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Is it the shoes?

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Wii Collection

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Despite having just started a new job and being pretty broke, I picked up a Wii on day one. I couldn't not play the new Zelda. Like many people though, I think the Wii was fun for a while, but it basically collects dust ten months out of the year. A couple times a year, Nintendo will release something that you can't ignore. After E3 2010 though, hopefully things are beginning to change in that regard.

Hardware & Accessories

  • Nintendo Wii
  • Nintendo Balance Board
  • Nintendo Nunchuck Controller
  • Nintendo Remote Controller (x2)
  • Nintendo Remote Controller Jacket (x3)
  • Nintendo Wii Component Video Cable
  • Nintendo Wii Motion Plus
  • Nintendo Wii Speak
  • Nintendo Wii Wheel
  • Nintendo Wii Zapper

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