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    Sin & Punishment: Star Successor

    Game » consists of 7 releases. Released Oct 29, 2009

    Grab a gunsword and charge your way through hundreds of on-screen enemies to escape persecution for something your father did in this sequel to Treasure's N64 cult classic shooter.

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    Fighting  enemies during a level.
    Fighting enemies during a level.
    Sin and Punishment: Star Successor plays with the Wii Remote pointed to the screen as a gun, where you aim and shoot at your enemies and targets. You control your character's movement with the analog stick of the Nunchuck. When you approach an enemy close-range, you can use a sword your gun has equipped to slice your target with ease. 
    Like the first game, you play the game as two characters, Isa Jo and Kachi, but instead of alternating between them throughout the levels, you choose your character at the start of the game and they have different firing styles instead of playing the same. When playing as Isa, you can lock on to enemies manually to automatically aim at enemies as you could in the original whereas Kachi will automatically lock on to enemies close to your reticle. In addition to this, each character has their own charge shot. Isa's charge shot explodes when it hits an enemy and covers a large area while Kachi's charge shot allows you to lock on to up to 8 enemies and shoot them all simultaneously.

    The game plays similarly to the Star Fox series, you go forward on-rails, but you can control yourself to avoid obstacles or get to different paths. The game is much more cinematic than Star Fox, having action pieces and story points evolve on-screen as you control your character. For those who want to, the game also supports the Classic Controller and the Gamecube controllers. Similar to Super Mario Galaxy, a second player can join in to destroy enemies but, instead of having two characters on screen, the second player is just a reticule, only able to shoot. After completing a level for the first time or setting a new high score, you can upload your score to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection where you can see the top scores for all the difficulties and see how you rank.     


     In the middle of an epic firefight.
     In the middle of an epic firefight.
    Set a number of years after the original game, Sin and Punishment: Star Successor takes place in a universe where space is divided between two factions at war, the Inner-Space and Outer-Space. To defend themselves from the Outer, the Inner created multiple planet Earths and inhabited them with humanity. Occasionally, the humans would try to be friends with the Outer instead of fighting with them like the Inner wanted them to. Whenever they did this, the Inner would wipe the planet clean and start humanity again.
    Shortly before the start of the game, the Inner wiped the fourth Earth clean of humanity. Seeing an opportunity, the Outer sent an advance guard disguised as a girl to the Earth to gather information on the humans. When she arrived on the planet, however, she lost all her memories and instead of gathering intel on the Inner defences, she simply became interested in humanity and began searching the planet in search of them.
    Knowing that the Outer had infiltrated the planet, the Inner sent Isa Jo (Son of Airan and Saki from the original game) to eliminate the vanguard. After they met, Isa empathised with the feelings she had about not being entirely human due to the ruffian blood he inherited from his parents and, instead of killing her, he helped her look for traces of humanity. Enraged by this betrayal, the Inner contacted the humans of the fifth Earth (Known as the Nebulox) and offered them greater rights for them in the Inner-Space faction if they kill both Isa and the vanguard (Who took on the name Kachi after meeting Isa).
    The game begins with Isa and Kachi trying to escape the Nebulox by leaving the planet. 


    The main characters adopt vehicles during an  action scene.
    The main characters adopt vehicles during an action scene.
    The original Sin and Punishment, an N64 game only released in Japan, was one of Nintendo's last big games for the system, but due to timing, it was never released outside their home country due to the proximity of their next-gen console, the Gamecube. Developed by genre-masters Treasure, the game was critically acclaimed.
    A decade later, the game was re-released by Nintendo on the Wii Virtual Console, the first time it has been released on a non-Japanese speaking country. The game was an unexpected smash hit, causing Nintendo to greenlight the sequel a few months later with Treasure again at the helm.

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