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    Petey Piranha

    Character » appears in 29 games

    Petey Piranha is a mutated, bipedal piranha plant who shoots sludge from his mouth. He has been known to enjoy sports.

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    Petey Piranha is an advanced mutation of a piranha plant, an enemy that pops out of warp pipes to hassle Mario in numerous games. Petey is a known follower of Bowser. He does not reside in a pipe or spit fireballs however. His first appearance was in Super Mario Sunshine, as the boss of Bianco Hills. As with many other characters, he has been re-used in different ways. He is a boss in various other Mario games. He is also a playable character in some of the Mario-sports titles, and in games such as Mario Kart: Double Dash!!.


    Moving around - Petey has arm and leg-like leaves/roots, which allow him to move around freely. This makes him a tougher foe than the typical Piranha plant.

    Flying - His leaves give him the ability to fly, which poses all sorts of trouble in a fight.

    Headbutt - A common attack, but powerful nonetheless due to the size of his head.

    Goop - Every so often, Petey will spew a muddy goop all around, covering everything. This substance is slippery and makes you slow down. It also can spawn smaller goo monsters, if the conditions are right.

    Tornadoes - By spinning his broad leaves, Petey has the ability to create mini tornadoes. These can confound the player.

    Personality and Style

    Petey Piranha does not have too much of a personality. He is a typical big and strong character, with a one track mind. He enjoys both sleeping and eating, though perhaps he doesn't have the capacity for much more. The sounds he makes are largely unintelligible, apparently his attempt at speech. His single article of clothing is a pair of white-spotted red boxers.


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