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    Arc Rise Fantasia

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Jul 20, 2010

    Arc Rise Fantasia is a turn-based RPG exclusive to the Wii, focusing on the story of a novice mercenary called Bright.

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    Arc Rise Fantasia is a fantasy turn-based role-playing game which is being developed exclusively for the Wii by imageepoch, and was published in North America by Ignition Entertainment -- after an original co-publishing agreement between Marvelous Entertainment and XSEED Games fell through. It was released in Japan in 2009 and arrived in North America in 2010, a European release never came to be..


    Arc Rise Fantasia is set in the empire of Meridian, where creatures known as "Contaminant Dragons" are causing trouble as they pass by in flocks. They are troublesome as their death results in the local area being poisoned. After the empire gets words that a massive flock of Contaminant Dragons have set their sights on the capital of Diamant, an army is immediately sent out to fight them, where we are introduced to Bright, a calm and collected novice mercenary, and his friend Alse, the prince and second in line for the throne. During the battle, Bright is injured after falling off the airship they are on, and is almost subjected to the poison from the Contaminant Dragon he slayed, however, he is saved when a girl named Ryphia appears, preventing the poison from spreading through her power to control "Ley Squalls", which are naturally ocurring storms of magic which take the form of luminous rain.


    The game is a turn-based role-playing game which will have three-character parties, with a single AP gauge being shared by each team, which empties as various actions are performed. It will be possible to perform multiple attacks, as well as massive attacks which will consume large amounts of AP, and if team members perform the same skills, those skills will be increased. The game will also feature summoned based named "Roguresu", as well crystals that will appear on the battlefield. These can be attacked instead of enemies, and will provide the party with a power boost, however, this can be risky as it will leave the player open to attack from enemies. These crystals will be embodied by different elements, and must be attacked with the corresponding spell or item or else the party will be powered down.


    • Arc Rise Fantasia will be ImageEpoch's first game developed on a non-handheld console.
    • Arc Rise Fantasia is the second Wii title originally scheduled for a North American release through XSEED Games to be released by Ignition Entertainment instead. The first was Muramasa: The Demon Blade.

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