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    Mario Strikers Charged

    Game » consists of 10 releases. Released May 25, 2007

    Developed by Next Level Games for Nintendo, Mario Strikers Charged is a football game involving classic Nintendo characters released for the Wii. It also introduces online play into the Mario Strikers series.

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    Mario Strikers Charged (known as Mario Strikers: Charged Football in PAL territories) is the second game in the Mario Strikers series. Charged pits classic Nintendo characters such as Mario, Princess Peach, and Diddy Kong against each other in exaggerated, fast-paced soccer matches.


    The logo for the game
    The logo for the game

    Generally, two teams each of five characters fight for control of a soccer ball, which can be passed between characters freely as they progress down the field toward the goal. As the ball is passed around the field or when special dribble moves are performed, the ball increases in temperature and glows brighter. The hotter it is, the greater the chance the player has of scoring when shooting.

    Occasionally, when specific conditions are met (e.g. when a character takes a powerful shot at the net), that player's team is awarded an item. These have a variety of different effects, such as granting temporary speed boosts, disabling the other team's characters, and so on. All characters in the game can perform special shots, the power of which is determined by the character's status on the team. Captains shoot Mega Strikes, which are very powerful super moves, difficult to defend against, and very fast. Sidekicks perform Skillshots, which have the ability to disable or bypass the goalie.

    Game modes

    • Road to the Striker Cup - Main single / co-op player mode consisting of three different cups
    • Strikers 101 (ABC) - Ten step tutorial for mastering the controls
    • Domination Mode - Basically exhibition mode
    • Striker Challenges - Challenge mode

    Road to the Striker Cup

    The main game consists of three cups.

    • Fire Cup - Beat three other teams to reach Bowser Jr.
    • Crystal Cup - Beat five other teams to reach Diddy Kong
    • Striker Cup - Beat nine other teams to reach Petey Piranha


    Characters are split into two categories, Captains and Sidekicks. The player can have only one captain on a team, who is more powerful and can perform a mega strike. Three Sidekicks accompany the captain, who are less powerful. There are 12 captains (3 of which need to be unlocked) to choose from and 8 Sidekicks.


    Peach team captain concept art
    Peach team captain concept art


    One of the Hammer Bros. sidekicks
    One of the Hammer Bros. sidekicks


    The games features 17 stadiums. There are ten new stadiums, which are referred to as Arenas, each features unique elements that effect the gameplay (for example on The Sand Tomb thwomps will come down onto the field flattening any characters in their way). Three of these have to be unlocked. Also all seven of the arena's from the original Super Mario Strikers, which are referred to as The Classics, and are more basic compared to the newer arenas.


    The Sand Tomb arena, complete with Thwomp
    The Sand Tomb arena, complete with Thwomp
    • The Vice
    • Thunder Island
    • The Sand Tomb
    • The Classroom
    • The Lava Pit
    • The Wastelands
    • Crystal Canyon
    • The Dump
    • Stormship Stadium
    • Galactic Stadium


    • The Palace
    • Pipeline Central
    • The Underground
    • Crater Field
    • Konga Coliseum
    • The Battle Dome
    • Bowser Stadium


    Players can obtain items by performing a charged shot or getting attacked when your player doesn't have possession of the ball. You can store up to 2 items at one time and can activate them using the C button.

    Chain-Chomp being released on the field
    Chain-Chomp being released on the field
    • Green Shells
    • Red Shells
    • Blue Shells
    • Spiked Shells
    • Banana Peel
    • Bob-omb
    • Chain-Chomp
    • Mushroom
    • Power Star

    Super abilities

    Mario performs his super ability
    Mario performs his super ability

    Super abilities can be used by the captain to perform a special power move.

    • Mario - Turns into Super Mario and can crush his foes
    • Luigi - Transforms into Super Luigi
    • Peach - Takes pictures of her opponents, anyone who gets caught in the shot his temporarily frozen
    • Daisy - Activates a crystal barrier around here to knock away opponents and defend herself
    • Yoshi - Changes into a giant egg and can run over his opponents
    • Wario - Leaves a fart cloud in the field which will changed the controls of anyone who dares to walk through it
    • Waluigi - Summons a vine wall to guard himself
    • Donkey Kong - Punches the ground knocking away anyone who gets to close to him
    • Diddy Kong - Uses his red card to get rid off 1 or more off the opposite team, could also remove own team mates
    • Bowser - Burns his opponents with his fire storm
    • Bowser Jr. - Lets out a sonic roar to shrink the opposition
    • Petey Piranha - Pukes mud everywhere causing players to slip over and lose control

    Online play

    Mario Strikers Charged is noted for being the second game on the Wii to implement online multiplayer gameplay in North America, and was the first online game in Europe, providing both ranked matches with random players and unranked matches using the Wii's friend code system to provide competitive gameplay. Additionally, players can import their Mii characters into the game as players, as well as send their Miis to friends to be used in the game.


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