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    Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Jul 01, 2008

    Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2 is the first true sequel to the award-winning medical drama simulation. Three years after saving the world from GUILT, Dr. Derek Stiles and Nurse Angie Thompson find themselves deeply rooted in more than just diseases of years past.

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    Derek Stiles finds himself quite the famous surgeon when he returns to Caduceus Hospital after doctoring abroad. But, when GUILT also returns to his life, Derk Stiles is forced to confront his old enemy. Showered with praise from his peers and the media, Derek Stiles in offered a senior-level, and lucrative, position at Acropolis Pharmaceutical. When Derek's ego gets the better of him he loses the ability to perform his Healing Touch and his confidence in himself along with it.

    A shell of a man, Derek Stiles returns to Hope Hospital to find his confidence and, maybe, himself.  There, Derek Stiles reconnects with his roots in time to save Professor Kenneth Blackwell from an attack of Post-GUILT Syndrome in his prison office.
    Confident in himself once more, Derek Stiles returns to Caduceus Hospital to continue his struggle against Post-GUILT Syndrome. There, the Ministry of Health and Human Services, Patrick Mercer, attempts to recruit Derek Stiles to work on the Ascelpius Project along with the top one-hundred doctors in the world. Remembering his over confidence in the past, Derek Stiles humbly declines and chooses to stay Caduceus Hospital where his talents are really needed.
    It's at Caduceus Hospital that Derek Stiles, with the help of his friends, wages the daily battle against GUILT. While they fight, the up-and-coming exploits of the Patrick Mercer lead HOA doctors gains by the spotlight by developing a final solution to the GUILT question -- a simple cure-all injection. In addition, HOA doctors begin to use the Healing Touch themselves. With this, congress grants the power to enlist the help of any doctor they wish, from whichever hospital they wish. 
    Caduceus Hospital begins to break down as they lose lose doctors and funding by the week. Moral drops as the feeling of abandonment over losing favor to a company GUILT solution, that had been derived by Victor Niguel's long nights of research, and the overshadowing of Derek Stiles Healing Touch, which had been artificially copied from him after he had performed the Healing Touch while being monitored closely under the strong suggestion of the HOA.
    Captured while working to cure patients of a GUILT outbreak, Derek Stiles and Angie Thompson are taken to the hidden mansion base of the terrorist organization Delphi.  With some quick thinking, Derek and Angie break out their cell and meet up with Angeles City police as they escape. Derek and Angie prove their metal, returning to the mansion in order to minimize any injuries. Deep in the bowels of the mansion, the police corner Delphi's leader, Heinrich von Raitenau, who has been incubating GUILT inside his own son and daughter. 
    All is well in the city of Angeles -- until, HOA doctors begin to show signs of mental breakdown. As Caduceus doctors work to cure them, they find HOA doctors all infected with GUILT. Acting on this information, police raid Acropolis pharmaceuticals where they find more GUILT ridden doctors and Patrick Mercer. Mercer reveals that he had been working to create wholly new strains of GUILT. This Neo-GUILT had been stabilized and used to induce the artificial healing touch used by HOA doctors. Head of Acropolis pharmaceuticals, Reina Mayuzumi, has also been using a form of this Neo-GUILT to preserve her youth and beauty. Patrick Mercer's ultimate goal is to raise his wife from a coma, unsuccessfully. Shot while trying to escape, Mercer's dies having failed to reach his goal.
    Confident with his skills, and in himself, Derek Stiles takes Angie Thompson and retires to a well deserved vacation.

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