loading time. I'm just really impressed with this game, on a gameplay, graphics and technical point of view. The soundtrack is also very cool. Who knew Ubisoft can make an effort when it comes to Wii games? My only gripe is that some stages are a bit too short, and that there are far too few racing stages.<br><br>

    Release: 2008/11/14 | My score: <b>4/5</b>.

  • It's so much fun to just run around and do nothing. But not for months on end. Sometimes you just sit and wonder, because this series is capable of so much more if it were brought into an online world.<br><br>

    Release: 2008/12/05 | My score: <b>3/5</b>.

  • The reviews I've read were raving about the art style and story in Okami, so I just figured I couldn't go wrong. Went to three stores to get it and have yet to play it. Go figure.<br><br>

    Release: 2008/06/13 | My score: <b>-</b>

  • I finally got to buy this game because it was on sale. I hope it's more than just a Wii wagglefest showcase.<br><br>

    Release: 2008/01/18 | My score: <b>-</b>

  • Everything positive you've heard or read about this game is true. A real gem and a must have for every Wii owner.<br><br>

    Release: 2007/11/16 | My score: <b>5/5</b>.

  • An amazing 2D platform/RPG hybrid.<br><br>

    Release: 2007/09/14 | My score: <b>5/5</b>.

  • Throwing balls at blocks sounds so wrong, but how come it feels so right? Nifty little game which actually has no replay value whatsoever after you finish the single player mode.<br><br>

    Release: 2008/05/09 | My score: <b>3/5</b>.

  • A good score on Metacritic does not a good game make. Inferior to the original in every way. The large overworld from the first game was reduced to a mere menu, the weird otaku atmosphere was lost and having finished the game in under eight hours, it's also way too short. The minigames in 8-bit style meant to boost your stats were actually pretty entertaining, but ultimately they felt pointless. Overall this game was a massive disappointment to me.<br><br>

    Release: 2010/05/28 | My score: <b>2/5</b>.

  • Another amazing Mario platformer. A lot has stayed the same and for once, that's a good this. Great new powerups and I'm a sucker for Yoshi. This Wii game comes with my highest recommendation!<br><br>

    Release: 2010/06/11 | My score: <b>5/5</b>.

  • I recently played Super Metroid for the first time ever. My first Metroid game and there's nothing quite like it. Before I was familiar with the Metroid series I always thought this was an FPS. It is not. Retro Studios did an amazing job Translating the series to 3D and it retains all the elements that make a Metroid game a Metroid game. The solving of puzzles, general atmosphere of loneliness and you against the world, hidden powerups and of course intricate level design. All accompanied by near perfect Wii controls. A masterful collection.


    Release: 2009/09/04 | My score: <b>4/5</b>.

  • NSMB Wii breathes some fresh air into Mario's 2D platforming adventures. It gets better after multiple playthroughs, as you become more familiar with the levels. Bonus points for Nintendo for making a 2D platformer, a genre thought dead last generation, their main holiday game for 2009 and a multi million selling blockbuster.<br><br>

    Release: 2009/11/20 | My score: <b>4/5</b>.

  • This sequel improves on literally every aspect and every detail from Wii Fit. It's not the breakthrough sensation the first game was, but the game itself is pretty darn good.<br><br>

    Release: 2009/10/30 | My score: <b>4/5</b>.

  • It must be pretty tough to develop a sequel to the game that every Wii owner has and busts out at parties. Turns out it wasn't tough at all. New games are great. MotionPlus works like a charm. Graphics? Miis never looked better. Luckily the game's bundled with every new Wii system, beceause every Wii owner deserves to play this. Especially with friends and family.


    Release: 2009/07/24 | My score: <b>5/5</b>.