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    The Toad is a member of the Toad species. He is a loyal attendant of Princess Peach and often assists Mario on his journeys in a variety of ways.

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    Toad is a recurring character in the Mario franchise. He is part of an eponymous species, a sapient anthropomorphic and peaceful clan of mushroom-like people, habitants of The Mushroom Kingdom. He is an attendant of Princess Peach, leader of the Mushroom Kingdom.

    Toad has appeared in countless Mario franchise titles, being playable within certain titles and a non-playable accompaniment in other ones.


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    Toad constantly travels onward with the cast, vowing to protect and the entire Mushroom Kingdom. Toad taking commands under his own hands prominently ends in failed attempts, resulting in achieving a handicapped victory during events of the princess's kidnapping.

    Despite occasional displays of cowardice, Toad is notable for being one of very few characters who consistently aids Mario and his partners through a variety ways throughout their adventures to help the Mushroom Kingdom and other realms in the Super Mario universe.

    As leader of the Mushroom Kingdom advisers, he is positioned closest to the royal command becoming a personal attendant to Princess Peach Toadstool.


    NES to SNES

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    In various games Toad is present as a non-playable supporting character, who gives items to Mario and friends. For instance, he is present within the original Super Mario Bros. at the end of each castle, except the final one where Princess Peach is being kept. Toad's first gameplay recognition in North America is in Super Mario Bros. 2, the remake.

    In Toad's first encounters with adventure, he travels with Mario and co. into Sub-con. Toad proves his age of emulation and worth of initiative by showing off his compelling strength more mightier than other people. He is considered the strength of the four playable character in the game.

    In next generation games, Toad has marked his appearance in various Mario series spin-off games. He has a great range of apt speech, demonstrating his host prowess throughout the Mario Party series. Toad has become the staple for prolific speed in the Mario Kart series.


    Trophy Description

    Super Smash Bros Melee

    "Toad, Peach's longtime servant, first showed off his strength in Super Mario Bros. 2, then proved to be an agile driver in . There are many Toads in Peach's castle and across the Mushroom Kingdom, and although they look similar, they have varied natures. Not the best of guards, Toad must often be rescued."

    • Super Mario Bros.
    • 10/85

    Super Smash Bros Brawl

    "One of the servants at Peach's Castle in the Mushroom Kingdom. Toads give off a strong sense of peace. Most feature white heads with red polka dots, but there are other colors as well. Toad's incredible uprooting speed in Super Mario Bros. 2 is unrivaled, adding to the rumor of his superhuman strength... however out of place it might seem."

    • NES Super Mario Bros.
    • GCN Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

    Special Appearances

    Super Mario Bros. series

    • Super Mario Bros.: Toad is one of the recurring Mushroom Retainers characters within the Super Mario Bros. titles. Toad is a notable major supporting character within the games but lack persona and identity.

    Mario Tennis series

    Toad in Mario Tennis
    Toad in Mario Tennis
    • Mario Tennis (Virtual Boy): Toad makes his grand entrance into the Mario Tennis series by marking his first appearance in the Mario Tennis series as the default playable character in a lesser-known release of the Virtual Boy game Mario's Tennis.
    • Mario Tennis (Nintendo 64): Roles of notable position are in the playable appearance in Mario Tennis (64) released for the as the technique player, once again becoming the role of a playable character.
    • Mario Tennis (GameBoy): While not having a notable appearance in Mario Tennis Game Boy Color version he is transferable into the game with the Transfer Pack.

    Mario Party series

    • Mario Party 5 (Game Cube): With the introductory playable appearance of Toad in Mario Party 5, Toad has become a regular character in the Mario Party series.

    Mario Kart series

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    • Mario Kart Wii (Wii): Toad represents the lightweight characters with his staple mark karts available among the lightweights.
    • Mario Kart 7 (Nintendo 3DS): Toad is a playable character and brings in light the commands used for the game mechanics.

    Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games series

    • Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games: Since neither Sonic or Mario can talk in the game, their dialogues are spoken out by the character Toad.


    Mario Kart: Double Dash!!


    • "Toad is small and fast, and with his Super Mushroom, he can give any kart a real boost. Unlock him by finishing the 100cc Special Cup with a 1st place win."

    Mario Party 8

    Site Bio

    • "Fun comes in all shapes and sizes, and tiny Toad is ready to show you he's a ton of fun!"

