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    Trauma Center: New Blood

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Nov 20, 2007

    Online leaderboards, co-op and a whole new set of operations make their debut on the Trauma Center franchise for the Wii in New Blood.

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    Trauma Center: New Blood is the third of five Trauma Center games for Nintendo platforms. New Blood puts the player in the shoes of Markus Vaughn and Valerie Blalock as they move from hospital to hospital, helping injured people and also researching and fighting a mysterious virus known as STIGMA. Players have to balance speed and precision as they perform on a series of patients with a selection of high-tech surgical equipment.

    Although wearing the Trauma Center name, New Blood does not feature the same characters or plot as Under the Knife or Second Opinion; nor is it related to Under The Knife 2, which is a true sequel to the original DS game and was released in 2008. In PAL regions, the game was published by Nintendo.


    Unlike the original Trauma Center on Nintendo Wii which included only some light multi player features (one player would do the operation while the other would hand them the needed tools) in Trauma Center New Blood both the players can operate simultaneously.

    Nintendo Wi-Fi connection

    Trauma Center New Blood utilizes the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection but only for online leader boards.


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