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    XSEED Games, a.k.a. Marvelous USA, is the American wing of Japanese publisher MarvelousAQL. They primarily localize Marvelous games and other games from niche Japanese publishers for North American markets.

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    XSEED Games is a publisher/developer formed in 2004 by former members of Square Enix USA. They focus on working with Japanese companies that would like to bring their games to the US market. The company is currently led by president Jun Iwasaki.

    Japanese publisher AQ Interactive purchased a controlling stake of XSEED's shares in April 2007, and would eventually buy the company outright. In May of 2008, XSEED announced that it would be co-publishing several games with Marvelous Entertainment. Coincidentally, Marvelous would go on to merge with AQ and ultimately become XSEED's new parent company in October 2011.

    On February 22, 2012, it was announced that XSEED would be partnering with Nintendo to publish the Mistwalker-developed RPG The Last Story in North America. The game was released the following August, and by November of that year, had become the publisher's most successful title to date. As a follow-up, XSEED announced on January 16, 2013 that they will also publish Pandora's Tower, a Wii action RPG that Nintendo had also chosen not to publish in North America themselves. The game was released in North America in April 2013. Around this time, on April 6, 2013, XSEED Games officially changed their name to Marvelous USA, Inc.

    Though the company now publishes many of its products under the Marvelous banner (e.g., the Senran Kagura series) the XSEED name is still officially in use. However, the brand is generally only used for games or series licensed from other publishers, such as localized titles in Sandlot's Earth Defense Force series, or the Corpse Party franchise.


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