    Team Member Formation Names

    • Mario: Fungi Fun Guys
    • Luigi: Savage Sidekicks
    • Peach: Loyal Friends
    • Yoshi: Good Buddies
    • Wario: Crazy Allies
    • Daisy: Bloomy Shroomy
    • Waluigi: Half-Cranky Duo
    • Boo: Doom 'n' Shroom
    • Toadette: Zoomin' Shrooms
    • Birdo: Surprise Attackers
    • Dry Bones: Short Ribs
    • Blooper: Spray Players
    • Hammer Bro.: Stealth Strikers
    • Rosilina

    Mario Party DS

    Site Bio

    • "Typically not the star of the show, Toad takes a lead role in Mario Party DS - he knows how to party!"


    • "Princess Peach's subject. Though he tries to protect the princess from the evil Bowser, she gets kidnapped with disturbing regularity. There are many Toads who look just alike, and though they are generally small and look cute, they are actually quite powerful."

    Physical Attributes

    Toad appearance in the Mario series franchise stipulates the basic attributes of the rest of his species.

    Other Toads

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    Like the Mario franchise race of Yoshi, principle role Toads have appeared with alternate coloration in different games throughout the Mario series timeline.

    Toads are a race of Mushroom People that are peaceful lively bunch as well as the most loyal attendants to Princess Peach. They are at the end of every castle in the original Super Mario Bros. known as the Mushroom Retainers having been rescued within each present location.

    Red Toad

    The Red Toads are seen within the Mario series as the most prominent and most common amongst all types of Toads. They're primarily seen in two forms: (a.) the Red Toads sporting the blue vest (with the character Toad being primary recognized), and (b.) the Red Toads wearing a red vest. Red Toads appearing with the red vests have their first appearance in Super Mario Sunshine. In Mario Superstar Baseball and Red Toad is playable, along with Blue Toad, Yellow Toad, Green Toad and Purple Toad.

    The character Toad himself is a Red Toad, though often distinguishable through his blue vest.

    Blue Toad

    The Blue Toads are a species of Toads appearing in a few of the recent games. A Blue Toad is playable in New Super Mario Bros. Wii and New Super Mario Bros. U in multiplayer mode.

    Yellow Toad

    The Yellow Toads are a species of Toads appearing in a few of the recent games. A Yellow Toad is playable in New Super Mario Bros. Wii and New Super Mario Bros. U in multiplayer mode.

    Green Toad

    The Green Toads are a species of Toads appearing in a few of the recent games.

    Purple Toad

    The Purple Toads are a species of Toads appearing in a few of the recent games.

    Misconceptions and Confusion

    Blue Vested Red Toad in the Toad Brigade
    Blue Vested Red Toad in the Toad Brigade

    The Red Toads of the Mushroom Kingdom often mingle in areas and define a fine line of misleading identity. The character named Toad is often more than mistaken for other members of The Mushroom Kingdom as their appearances are identical.

    Super Mario Bros.

    The infamous phrase...

    " Thank you Mario! But our princess is in another castle!"

    ... is shared by all of the Mushroom Retainers and is not identified as the sole user of the phrase.

    New Super Mario Bros Wii

    Toad is present in Miyamoto's 2010 greeting card featuring characters from NSMBW yet is not featured within Mario's adventuring crew.

    In Super Mario Galaxy the Mushroom Brigade feature a headstrong leader Red Toad. His figure head and personality traits are similar to Toad's character, and the distinguishing line is far too canny of a similar tone.

    Voice Portrayal


    Toad's Japanese name is 'Kinopio', which is the common shared species name similar with Toads.

    Fame Checker

    • The Mushroom People known as Toads, are the species same figure stature of the character Toad, that can be seen in over various games as The Mushroom Kingdom's general public audience.
    • Fanbases in Japan refer to Toad as the surname to differentiate from common ' Kinopio', a convention formulated from the series.
    • Toad is seen in a cameo form in the Animal Crossing series, having his Mushroom Cap used as a helmet accessory within the game.
    • Toad Town, is made special mention by Gulliver of the Animal Crossing series during one of him many travels.
    • Toad makes a brief appearance in 's comedic sketch, " Due to Constraints of Time and Budget".
    • Mountain Goats & Kaki King feature a Toad perspective song titled " Thank You Mario But Our Princess Is In Another Castle".

    Fun Facts

    • Toads present within the beta version of Super Mario Galaxy had appropriated star-shaped spots as opposed to circle-shaped spots on their mushroom caps. It is currently unknown if these Toads were to be affiliated with Rosalina.

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